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Web Application Development : Why Are Companies Turning To Asp.Net ?

Most businesses now want to migrate to dynamic Web Application Development from the traditional legacy software systems. There are several great technologies and CMS platforms to help them shape a web app. Among choices like HTML5, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and many others.
Particularly Microsoft Asp.Net framework stood out with several distinct advantages.  Therefore gone are the days when websites were slow-loading and inefficient in fulfilling business objectives.  ASP.Net helps in building a strong online presence through its rich features. 

This technology is useful for businesses that are faster scaling up the capacity is always a matter of serious concern.  ASP.Net can offer undeniable benefits for app development.
And this guide will be focusing on all the beneficial features of the same.
This robust and feature-rich framework offers several other advantages that make it preferred by any web application development company handling enterprise web projects.

Let’s explain these features and capabilities that make ASP.Net a popular choice for web app development.

Web Application Development Open Source and community powered

The ASP.NET core is completely open-source and free. Any developer can change code and make contributions to the codebase and review the code. On top of that, having the support of a large developer community, developers can get ready help anytime when they are stuck with any development issue.

Thanks to a large and active community and continuous developer inputs, the fixing of bugs and enhancements get faster, and the code corrections are regularly updated and released without waiting for the Microsoft development team to come up with an official update. It is most likely to get your issue addressed in a short period of time, which makes it top in the list of favored frameworks. 

Based on the specific project requirements, developers can easily add libraries and ready-to-use components for other developers to use in their projects. On top of that, as soon as a new framework version is released, you don’t need to wait for the update. The new update is automatically available for everyone to use.

Support Cross-Platform Development

ASP.Net core comes with an architecture that supports cross-platform development. The framework developed originally for Windows also provides several tools to run the app across multiple OS platforms such as macOS and Linux. The framework offers ready access to Microsoft Visual Studio IDE that can be used for collaborating with other developers while building an app project for a particular platform.

ASP.NET Core comes packed with all essential features for web development, including cross-platform support, packages, and installation. Thanks to this built-in feature set, the framework perfectly suits high-end enterprise app projects. The reusability of the code across platforms saves a lot of development time when a business needs to build multiple apps.

Flexibility to switch between different types of apps

ASP.NET Core is widely used by enterprise app projects because of its flexibility in switching between different types of digital interfaces such as web apps, desktop apps, and mobile apps. This feature makes the framework time-efficient, giving it one more reason to be the most reliable. 

Unlike most other frameworks in the market, it focuses on server-side development and, with it, doesn’t need to hire front-end developers, separately as well. And It is versatile to take care of both backend and frontend development tasks.

Cutting-edge features to help code

ASP.NET, over the years, went through an array of improvements and value additions under the watch of the Microsoft code development team and offered a whole array of cutting-edge features for the programmers. And Some Of These features have the following advantages.

  • Robust memory management
  • Support for Cross-platform development
  • Easy garbage collection
  • Managing independent packages
  • Coding language working independently
  • Asynchronous coding
  • MVC architecture
  • Restful APIs
  • Multi-lingual support

An extensive range of developer tools

ASP.NET Core comes packed with an extensive range of developer tools. Many of them come with a full suite of tools that offer everything that the developers need in a web app project. Some of these full-suit developer tools offered by ASP.Net Core include Jetbrains, Resharper, and several others.

As the handiest and frequently required development tool, you have inbuilt access to the IDE called Visual Studio from Microsoft. This is often regarded as the most well-equipped IDE to take care of all development needs ranging from code completion, GIT integration, debugging, unit testing, and many others. The latest version of this IDE also comes with a community edition with a lot of inbuilt help for different web projects.

High-speed framework

Asp.Net core is popular for enterprise app projects, particularly because of the faster pace and robust performance. .NET Core ensures glitch-free app performance, optimum scalability, and awesome flexibility for programming, code maintenance, and reusability. This seamless coding, integration, and performance optimization becomes possible thanks to the ASP.Net Core libraries and tools.

The code compiling process in ASP.Net Core ensures smooth and fast optimization of the code for automating business processes. This ultimately results in robust code performance. The faster cycles of update releases and space allocation and management further enhance the efficiency of the framework. Since the applications built need to deliver reliably for high performance, ASP.Net makes sure to deliver apps with incredible performance speeds. 

Push for optimum productivity

ASP.Net Core is widely recognized for its simplicity, and this ensures faster development time and optimum productivity of the developers. Many mission-critical features and functionalities that are common in enterprise websites, such as website configuration, form submission, and authentication, can be deployed in an app without the least effort.

The widely tested and tried MVC architecture comprising Model, View, and Controller helps faster development of custom websites. On top of that, the framework can easily integrate and accommodate all kinds of third-party APIs. The framework for the core codebase, as well as the APIs, makes debugging and testing extremely easier.

Lastly, the reusability of the codebase across multiple apps allows developers to write less code while not compromising the results and impact. The framework can also work as a full-stack technology with modules for both frontend and backend development.

Razor Pages

Seamless integration is an important aspect of development. Concerning that razor pages is another new and well-acclaimed feature of the latest .NET Core framework. You Can Use NET Core framework version for smooth, easy, and effortless integration. With this feature.  The developers can have a coding architecture for individual pages and help deliver advanced and highly productive web UI.

Despite offering advanced features, it ensures containing these dynamic capabilities within the unique single page view. You can optimize the code for each page.  And prompt and efficient organization. This feature boosts the productivity of the developers in building high-performance, structurally optimized, and scalable web apps.

Concluding Remarks

So, ASP.Net Core comes as a fully-fledged enterprise-grade development technology for the web, desktop, and mobile apps. Moreover, this guide has made it clear that the configuration of windows authentication is relatively easier. And it is now easy to understand why ASP.Net can be an ideal framework for Web Application Development to build cutting-edge applications. No matter how big or small your application is, ASP will always be the right place to put your faith in. But you have robust documentation and a huge community to help, like Microsoft support. And mastering the learning curve won’t be a big problem.

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