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Driving License Service in Pakistan

You would now be able to get a modernized driving permit in Lahore effectively, on account of the endeavors of Lahore Traffic Police. The new framework has purportedly been acquainted with eliminated long lines and holding up time.

Of the three Lahore Traffic Police focuses in Lahore, in Manawan, at Arfa Karim Tower and in DHA Lahore, the one in DHA has been refreshed, with the assistance of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).


To work with clients, the Lahore Traffic Police have isolated the way toward getting a modernized permit into two stages:

Stage I:

  • You need to get a symbolic number
  • The applicant needs to get their photograph for the permit taken
  • Take a mechanized various decision and hypothetical test

Stage II:

  • The initial step of Phase-II of the way toward getting a mechanized driving permit in Lahore is an on-street driving test
  • If the applicant breezes through the assessment, they are qualified for getting a driving permit
  • If they bomb the test, they can retake the test following 42 days

Already, the test used to be troublesome, in any case, considering the new changes the up-and-comer purportedly just requirements to get half stamps in the mechanized test.

Driving Permits in Quetta

Gone are the days when individuals needed to stand by in long lines to get their driving permits in quetta. Another mechanized cycle has been presented by the Driving License Issuance and Management System –Dlims Quetta with the help of the Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB). This framework is working with residents to apply for a driving permit in Lahore on the web. This office can be gotten to by the residents in 36 areas of Pakistan, some of which are Sialkot, Chakwal, Vehari, Pakpattan, and Attock.

driving service

On account of the most recent innovation, principally as computerization, the way toward acquiring a grant from the driving permit office in Lahore has gotten very simple. From the start, you need to have to get your student’s permit in Lahore. It is given by various driving permit habitats in Punjab and you can likewise apply online through DLIMS. All new drivers should initially prepare for a time of 42 days, just about a month and a half, before they can get a permit.

Interesting Points When Applying for Driving in Quetta

First of all: when you visit the driving permit community in Lahore, ensure you show up sooner than expected. In any case, the public authority authorities would take some time when they at long last see you. Be ready for delays. It’s smarter to offset on the entirety of your significant arrangements for the day since it’s difficult to tell what amount of time the cycle may require. It chiefly relies upon the quantity of individuals at the workplace. Bring your reports and photos along so you get your student’s permit in the primary visit as it were. As far as possible to get your student’s permit is 18 years and the legitimacy is a half year in particular. Here are the archives you ought to bring:

Following are the necessary reports for student’s permit in Quetta, according to DLIMS:

  • A duplicate of CNIC
  • A PKR 60 ticket from any mailing station
  • From traffic police office get a code book of traffic guidelines
  • Medical declaration needed for the applicants of 50 years or more

Among different necessities for driving permit in quetta, it is significant that you are an occupant of the city. Albeit, through DLIMS QUETTA, the public authority of Punjab has brought together the system of giving driving permit in the area’s 36 areas, you can’t have any significant bearing for a driving permit from any region of Punjab. For example, in the event that you are hoping to apply for a driving permit from Lahore, the CNIC should express the impermanent or perpetual location as that of Lahore or, in all likelihood you should go to the permitting focus in the area where you live.

driving service


  • You can straightforwardly download the structure from the DLIMS site and subsequent to filling it, submit it alongside the pertinent archives at separate driving permit communities.
  • The candidate will show up for a driving permit test
  • After finishing the assessment, the candidate will accept his driving permit

Required reports for lasting driving permit in Lahore

  • Application Form A
  • Original student’s grant of somewhere around a month and a half.
  • Medical endorsement
  • 3 validated visa size new photos
  • An validated duplicate of CNIC
  • Paste the expenses ticket on the report

Reports needed for International driving permit in Lahore

Assume you are searching for a global driving permit, the accompanying reports are require:

  • Required International Application Form
  • A duplicate of CNIC
  • The duplicate of driving permit
  • Duplicate of substantial Pakistani identification alongside visa
  • 2 bore witness to visa size photos
  • Ticket of court charges of just PKR 66
  • Bank challan charges is of PKR 450

On the off chance that your driving permit has terminated and you are searching for an approach to restore it, then, at that point you should pay a charge of PKR 750. Regardless of whether you own a bike, reestablishment of driving permit requires an expense of PKR 500. It is reestablish for a time of five years. For the reestablishment of driving permit, you need to present the accompanying reports.

Reports needed for the reestablishment of driving permit in Lahore

  • Fill out Application Form E
  • 2 visa size photos
  • A duplicate of your CNIC
  • Original Driving License
  • Medical Report

Reestablishment expenses as per the classification

  • If you are the proprietor of a cruiser or a cart, it will be PKR 500.
  • For vehicle, farm hauler business and LTV (PSV) the expenses will be PKR 750
  • For the vehicle HTV (PSC), the expenses will be PKR 1000


Thus, whenever you have presented the structures, you need to take a driving permit test in Lahore. You need to remember a bunch of traffic rules and traffic signs. This is somewhat interesting. At the point when you breeze through the underlying board assessment, you are then approached to drive a vehicle on a track controlled by the authority. In the event that you are fruitful in driving service the vehicle on the given track, you would then be able to get your perpetual driving service.

The most effective method to Make an Online Appointment for Driving License in Quetta

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) as a team with the City Traffic Police Lahore (CTPL) has a drive set up considered Rasta App that works with in applying for a driving service in Lahore. It furnishes suburbanites in the city with live traffic refreshes that will assist the specialists with altogether decreasing gridlock, particularly during top hours. Other online administrations gave by the application incorporate e-challan and online traffic-related objection enlistment.

driving service

Additionally, you can likewise make an arrangement for a driver’s permit in Lahore by means of Rasta App. Thinking about how?

Investigate the beneath given bit by bit measure:

  • Download Rasta App on your versatile by means of Apple App Store or Google Play Store, contingent upon your telephone’s working framework
  • Upon opening the application, click on the choice of “Timetable Appointment”.
  • For instance, on the off chance that you are applying for a perpetual driving permit, you need to tap on “Driving Test Appointment”. Different choices, for example, permit reestablishment, worldwide driving grant service, and copy permit issuance are likewise accessible according to your necessity.
  • You need to round it out with your CNIC number, select your ideal permit type and area of your closest permit community just as the date and season of your visit.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

On the off chance that you are living in different pieces of the country, you can look at the way toward getting driving service in Karachi and in Islamabad. Stay tuned for more data and helpful hints by means of the best way of life blog in Pakistan.

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