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What Things To Consider While Choosing An Online Yoga Certification Course

So, today you are here to know what to consider when opting for online yoga teacher training. Right? Probably you want to change your life with the help of yoga and want to be the next big globe-trotter! So, the question is, how do you choose the right one? Getting your choice of schedule, learning style, and budget for your online yoga teacher training is somewhat a difficult task! However, the emergence of virtual learning during this COVID-19 phase has opened a perfect opportunity to qualify for an online yoga teacher certification program.

In this article, we will share some of the things when considering your online yoga teacher training. Let’s get into details.


  •       Pick a style of yoga that attracts you

Before choosing a certification course, figure out what style of yoga excites you. There are a variety of yoga styles available to choose from. So, consulting with the mentors will be best for you to get the right taste. Decide whether you are more addicted to power yoga or restorative yoga, or anything in between.


  •       Research on how the training program is delivered

You have to find out the best among the lot, where some of the programs are not so great. Look for an online 200 hour yoga teacher training course that essentially covers the history of yoga, philosophy, ethics, anatomy and physiology, poses, breathing exercises, and meditation. You have to find something which offers a good span of classroom hours. Stay away from those programs which offer pre-recorded lessons and have a few online classroom hours.

Moreover, you need to record your class to send them back. The main drawback of this kind of training program is that you can’t get the quality experience or extensive guidance of a teacher nor an opportunity to get honest feedback. Wherever you’re planning to teach in the future, it’s very important to go for yoga programs registered under Yoga Alliance. Verify all of their claims to not get cheated.


  •       Reach out to the teachers of your program

Yoga instructors have a significant influence on your career. Moreover, yoga training is a bit pricey, and you need to be around your instructor for at least six hours a day. That’s why you must talk to them to find out the best-fit instructors for you. Watch out for their online presence via Facebook pages, YouTube channels, or any other social sites that can help you acknowledge their philosophy, personality, experience, and teaching style. You may feel safe and inspired under the guidance of a supportive, dedicated and disciplined teacher with first-class communication skills. If possible, try to attend one of their classes.


  •       Know what is included in the program 

Don’t get into a trap by running after a low-priced program. It may be a reflection of less experienced instructors or less support. It’s your responsibility to check the entire package and what’s included in it. You won’t like any surprises after spending hundreds of dollars on this training. It’s important to check the catalog of the daily schedule, meal plan, books, and study materials for required reading, fundamentals of yoga as business, final exams, opportunity to spend additional time with teachers for doubt clearance, and of course, the certification. Try to know in detail about the rules and regulations of your online certification program.


  •       Ensure that the program has an engaged community

The most vital point of learning online is checking whether it has an engaged community (online forum and groups) or not. Online yoga teacher training can sometimes feel lonely and frustrated! The support and connection to your peers outside the classroom can motivate you to complete a lengthy program such as an online yoga teacher training course.


  •       Understand the terms and conditions

As an online yoga teacher, training involves many financial commitments; make sure you know A to Z about the program. Know in detail what their expectations are for you for graduating from the program. What will happen if you can’t pass the final exam? Is there any cancellation or refund policy or not? What happens if you have to leave during the training period for an emergency? What are the circumstances if you get severely injured during the training session? It’s a good idea to go through all the “what if’s” in every single step of your life to get the most out of it.


  •       Emphasize personal practice

Develop a habit of regular personal practice as yoga demands your presence both physically and mentally. Try to practice yoga at least twice daily, and give extra weight to the teaching methodology at the third practice. Therefore, prepare yourself for the training with physical practice to be a fun daily activity for you.


  •       Get feedback from the ex-students

If you want to know the hard truth of an online yoga certification program, hearing the experience from the ex-students is the best way to get honest feedback on the program you want to apply for. Check out the school’s testimonials or get in personal touch with the past students for knowing all the insights of the program that the advertisement page doesn’t disclose to you.


  •       Check whether the program fits your schedule

Some online yoga certification programs happen. Others are based on the learner’s response. So, consider thoughtfully while choosing the virtual teaching training program as per your time, convenience, and other everyday life commitments.


  •       Join a program that perfectly balances both practical and theory classes

Perfect yoga training includes both physical and theoretical classes. Therefore, ensure that you have that much flexibility to adapt to the class schedule that perfectly fits your life. Be committed to a program that balances practical and theory classes equally to complete the extensive yoga teacher training.


  •       Read your mind

Finally, it’s up to you more than anything. If you feel that a particular online yoga teacher training is right for you, just go for it! Your intuition never lies.


Final Thoughts

If you are a yoga teacher, what points would you add to consider! Choosing your very first yoga teacher training is going to be a breathtaking step towards achieving your career goals. This is just the beginning of your lifelong journey. Get an online program that will make you feel your presence.

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