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Computers and Technology

Use SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration To Centralize All Meetings & Events

The Google Calendar helps us to schedule calls, tasks, meetings, and so many other management activities. It is a scheduling tool which does let us know about our all upcoming and planned events. It also helps us to attend the scheduled events without missing any of them. Let’s get a brief detail about SuiteCRM, it is one of the most used open-source CRM. We build a plugin called SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration that can sync meetings on both platforms so users can see updated information on both platforms.

Having trouble resolving these issues? Try SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration

We have to face lots of issues like if we are using SuiteCRM and scheduling the event for the Manager but our manager has already an event for the same time on Google Calendar. So, there will be chances of overlapping, and the manager will miss the event too. 

We also need to collect all the data about the client, his/her all events to be done, and so on. Which will help us to make the client engage in our activities. If we already have the client data in our CRM then we will be able to schedule the event at the client’s active time.

There is another issue that we need to be scheduled the event twice, once in the CRM and another on the Google Calendar. This will just increase our efforts on the repetitive tasks.

Now we don’t need to tolerate all this hassle anymore. There is an automated way of getting the things done.

If we will use the SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration plugin then it will sync SuiteCRM with the Google Calendar. With this, we can directly schedule that event on both platforms.

Suppose, we only have access to use Google Calendar then we can only schedule meetings on this. But this will leave SuiteCRM information outdated and the person using SutieCRM won’t be aware of the meetings that I created on Google Calendar. So, to use both platforms for the same purpose we need to have access to both platforms. However, having used both platforms for the same work is unproductive.

You can avoid this by using the plugin. Once we will schedule the event on the Google Calendar then it will automatically schedule on the SuiteCRM. This will also help us to reduce our workload because we won’t need to do the same thing twice. Also, By using the plugin we will not face the overlapping issue as SuiteCRM will already sync with the Google Calendar. 

SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration Explanation

This plugin helps us to sync the Suite CRM with the Google Calendar which helps to schedule all events and meetings across both platforms in real-time. To begin with, let me introduce you to the word Integration. Integration sounds like combining all the different things in one place. In my opinion, it helps us in syncing all events automatically.

As SuiteCRM has various functionalities we will discuss them further. Using SuiteCRM with Google Calendar we can enhance our business. The plugin will be used to schedule Meetings, Calls, and Tasks in bi-directional form. So, with the help of this plugin, we can manage our business in a well prominent way and increase our sales in a trending method. As we have to meet multiple events every day then this plugin will help us to perform them without missing them.

Why should you use SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration?

We should use this plugin to solve the issues that appear while a business is running. We can also use it to discuss the progress and workflow like in which way we need to go ahead and also generate new ideas. As the user needs to discuss all the effective points with other members of the business. So, he/she can use this plugin to sync up the google calendar with SuiteCRM to run the business in a way that we will be eligible to get more clients and increase sales in the fastest way.

By using the plugin with some extra features that Google Calendar has, The user will be able to attend all of their events and also will be able to keep other users updated, using Notification pop-ups and make changes feature of this plugin. This plugin has also many other features that will help to perform the work in a flow.

SuiteCRM Google Calendar integration Features

The plugin has several features, and I’ll explain some of them:

  • Real-time & Bi-directional sync  – This plugin will help us to synchronize the events of both platforms in real-time. Let’s discuss this point if a person has scheduled a meeting on the SuiteCRM platform then they will be able to see the scheduled meeting on the Google Calendar platform. All meetings are easily accessible from any single platform. If the user has made some changes on Google Calendar then they can easily see those changes on the SuiteCRM platform.
  • Time Zone adjusts automatically – At the time of scheduling the meeting we don’t need to set up the guest location. The SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration software will automatically adjust the guest zone based on their location.
  • Sync up to 60 Future days – The user can synchronize all oncoming 60 days calls and meetings at a time. If the user wants to sync all upcoming 60 days events without manually entering them, they can sync at once. By turning the process on and adding information to it the user can schedule future events at once on both platforms.
  • One person can sync Google Calendar – In this feature of the plugin, a person can sync all their Google calendar events with SuiteCRM. Also, assign their calendar to a particular user. In this process, only a person can sync the platform since this is a lite version. 
  • Add permanent guests – The SuiteCRM software helps us to add permanent guests to the meetings. Let me tell you how this whole scenario does work. If one of the users has scheduled an event and added some guests to the event then, whenever he will schedule the event for the next time he doesn’t need to add those users again. They will be added automatically to future events. 
  • Get notified of changes and remove something from the scheduled event – If the user will make some changes like if he/she will change the guest list then all other guests will get a notification of the particular changes. Also if the user will cancel the scheduled event then the other user will get the notification of that cancellation. This is how all users keep updated.
  • Custom module: We developed a plugin that works with all types of custom modules that you may have created. And also you don’t need to worry about the SuiteCRM version because our plugin works with all version including latest v8.1.


There are some competitors of ours who work on SuiteCRM, but Outright Store provide multiple extra features for our products. For example, you’ll get 3-day free trial, one-time payment, free support, Security and durability of the product, Lifetime support, Unlimited Users, and many more. If you want to learn more about the product or have any questions then please feel free to contact us through sales@outrightcrm.com

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