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How to resolve Canon Printer Error E03

Canon printers are top-rated among home users. The inkjet series of Canon printers provide high-quality printouts. This company also manufactures big printing devices for businesses. Like other hardware, you can also face issues while working in a Canon printer. When the printer shows you an error, you can try various solutions for troubleshooting it. The error code E03 appears on Canon printers when the printer does not understand the commands.

Causes behind Canon printer error E03:

  1. Your Canon printer is not receiving commands from the PC
  2. Canon device is not connected to your computer
  3. Paper Jam
  4. Canon printer is unable to find the ink cartridge
  5. The ink inside the cartridge is dried up
  6. Viruses in PC are manipulating the print command
  7. The printhead is not working
  8. The printer fuser is burned out

Resolving Canon printer error E03:

Run your printer troubleshooter

Whenever a Canon printer shows the error code on the desktop, you should run the printer troubleshooter. Error codes mostly appear due to errors in printer-related files. On Windows devices, you will find the troubleshooter on the Security tab. Go to your printer troubleshooter and run it on the system. The troubleshooter will start checking for all the files, which can cause the error codes. Now check the result on the screen. If the troubleshooter has fixed the error E03, then you can take your printouts easily. In case you are still getting E03 then check for other solutions.

Reset your Canon printer

Some users reported that users get the error code after changing some settings. The user has made some invalid changes which get the printer into error code. The user has to undo the invalid changes on the system. Again, go to the printer settings and then undo the changes to previous times.

But, sometimes, users forget the changes they have made to the settings. In case you don’t remember the changes, then you should go for Canon printer reset. Resetting the Canon printer will undo all the changes and set the settings to default. 

  1. On Canon printer, click on the setup button
  2. Go to the Device settings using the navigation button
  3. Select the Reset settings and then click on Reset All

Finally, click on the Yes button, and your Canon printer will get reset automatically. After resetting the Canon printer, you again have to configure it. Configure your Canon printer and then take the printouts.

Check your Canon printer and PC connection

Error code E03 can occur when the PC can’t find the printer. The printer shows the unavailable status and gets into error. You have to reconnect the printer to your computer. Eject your printer cord from the PC and then reconnect it. Ensure your cable is not loose or damaged. Now go to your system and search for your Canon printer. If your printer status is available, then you can take your printouts.

Reinstall the cartridge on your printer

Users should always install the original cartridge on a Canon printer. You can get into the error code when the printer is unable to find the cartridge. It occurs when the cartridge gets damaged. Uninstall the cartridge from the Canon printer and check for any damage. If the cartridge is fine, then check for the contacts. The printer can’t find the cartridge when the pins are not touching the contacts.

Users often forget to remove the protective tape from the cartridge contacts while installing a new cartridge. Inspect the contacts for the tap tape. Now check whether the Canon printer pins are touching the contacts or not. When you are using a cheap cartridge, then it may show the error. Use the original cartridge and install it properly on your Canon printer.

Inspect your Canon printer driver

Check whether your Canon printer driver is working or not. Sometimes, the printer driver files get corrupted, and the printer starts showing errors. If you can’t repair the driver files, then reinstall them. You can remove the corrupted printer driver from the computer and then reinstall a new printer driver for your Canon device. Also, update your Canon printer driver regularly.

Check for the dried ink

E03 error code can appear when the user tries to take the printout, but the printhead cannot get the ink. This type of error occurs when the cartridge is empty, or the ink gets dried up. Check the ink level; if low then refill it. Open the ink drums and then refill the ink very carefully. Users should wear a mask while refilling the cartridge. The ink contains carbon contents which is harmful to the lungs if consumed.

After filling the ink, again, try to take your printouts. But when the ink level is not low, and the printhead cannot get the ink, check the cartridge. The ink inside the cartridge may get dried up if you are using the Canon printer after a long time. If your ink gets dried up, then you can add solvent to it. Open the ink drum and then add a few drops of some solvent to it. Now close the lid tightly, and then shake your ink drum. Once the ink gets mixed, you can take the printouts.

Remove viruses from your system

Your printer can show error code E03 when it is unable to understand the command. This error occurs when the viruses corrupt the command on the PC. They interrupt the print command, and the printer can’t read it. Your printer won’t understand your commands until you remove those viruses from your device. Use the anti-malware and remove viruses from the system. Now restart your computer and give a new print command to the Canon device. 

Inspect Canon printhead

Your printer can show printing errors when the printhead is not working. Remove the cartridge from your Canon printing and then inspect the printhead. If the printhead gets damaged, then you have to buy a new printhead for your device. In case the printhead is clogged, then clean it. Use an alcohol-based cleaner and a clean cloth. Remove all the dried ink from your printhead and now run your Canon printer.


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