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Best locations to visit in Mohali

There is a question for you, What do you do when you go to a new city or a town?
Well, you may taste the food or visit the famous places here.

If you are here in Mohali, there are certain places which you should visit once. If you are a cricket lover, there is a magnificent cricket stadium here.

Want to go shopping?

VR Punjab mall is waiting for you. Famous gurudwaras spreading positivity in the city; are also places of attraction for visitors. This is one of the famous places in Mohali.

There are lakes, beautiful parks, sanctuaries, malls, and much more to delight the traveler.

Well, you will not find it difficult to stay here. Here are the best hotels based on international standards.

These all things and places make Mohali the prime destination for travelers. Just book a
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and enjoy the famous places in Mohali.


Located in phase 93 of Mohali, FATEY BRUJ was inaugurated in 2011.

FATEY BRUJ is a minaret that is located on the battle site. It celebrates the victory of Sikh warrior Banda Singh Bahadur over the powerful army of Mughals.

It is the tallest victory memorial in the country. The height of this memorial is 100 meters. This monument shows the architectural style and the historical influences on this region.

Tourists here can enjoy the wonderful aerial view of the city from the top of it. This is one of the best locations in Mohali.

Here you will find ponds and mounds around the tower. This is the tribute to the landscape where the battle was fought in actuality.

One should definitely visit this place. This is an example of the bravery and sacrifice of Sikhs. One should feel immensely proud and honored while visiting here.

This historical monument is opened to tourists from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. So, don’t forget to visit here and feel the vibe. This is one of the best locations in Mohali.


best locations in Mohali

Located in phase 8 Mohali, AMB SAHIB GURUDWARA is an integral part of the Sikh culture.

This is the site of immense spirituality, gorgeous architecture, and celebrated hospitality. This is one of the most visited gurudwaras in this region dedicated to Guru Har Rai Ji.

If you are here in Mohali, you need to visit this place for sure. This is a famous place in Mohali.

You are going to get a spectacular view of the pristine white structure which stands out from the countryside.

Do you know what the striking feature of the building is?

The pillared corridors with multiple archways at the entrance are fabulous. The archetypal feature of Sikh religious architecture is depicted by the central dome of Gurudwara.

Well, this place is also known for the mango trees, which give fruits every year.

Well, one should not forget to visit here if someone comes to Mohali.

This beautiful and religious place is opened for all from 4:30 am to 8:00 pm.


On Mohali Sirhind Road, you will find a beautiful and cheerful Thunder Zone Amusement Park. Check out the cab service in Chandigarh or Mohali and just visit here to enjoy and to have fun.

This is the time to make a splash on your Mohali trip here at Thunder Zone. Here you will find a range of thrilling water and land rides. This is the top attraction in Mohali.

This is one of the high-rated amusement parks, where you can visit with your family and friends. Here you are going to find the rides specially designed for the young ones.

Octopus, Columbus, and swinging chairs are few regular rides that you are going to enjoy for sure.

Do you know what the main attraction here is?

The slide pool and the wave pool are the main water-based adventures that the visitors can enjoy.

Well, here you may enjoy a peaceful session of boating, chatting with your loved ones. Believe me, this is the best location in Mohali to spend your time.

So, don’t forget to visit this beautiful and adventurous amusement park on your visit to Mohali.


The next destination is Punjab Association Stadium in Mohali. This is one of the most famous places in Mohali.

This is touted as one of the best grounds for cricket in the country. The Punjab Association Stadium has given its share of the legendary matches of all time.

The cricket ground witnessed the heartbreak of the West Indies’ loss in 1996. This ground has become an eye witness of the match between India and Pakistan, in which India won the match.

Well, if you are in Mohali, don’t forget to visit this place and revive the history. The place where the gladiators battle wins willow and leather.

A true cricket fan can’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

The special thing here to note is the low floodlights. This is the unique aspect of the ground that should not be ignored.
The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium located in place 9 sectors 63 is waiting for the true cricket fans.

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VR Punjab Mall located on the Kharar Landran Road is our next destination. This is also one of the top attractions in Mohali.

This mall is the host of recreational areas, where one can shop, dine with family and enjoy with friends.

This is a sprawling complex where you will find everything of your necessity under one roof. People in Mohali, love to chill enjoy and have fun, and for this VR PUNJAB is the prime destination.

With a separate indoor games section and a huge supermarket is the main attraction here. The mall is also a host of the microbrewery, which guarantees favorites to the customers.

Do you want to catch the latest Bollywood or Hollywood movies?

The PVR multiples are your destination here. This is the perfect place to enjoy the movies with popcorns and cold drinks.

A mall with more than 100 brand stores is waiting to entertain you and make your trip a memorable one. These all attributes make it one of the best places in Mohali.


Are you searching for the best locations in Mohali? Here comes your destination.

Located on Mohali Stadium Road, the SILVI PARK is there to refresh your mood with its lush green carpet of well-maintained grass.

This is an open-air place in Mohali, where the visitor can enjoy a beautiful morning jog or a wonderful evening walk.

This safe and well-maintained park promise freshness to its visitors. This is one of the best places to come and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

You will find different flowers in different seasons blooming in the park. The walkways to walk and benches to sit relax and read a book.

If you are looking for one place to visit and escape the buss of the city, this is the place.

A place that is full of freshness and full of positivity. So, don’t forget to visit this famous attraction of Mohali.


Well, start making your plans now!

There is much more to explore in the city. You just need to step out of your house or hotel and enjoy this beautiful city. There are numerous attractions in Mohali.

This city suits all the demands and desires. You desire to learn about the Sikh culture, go to FATEY BRUJ OR AMB SAHIB GURUDWARA.

If you desire to shop for the upcoming function, don’t forget to visit VR Punjab Mall. Here you will find all the things under one roof. This is a famous place in Mohali, where you will enjoy it in the best way.

Are you a cricket fan? Mohali Stadium is not going to shatter your dreams. Visit here and feel the vibe of matches played here. Don’t forget to visit this famous place in Mohali.

To beat the heat, visit Thunder Zone amusement park and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

Silvi park to refresh your mind. Bring a book, sit on a bench under a tree and enjoy the beautiful life. This is also one of the best locations in Mohali, to spend your time and get freshness.


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