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Five Things to Consider While Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

There are numerous reasons to hire a digital marketing agency. Most of them are linked back to your website.

Your website is the best place to increase awareness, gather leads, and sell your products.

Being a Social Media Consultant In California, we often come across people who waste their money on Social media advertising agencies that don’t deliver any results.

So, we decided to tell our audience about what to consider while hiring a digital marketing agency. 

Read the complete blog to find out.

When hiring a digital marketing agency, you will need to consider the following things: their availability, cost, and process.

How can you choose the best agency among a lot of other similar agencies?

It is important to understand what you want from an agency and how to determine if they are competent at what they do.

These 5 questions will help you find the right digital marketing agency to work with your company.

Not all agencies hire experts in all aspects of digital marketing. For example, some are skilled in technical and on-page SEO but not PPC.

Others focus solely on brand strategy, influencer, and social media marketing.

Begin by identifying your requirements and the aspects of digital marketing that you wish to outsource. These could include:

  • Management of social media (posting/scheduling and content creation, responding/commenting to messages/comments, reporting).
  • Advertising on social media (advertising campaigns and boosted posts, targeting/audience Management, reporting) 
  • Content optimization according to SEO strategy (on-page SEO) 
  • Campaigns for link building 
  • Local SEO (Google My Business optimization, reporting, management)
  • Technical SEO (Google Hunt Console coverage, repairs, 301 direction audits, Google Hunt Console coverage)
  • Content marketing (strategy and images, writing, optimization)
  • Google Display or Paid Search Ads (content creation strategy, budget management, adjustments and reporting) 
  • Email marketing (strategy, subscriber database management, content creation, scheduling)
  • Brand strategy (market research and strategic documentation, management, reporting, etc.)

After you have identified the right agency that offers the services you need, it’s time to start asking these crucial questions.

  1. Are they using the most current methods?

Every day, digital marketing experiences rapid changes in its methods.

The ability to successfully advertise your service or product can be affected by changes to the algorithms and features of these platforms.

  • Google’s algorithm and ranking factors.
  • Google Ads
  • Bing search and rankings
  • Advertising on Microsoft (previously Bing).
  • Other search engines and their advertising platforms.
  • Amazon’s research and rankings.
  • Amazon Ads.
  • Social media networks.
  • Platforms for social media advertising.
  • Email marketing systems

These platforms are constantly updated. Ask questions if you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency.

You must keep yourself up-to-date with digital marketing news.

It’s not necessary to be an expert – you are hiring them to help! 

You will be able to keep track of your work if you are familiar with the most recent practices.

  1. Are they comfortable speaking about digital marketing?

It is important to find an agency that you can talk with about their work and why.

If a digital marketer is unable to explain a specific approach to a niche or report in simple language, it is suspicious.

This can be due to social awkwardness. However, it can also signify that they know the definitions well but have no practical knowledge.

It is important to assess how easy it is for them to talk with you about strategy and performance. 

You will feel smarter and more satisfied if you work with an agency.

  1. Do they have a good understanding of all aspects of digital marketing?

Even if an agency is hired to only focus on one aspect of digital marketing, they will need to be able to explain how the whole system works.

  • Both technical and on-page SEO are different. But, both are essential.
  • Content marketing via SEO, ads, and social media.
  • Social Media can help with SEO.
  • Link building is an important part of SEO, and it is often connected to content marketing.
  • These channels can be used to redirect customers towards a landing page on the website.

They don’t have to offer every service. But, be aware that agencies should be familiar with other elements of digital marketing.

  1. Are they able to provide receipts?

Case studies! Case studies are a great way to increase traffic to your website.

You will want to see their work if you hire a marketing agency to market your business.

Sometimes agencies won’t be able to show you proof of work. Businesses often require partner agencies to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

This means that they won’t be able to share all details of the campaigns they ran or the results they achieved.

In this case, agencies can only share the names of brands with which they have collaborated on their websites.

  1. Do they live up to their words?

It is important to ensure that the agency you hire practices what they say. 

You should hire an agency to manage your digital marketing that fulfills the following criteria:

  • Their website should be optimized for keywords and rank high in search engines.
  • They should be active on at least one social media channel.
  • Their Google My Business profile should be created, branded, and populated.
  • All ads, emails, and social articles should feel consistent and on-brand.

Enjoy some fun investigation!

Google their agency and check all results to see if any pages have optimization titles and meta descriptions.

Subscribe to their email newsletter. You can also take a look at their social media content, including how often they post and hashtag usage.

Also check their rank for organic search terms, backlink structure, and the quality of their Google Ads using tools such as SEMRush and Moz.

You can ask everyone questions to help you evaluate their answers and compare them with the rest of the agencies.

An agency that has less experience and certification can be able to provide you with the creative spark you need to make your business stand out.

We hope you found this blog helpful in determining what to look out for when hiring a digital marketing agency.

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