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Which Environmental Barriers is good for Your Property?

Environmental noise barriers are the barriers that stop the impacts of annoying sounds coming from nearby areas. Today noise pollution has become one of the biggest problems for all the countries throughout the world. Whether it is the sound of the vehicles, or the sounds from the neighbours, or any other source. The excess of noise is affecting the health of people living in areas prone to noise pollution.  Understanding the worst impacts of sound pollution on human health there is a restriction on blowing a horn in the areas near hospitals.

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Along with this to control the effects of sounds coming from the heavy machines used in the industries, special industrial areas are developed.  But these efforts are not enough to cope with the problem of noise pollution. Because you cannot stop children from playing on the ground. Neither you can stop the traffic on the road nor an aircraft going above your house.  It would be surprising to know that there are lots of people who are sensitive to the noises from the environment. They get scared from the sounds of the thundering clouds or the sound of heavy rain, etc.

Interestingly nowadays there are different types of noise barriers or environmental barriers available in the market and helpful in stopping the sounds from external sources. These barriers do not let the irritating sound move inside your premises, and even if you listen to them they do not disturb you. Understanding the benefits of these barriers you can install them at the places that are subject to noise pollution. Especially in the houses, shopping malls, offices, schools, residential apartments, and the premises located near the main road or highways.

Some of the commonly used environmental barriers are:

Metal Barriers:

Due to their modular development, the metal barrier is the best barriers to control the effects of sounds to a huge extent.  They are easy to install and within your budget.  There are two types of metal barriers one is an absorptive metal barrier. This type of barrier reflects or bounces the sounds back to their source of generation. The other type of metal barrier is non-absorptive. It reflects the sounds in different areas and does let the sounds enter your building. Due to the use of steel in developing them, it is easier to mould them in any shape according to your requirement. However, with time they need proper maintenance.

Wooden Barriers:

These types of barriers are a good option for controlling the sounds in gardens and houses. Due to the lack of thickness, gaps between the panels, and height they are not effective as types of noise barrier  To increase their effectiveness it is better to not leave any gap between the panels.

Glass, Acrylic or Polycarbonate Noise Barriers:

These types of barriers are install in hospitals, banks, shopping malls, and the places that are visit by the masses. Their main objective is to reflect the sounds coming from the traffic on road. An interesting feature of these barriers is that they do not require any specific maintenance. And also easy to clean with the pressure of water. They do not block the outside view. They are installing in modular sections including both absorptive and non-absorptive panels. The combination of both these panels helps in improving the noise controlling efficiencies of this barrier without any damage to the glass.

Concrete or Brick Barriers:

As these barriers develop from concrete and cement. It is a long-term investment when it comes to controlling the problem of noise pollution. These noise barriers are usually installed on highways. As it is expensive to install this barrier they are not required by the households struggling from the problem of noise pollution. However, you can see them in hospitals, hotels or buildings. These places have brick barrier constructed on their boundary walls. The bricks are helpful in enhancing the exterior aesthetics of these buildings. As these barriers have thick walls they are more effective than various other options of noise barrier. However, due to their high prices, they are less preferred by most people.

Depending upon your requirement you can go for any of these noise barriers to enjoy a peaceful environment at your home and office.

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