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Overnight Desert Safari – An Amazing Arabian Night in Dubai

An overnight desert safari is a magical journey that welcomes you to the silent mysticism of nature. Spending a night in the barren along with hitting the dunes in super fast 4x4s is the ultimate glee that attracts people from all over the globe. If you want to behold the beautiful sand dunes of the UAE from a different perspective, an overnight desert safari Dubai is great for you. As at night, the dunes of Dubai reflect an occult of silver moonlight which a true traveler can’t help praising. 

Get an insight into what opportunities await you in an overnight desert safari in Dubai, which you would never want to miss out on.

An Overwhelming Night at Desert Safari Dubai

1. Begin with a Pickup

A night at the dunes begins with a pick-up from your hotel or residence in a 4WdD. In case if you’ve chosen the self-driven package, you’ll catch up at the meet-up point after reaching there by yourself. A standard overnight desert safari Dubai tour lasts for 9 hours.

2. Dune Bashing and Other Terrain Sports

Hitting the Arabian sand dunes is amazing during daylight, but it’s a whole new surplus of pleasure at night. Giving you a heightened adrenaline pump, dune bashing over the dusk-covered sand dunes in the late evening hours is totally energizing. On the other hand, dune buggies and land rovers are the most tempting picks because hitting the dunes in a roofless vehicle at night is a heck of a dare and thrill. Surf the little sandstorms while hovering over the sandboard and cuddle up in the arms of golden powdery sand particles. Drift the SUVs of your choice and feasibility over the slopes of high Arabian dunes in a dusky landscape and make the sand sports more exciting.

3. Exploring the Desert on Camel

Soak up the silent harmony of the beautiful barren while riding over the camel’s hump and lost in wonder. A camel ride is a must-experience opportunity at desert safari Dubai because you can get a true vibe of nomadic living. Explore the Arabian dunes on all hands and get astonished over its beauty without tiring yourself because you are on a camel’s hump. Commute through the camel which is quite feasible in the submerging arena of sand. Camel ride is the best way to navigate if you want to cover a good distance covering the high dunes because you’ll get easily tired on your feet. Moreover, the desert is not a place to explore on foot.

4. Tents and Bedouin Camps

After the crazy sand activities, a bedouin-style camp is ready for you to take some rest and get inspired by its traditional ambiance. Sleeping bags and rugs are provided for a not so sleepy night on the sand bed. Enjoy the bonfire outside the camp and retrieve the historic lifestyle of nomads after the long tiring rides. You won’t miss the city life at all while lying in a sleeping bag over the rugs because you have the whole sky above to glare. 

5. Bon Appetit!

Enjoy delicious BBQ and buffet installed at the campsite and loaded with various veg and non-veg food items including the traditional Arabian cuisines along with the international siders. The refreshing beverages and drinks enliven you to step ahead for your next exploit at desert safari Dubai.

Spending wonderful night subjects you to the mystic sunrise, after which a refreshing breakfast is provided which removes all your restlessness in delicious bites. Breakfast is the last thing to attain pleasure in an overnight desert safari tour. 

6. Charms of the Night

As the overnight desert safari covers the early hours of the night, you can enjoy sitting on the stage side when the cultural festivity begins. The popular Tanoura cultural dance of the mystics wearing colorful cloaks takes you to ecstasy. Other traditional dance forms such as Khaleeji dance, and stick dance are also a bunfight. Belly dancers in colorful clothing make stunning moves with swords and knives leaving the viewers astonished. The stunning fire show is also of its own kind, performed by the brave fire stuntmen. This unique Arabain cultural demonstration at desert safari Dubai is presented to refresh you after a long tiring day.

7. Talk to the Galaxies 

The galaxies have always been a wonder to humans. That’s why we enjoy those sleepless nights at our rooftops, gazing at the bare open dark sky full of stars. A sleepless night on a send bed with your people while gazing at the silent beauty of this natural asset of Dubai is utterly peaceful. The starry nights of the Arabian dunes are praised by many tourists that they want to opt for an overnight stay over and over. 

Spend a starry night at the desert safari and absorb its tranquility under the azure sky. Soak up yourself under the spotlights of the bright moon when the clock strikes figures of midnight. Take some warm apparel along, like a cape or jacket because it’s freezing cold at night and you don’t want to miss out on the magical landscape of night, shivering.

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8. The Spellbound Sunrise

After catching the starry sights at night and having a few hours of sleep, nature strikes your sights leaving you in awe when you see the first few rays of the sunrise falling over the high sand dunes. Take out your camera and record a lapse of how the sand dunes take the fluorescence from dark blue to gold. Witnessing the sunrise in the midst of the barren is a breathtakingly beautiful experience that leaves you in gratitude for being here. Observing the sand ripples when the wind strikes the dunes is another exclusive view you get to experience here.


In the end, an overnight desert safari keeps magic to make you come again. From sand activity till the morning breakfasts, it feeds you with hundreds of stories of fun, pleasure, discovery, adventure, and serenity to tell on your way back home. 

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