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How to Streamline Your DME Billing During This Emergency?

To date, healthcare providers and practices in the DME billing sector have maintained quite large profit margins. However, in this time of crisis, healthcare providers are facing not only a decrease in profit margins but also delayed reimbursements. Keep in mind that every growing organization faces cash flow challenges. And if you are not reimbursed on a timely basis by the insurance payer, it can become a major issue. Your facility’s HME/DME billing and coding are

DME Billing Services throughout the United States

When you associate your durable medical equipment billing and claim filing needs with a trusted partner, you gain rapid access to a staff with DME medical billing experience. The greatest method to increase DME billing efficiency is to avoid spending many hours training these billers on the billing processes.

With a dedicated team of billing professionals scattered across the United States and access to cutting-edge DME medical billing software, you will have a significant advantage over your competition in your region, without the stress of managing in-house staff.

In addition to having difficulty with their DME margins during this pandemic crisis, healthcare practitioners have witnessed a slew of other issues, such as:

Delayed reimbursement 

The rate of filing claims that are accurate, reliable, and completed by with payer stipulations to maximize reimbursement has not only been impacted in this crisis due to a lack of inexperienced billers and coders, but also in-house staff are seen multitasking between the

  • Requirements of treating patients
  • Dealing with DME billing issues
  • Cope with the new platform of telemedicine/ telehealth platform

Thus, with fewer experienced billers and coders, the DME domain expertise increases DME billing error, lack of follow-up, and, in such circumstances, delayed reimbursement.

Increased workload with fewer employees

It is no secret that DME billing is a complex domain, and a biller not only needs to be up to date with the latest DME standards and procedures, but also needs to have a complete process knowledge as well as experience working on it, awareness about the intricacies that come with payer contracts, and so on, which is lacking in this crisis.

Because the number of healthcare workers is limited, the burden continues to grow. This is nearly unmanageable for in-house billers and coders who are also performing other administrative tasks in such a short period.

Difficulties in hiring and retaining employees

Although the current crisis has made it difficult to find or hire experienced personnel, putting together a team of professional billers and trained coders is a costly endeavor. However, if you don’t have the essential staff for a better revenue cycle for your DME business, you will not only experience a financial problem, but you will also lack a smooth DME billing process. However, outsourcing your DME billing process can help you improve your chances of inducting a better DME billing administration method as well as optimal revenue generation.

So, if you’re anxious about dealing with billing and coding compliance. Then it’s time to match your priorities with the top DME billing service provider in the United States. Partner with the best, churns out the best results not just for you, but your overall business.

It is always good to achieve business success as it improves the opportunities to expand your business and its presence. And, to sustain this expansion, your DME billing needs must be managed by industry experts. Remember that cash is king, and having a large list of aged AR accounts is detrimental to the business. Come contact with us and let us help you streamline your DME billing needs so that you may continue to expand as desired.

Outsourced RCM firms also decrease all billing errors by providing clients a clear image of the entire DME billing process through tailored robust reporting and dedicated managers, as well as implementing severe checks in the billing and coding process. This is where Sunknowledge comes in:

Sunknowledge: the Best DME Billing platform

In terms of data or information transfer, we provide world-class standards that combine compliance with flexibility. You can scan and upload the documents to our server, where it will be saved. We can also retrieve and operate remotely with your current DME billing system. We believe in functioning as an extension of your current activities.

As a DME billing organization, we have good credentials. Sunknowledge Services Inc has been working with top clients in the DME industry for over a decade, spanning from the East to the West Coast and as far as the Hawaiian Islands! We have expanded our associations to key payers, the largest DME billing devices firm, and have provided hundreds of industry references. In reality, we are your revenue cycle management partner, not just a DME billing business.

Do We Have Software Experience?

Sunknowledge have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of software, including:

  • Brightree
  • OPIE
  • NikoHealth
  • TeamDME

Just to name a few. Furthermore, we are totally happy working with any client proprietary platform and will gain a thorough understanding if you are utilizing one throughout our transition period at no additional expense.

Your Data is secured with Sunknowledge

Sunknowledge takes pride in its stringent security requirements as a 360-degree revenue cycle management firm. When interacting with your PHI, we strictly comply with HIPAA regulations. Furthermore, we have ISO approved standards and use the encryption procedure in our emailing system for any communication of PHI information. We have a proven track record of excellence and have gained trust from healthcare industry leaders.

Sunknowledge Services Inc knows all of your problems better than anybody else. Our unique presence and capabilities across all practice management platforms make us an excellent RCM destination for the country’s premier names.

Sunknowledge provides personalized service and may match or beat any price. You can transform all of your pre and post HME/DME billing obligations with us. Contact us for a complete approach like you’ve never seen before.

Business Name: Sunknowledge Services Inc

Sunknowledge, an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2015 certified company, is a leading and global provider of medical billing outsourcing services in the U.S. healthcare domain.

Ronnie Hastings
Director of Business Development at Sunknowledge Services Inc
Phone: +1 646-661-7853

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