How to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

 Today, the festival of Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated in a variety of ways and different forms by people. This festival is celebrated in different ways by the people who are residing in various parts of India. 


On this occasion, we observe the love and duty between their siblings and this festival falls under the Shravana month of the Hindu calendar. Also, it is equivalent to the August month Gregorian calendar. 


In this article, we have defined the various ways i.e. been related to the celebration of Raksha Bandhan and these are described below: 


So, here is how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan:

How to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan


1: Buying of Rakhi:


As this beautiful festival starts coming, the sisters begin to buying Rakhis for their brother from the market. On this day the market has been specially decorated for the occasion. 


The sisters look out for the special Rakhi in the form of colorful threads, bracelets, amulets, and other men’s wrist accessories for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. 


2: Performing Rakhi rituals:


On the special day of Raksha Bandhan, both the brothers and sisters wear new clothes and they observe the festival in the presence of their parents, grandparents, or elders. 


This ritual involves lighting a Diya or earthen lamp which represents the performing of arti by the sisters. They also perform the prayers for the well-being of brothers and they apply a Tilak on their forehead of brothers. Besides it, they also give a sweet/ dessert or dry fruits to the brother and then finally tied the Rakhi around the wrist of the brother. 


3: Offering Rakhi gifts to brother:


Once you have tied Rakhi around the wrist of your brother. Now, it is the turn of your brother to offer you a special Rakhi return gift to your sister. The gift could be in any form you can either purchase it offline or online gifting store or in the form of Rakhi special gift hamper. You can also buy a dress, or a piece of jewelry, or any other item for your sister. 


4: DIY Rakhis:


Raksha Bandhan is a day when sisters wait to receive a band of protection from their loving brothers. The sisters went up in searching for high and low to pick up the best Rakhi. 


You can also build a homemade Rakhi and it shows your pure and affection towards your brother. So, you can try making these Rakhis with the help of foam sheets, cartoons, stickers, and so on. 


5: Make dishes:

In India, many of the festivals are incomplete without cooking delicious dishes. For every festival, you need to prepare some special dishes. Like on Raksha Bandhan you can make Ghewar, Shakarpare, or some other dish. 


Also, these sweets are being eaten throughout the month. Besides it, there is a dish named Ghugni which is being usually prepared with Puri and Curd. Halwa, Puri, and Kheer are also some of the famous foods of this festival. 


Sweets are an essential part of any Indian festival and they have a special significance on every festival. Everyone loves Rakhi’s, special sweets. On this auspicious occasion, Raksha Bandhan can make this moment sweeter by preparing sweets for your favorite ones at home. 


This process is very hustle-free as many recipes are available on the internet or you can also watch videos on YouTube. Also, it is the best way of celebrating Raksha Bandhan and this will have a sweet blast of beautiful moments. 


6: Give Flowers and Cake:


You can never go wrong while choosing Flowers and Cake. Also, this combo is simple and sweet. You can surprise your sister with her favorite cake and flower at midnight. Also, you can choose a variety of combos like cake and flowers. You can also read the brother and sister quotes in Hindi if you want to make this day more special. 


7: Shop for each other’s:


One of the best ways of giving surprises to your brother or sister is to do the shopping for each other. Apart from following the usual ritual of giving Rakhi gifts to a brother you both can go shopping in order to grab clothes, gadgets, accessories, or anything instead of gifting or making your brother and sister feel loved on this Raksha Bandhan. 


You can visit the decorated malls and markets on this festival occasion. Or you can also enjoy online shopping during festivals that usually run-on sale at amazing discounts. 


8: Rakhi gift hampers:


You can make this occasion more special by giving your brother or sister some amazing Rakhi hampers. You can buy gifts for your siblings and then celebrate the harmony of this day. Try to convey your feelings to your brother or sister on a special day. 


You can also include some cards in the gift hamper to make it even more special. Moreover, you can also include some cards in the gift hamper and make this festival more special. 


The Rakhi gift hampers are known for providing you immense choice. You can also get every sort of gift in every budget offline or online or as both that provide sale and different discounts. 


9: Make it personalized:

Rather than presenting off the shell, a personalized gift shows the effort that is been taken by you. Also, there are a lot of options for customizing a gift. Several online and offline stores offer you the services by which you either add a photo or a meaningful message to items like mugs. You can also gift the Rakhi Jewellery to your sister.  


10: Gift a beautiful collage:


Indeed, one can never run out of selfies. Thus, in order to mark the day, you can grab some of the old pictures and some of the latest ones, and then you can send your brother a photo collage to brighten the day. 


This gift idea is universal and you can give this gift either to your brother or sister. Also, if you want this day more special then you can give them a handmade collage with stickers. It also helps in reminding your childhood moments. This wonderful gift idea will make the moment even more special as well as emotional. 


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