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Amplify Your Business With Top Selling Gojek Clone New Features 2021

Chances are you are here reading this blog if you want to make Gojek Clone App using different features. You have browsed the Internet, looking to have different from others but most of them are offering same features.

The business competition is growing stiff and it is highly recommended that you integrate it with the new features. Buying Gojek Clone Script Solution from a reputed app development company, that aims to work for your benefit.

Explore the New Features of Gojek Clone 2021 so that you can easily sail through these struggling times.

Gojek Clone New Powerful Features Of 2021

In this segment, we will tell you about the New Gojek Clone Features 2021 that are freshly integrated within the app.

Features play a vital role in making the app successful. While developing an app like Gojek you should pay attention to this specific segment ensuring they are built around your user’s expectations.

There is no point in having those features that your customers are not going to use. Let us understand with an example. Your customers love eating pizza. They are ordering different varieties of pizza but, you are offering an app that offers only one pizza type and does not even offer different variations like Toppings/ Options. So what happens you have a lesser crowd coming over to your app since nothing much you serve.

The very same features play a critical role in making your Gojek Clone Successful.

Having out-of-the-box features is good but having user-centric features will make a huge difference and positive impact.

Following are the New September Features 2021 Explained:

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App that allows you to tap a wider Apple Customer Base. Nowadays there is a crazy trend going on of Wearable technology products and the Apple watch tops the list. People who are using Apple phones are now buying Apple Watch. The sync is unmatchable and offers an unparallel experience.
  • Thus offering your users the iWatch App can help them simplify their traveling needs. It has Uber-like functioning offering quick taxi booking by tapping on the watch.
  • Restricted driver’s fraud is the vital feature that provides transparency to the users. It prevents the driver to mark “arrived” before reaching the user’s destination. This way it builds trust in your users, thus increasing the response towards your app, appreciating its authenticness.
  • Reassign delivery driver for the order feature came out from the woes of the store and restaurant owners. They have been struggling hard when there was no one to pick up the orders. This feature gave them relaxation offering the flexibility to assign the delivery to the next driver in line. The reason to reassign the delivery driver is there are no drivers available, the driver canceled the order even after confirming and the driver is unable to complete the orders.

More Features:

  • One store’s multiple categories allow the store owners to widen the customer base. How? If the store is selling multiple things like Food, Grocery, Pharmacy – the stores can register it under multiple categories, allowing more people to know about it and get benefits.
  • Location-wise push-notification is a significant feature that allows the Admin to send mass notifications targeting specific locations. The notifications/alerts are only visible to particular users of the region.
  • Free delivery promo code for specific/all stores feature allows the Admin to set different promo codes for free delivery to the users. It acts as a promotional feature that attracts more users, placing more orders to use Free Delivery Promo Code
  • Location wise banner feature acts marketing tool that allows the Admin to set up the Ad Banner on the Homepage for specific locations. To target a particular set of users is the best way to get results.
  • Using Firebase for Mobile Verification can be extremely beneficial if you are looking to curb cost. The third-party SMS is expensive and it seems Firebase offers quite a relief to the app owner as it allows 10000 mobile verification free of cost. When it exceeds there is a payment plan to consider.
  • SKU Code for delivery items feature makes it easy for the restaurants and store owners to identify the items quickly and saves time.
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On top of that having Advanced level features like Multi-language and currencies that allows the app owner to launch the app anywhere globally. Having built the app in the local language can bring top-level benefits. It immediately connects with the local users thus, experiencing more users to your app. On the other hand, if you are launching the app in a place where foreign tourists are coming can help you build a more customer base.

Other than the above-mentioned there are Live-tracking, In-app Customer chat/call support, Gojek Clone App that comes built with DELIVERY GENIE. It assists the customer in getting about anything, delivering right at the doorstep.

Gojek Clone App Solution Plan Package includes “Booking Services” through website and phone calls. The customers can place their orders through the Website or calling like how we used to do by calling the store and placing the orders.

And we are not done yet, Gojek Clone 70+ On-Demand App has COVID19 Safety Features that provide a secure shopping experience to your users. It comprises features like Face mask verification, Restricted passenger limit, Safety checklist, Safety ratings, and reviews, Safety badge for the stores/restaurants, Restaurant owners can upload their kitchen pictures, etc.

In Conclusion

In this blog, we claimed what Gojek Clone App is all about. The New Range of Features makes it high in demand.

The On-Demand Service App is a customizable and scalable script solution that can be deployed in real-time to use instantly.

V3Cube team is an expert in creating OnDemand Clone Apps that are tailor-made to serve the user’s expectations.

They being the prominent players Of App Development services already successfully launched the apps. Their client testimonials testify about it on their website page. You will see clients from all over the world are seen of the work the team has done.

Reach out to the team for detailed discussion to build Gojek Clone App.


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