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Orthopedic Surgeons Attitude Regarding the Hip replacement

A healthy person with strong and healthy bones enjoys as many perks of life as he can. But Injuries are unpredictable and can happen anywhere whether you are driving a car, riding a motor bike. Playing sports or it can happen randomly while doing your everyday work at home too. Some injuries are very common like skin scratching, knife cuts or sprains in foot or arms. Dangerous injuries causing chronic pain or even disability can also happen in accidents, sports or during some unexpected disasters. Some people may fall badly even from low heights and their leg or knee joints can get broken in this.

Some of the sportsmen get spilt while running. In such cases, bone or joint replacement surgeries are required. In the old times, if a person had some joint pain problems, he had to bear the pain until life ended. There were no proper surgery procedures and technology to ease people suffering from joints pain. Several good orthopaedic doctors can do successful joint replacement surgery in Pakistan. They have records of many successful surgeries and also, they are in this field from several years and gained valuable experience. Moreover, there are many experienced and certified hip replacement surgeons in Pakistan performing the surgeries frequently with advanced tools and techniques now.

Orthopedic surgeons

Some of them are very positive towards the surgeries and some have the downsides too. Let’s start with the positive attitudes first. After that we will have a look at the problems reported by the surgeons.

Positive attitudes

Comfort the patient

Orthopedic surgeons do their best to make their patients comfortable and happy. Surgeons can give aftercare instructions, prescribe pain killers for patient’s comfort, suggest good medicines which boost immunity for speed healing, food instructions so that the patient must eat nutritious and healthy food for health and instruct some physical exercises to benefit the replaced or repaired bones. Although doctors cannot heal the patient’s instantly after any type of bone surgeries as it’s not possible humanly and naturally. But they give patients a strength to fight with the pain and teach them the ways to lower down the pain in this journey.

Keep the surgery at bay if not necessary

An expert orthopaedic doctor will always try to resolve the problem with medication, diet and physical exercise at first. If the problem is serious and critical than they take 2nd opinion sometimes and take help of x-rays and other tests to confirm that surgery is necessary or not. After all, this procedure surgeon suggests a patient for orthopaedic or joint replacement surgery.

As joint replacement surgeries in Pakistan are considered very complex and critical so if the surgery is not required, your doctor won’t recommend it in any case. Similarly hip replacement surgeons in Pakistan have started surgeries but only few of them are able to do it efficiently with less chances of disability. They are complex and can hurt the doctor’s reputation too.

Professional Assistance

Only the certified and professional surgeon can commit a successful surgery. However, in some accidental injury cases where joints are badly crushed or broken doctors take professional assistance of other experienced doctors too so that there are no chances of error. This positive attitude must be appreciated. Rather than keeping the problem just to yourself a wise orthopaedic doctor always take second opinion before surgery and decide the surgical procedures on the basis of other doctor opinion, medical history and reports and the patient condition.

Orthopedic surgeons

Highlighted Problems

Long learning curve

Many orthopedic surgeons are agrees that the learning curve of performing a surgery is very time taking and lengthy. Most of the surgeons do not enters the specializations of joints. Hip replacement surgeries because of the long learning and expertise practicing curve to get certified. So, it naturally takes time to learn about bones, joints and ligaments connected with joints. The placement of human body organs is complex itself and redefining and fixing the de-shaped parts is much more difficult to understand. So, it is completely understandable why the learning curve is lengthy.

Risk aversion

Few orthopaedic surgeons who even have expertise of performing surgeries, avoids them. Even if the surgery is important, they ask their patients to avoid it and keep the regular treatment continue. This happens if the doctors are risk averters or lack confidence of performing a surgery successfully. Such doctors do not inform the patients that they don’t want to do it and they don’t let them go to other surgeons either. This may lead to a disaster sometimes because the patient was needing the surgery instantly. Due to the professional hesitation, the condition of the patients got even worse. Such scenarios happen very rare now but still there are few surgeons who have these difficulties.

Unwillingness to adopt new trends

Some of the surgeons are unwilling to learn or adopt new technologies and procedures. But somehow, few hip replacement surgeons in Pakistan are reluctant to adopt these new trends. Stick to the old ways of performing surgeries. Joint replacement surgeries in Pakistan are very common now and doctors are rapidly learning new trends but still most of them prefer the old ways of performing surgeries and are not comfortable or rely on the new tools and techniques.

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