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Top 10 Marketing Strategy for OTT platform

OTT market is still on the rise, and it’s getting overpopulated as each ott platform finds it challenging to acquire new users. At present, it is necessary to perform digital marketing practices of all types like social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing and advertising etc, to acquire users to your OTT platform. It is noted that around 50% of businesses never knew about digital marketing strategy. This blog will give you detailed information about the marketing strategy for the OTT platform that help you in increasing user engagement and revenue. 

Marketing strategy is making a plan after conducting market research. Things to know when developing marketing are who your target audience is, what your customers need, analyzing your competitor, and finding ways to place your product or service in front of customers. Implementing the correct marketing strategy will help any business achieve the needed results.

Top 10 Marketing Strategy for OTT platform to increase User Engagement and Revenue

  1. Make an audience research

Firstly, Find out who is your target audience and have an idea where they would be present. Secondly, develop engaging content according to your audience. This is important because many ott platforms struggle to acquire users because they have not created content according to the user’s interest.

Find out users’ pain points and try to solve them with your service. Collect user data and feedback to know about user interest and develop engaging content to attract new users to OTT platforms. Conducting market research will boost sales and build a stronger relationship between businesses and customers.

  1. Try to have your own OTT platform. 

Build an Own OTT website as it helps build a brand image and will create a presence in this digital world. Users interested in your service will browse your website and come to know about your product or service. Having an independent OTT platform builds trust among users. Well developed and user-friendly OTT app/ website will help in increasing user acquisition and subscriptions. To build an OTT app/ website, consider checking OTT platform providers in the industry that build OTT platforms with full functionality and better UI design to help achieve desired results.

  1. Smooth signup process and easier navigation 

The first step is to have a smoother onboarding process which helps users easily log into the platform. This creates a good impression about the OTT platform.

Smoother navigation across the app/website will help users play the desired video content they want to watch. It is essential to educate users to navigate through the platform with quick guides or tips. User experience and user interface play a significant role in increasing user engagement. It initially highlights the brand image, builds user engagement and finally increases ott revenue.

  1. Making users opt-in for push notification

An effective marketing strategy is made to make users opt-in for push notifications. Push notification is one of the effective methods to bring users back to the ott platform. It can be done by sending notifications to users about new content releases, new episodes added in the video series, any information regarding product updates, changes in the subscription plans, and news about upcoming offers and discounts. 

Push notifications will entice users to return to the ott platform to know about upcoming new content and events. Push notification is the cheapest way to acquire an audience. A push notification will help run targeted and personalized campaigns according to each user. It will help in increased subscription in the long run.

  1. Social media marketing 

Sharing information about OTT platforms like a new content release on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will help reach a broader audience. People on social media will learn about the ott platform and will also try to visit a website. Deploying social media marketing increases website traffics, create brand awareness, help in retargeting customers and increases customer satisfaction.

  1. Showcase new and most viewed content using Banners 

Consider using slide banners in your platform for showcasing premium, new and highly rated content. It urges users to start watching video content once they enter the OTT platform instead of thinking about what to watch once they enter the ott platform

  1. Collecting feedback about your service from the customers

It is important to collect feedback from your customers to know what they like and what they don’t like about your OTT platform. Try sending feedback forms to users through email. It creates a stronger bond between business and customers as they will come to know that you value customers. With this feedback, you can improve service to increase customer experience and retain subscribers.  

  1. Sending newsletters to subscribed users 

Email marketing is also one of the effective strategies to attract users to the website. Sending mails to the existing user about the new content releases and new episode releases of recently watched video series. This practice will help subscribers come back to the OTT platform to watch video content. Sending emails to potential users about subscription offers and product updates will also attract users to subscribe to the OTT platform.

  1. Running Paid Ads

After getting to know about the target audience. It’s also the best choice to run paid ads on google(google ads ) and social media platforms like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads and LinkedIn ads. Post with engaging content will effectively create brand awareness and increase user engagement and app downloads.

  1. Monitor Data analytics

With data analytics in hand, you can analyse user information like the number of users, average engagement time, most viewed video content, location of the user and what devices your users use to access video content. You can create an attractive marketing plan to attract more audiences to the ott platform with all this information.

Wrapping up 

Now you have read through the important marketing strategies of the OTT platform. We hope these strategies will help increase the user base and scale up your ott platform to the next level. These strategies will benefit you more when executed correctly at the right time and place. Even if you are not getting results, wait for some time, analyse your results, and in the meantime, you will run a successful OTT business.

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