5 Ways Companies Improve UX Using AI

AI professionals will help businesses unlock the entire potential of information so that businesses can learn more about their clients, and then, offer a much better consumer experience.

Here are five ways we could use AI to improve UX.

Emotion AI

Emotion AI

Even though AI robots aren’t capable of displaying real emotion such as individuals, emotion AI is an exciting new field that is capable of learning out of individuals –and affecting them.

This technology entails:

  • Data evaluation
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Facial recognition software

Collectively, these aspects analyze various emotional responses to different elements of a brand’s website, products, and marketing content. The AI categorizes the responses into groups, such as happy, mad, or depressed.

Businesses can leverage these insights to maximize their advertising and marketing strategies by identifying designs and content that reveal more promise for involvement.

Another illustration of emotion AI in action is that the emotional car applications out of Affectiva, which is effective at discovering when people are angry or unfocused on the road. With this, the onboard AI can assume control of the car or prevent it completely to avoid any accidents.

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Complex Data Evaluation

Traditional vs. data-driven UX approach

Traditionally, UX teams analyze heat maps and split testing when they are attempting to enhance user participation. Since it can collect a lot more information and analyze it quicker, AI will necessarily take over.

This gives an exceptional potential for UX teams, as they can utilize deep learning technology to analyze huge data sets. Already, many e-commerce businesses harness the ability of AI to improve UX in this manner, learning more from user behaviour to tailor the website design accordingly.

Ahead of AI, this complex data analysis was not possible. Now, companies can respond in real-time to offer a continually improving user experience.

The Turkish-based firm Segmentify specializes in this region, helping businesses drill down in their customer data to boost e-commerce personalization. Indian retail manufacturer Goto enlisted the assistance of Segmentify to improve their average order values by 33 per cent.

Personalized Advertising

AI in advertising

While much of the user experience targets a corporation’s site or landing pages, the UX begins from the first moment a new engage a new prospect.

Unfortunately, it is incredibly demanding for a company to grab the interest of users online these days. Just Look at these stats:

  • Intense competition — Consumers are exposed to thousands of brand messages daily. This rivalry has crushed organic reach on social websites to less than 2 per cent.
  • Individuals are less receptive to advertisements — Lots of men and women use software to block online ads, with 70 per cent of StopAd users obstructing an average of 200 ads daily on desktop alone.

Today, marketers will need to be more creative and innovative with their own plans. It’s the only real way to stand out in the pack, and it’s the genuinely original efforts that captivate most consumers.

Here is where AI comes into Picture.

Social networking platforms are a treasure trove for marketers, offering up tons of information about consumer interests and tastes. With this information, companies can enhance UX using AI.

Each time a user enjoys a webpage shares a photo makes a comment or shows interest in goods online, the AI system gathers the information. As time passes, with more info, it may segment audiences into smaller, more defined groups, until it gives advertising and marketing on a one-to-one level.

One such instance is that the outdoor clothes retailer North Face. It has incorporated the IBM Watson technology to create unique shopping experiences, that are personalized for each and every customer online. This customized retail experience raises engagement, which in turn promotes customer satisfaction and revenue.


Benefits of AI

Chatbots will be arguably the most popular way companies can improve user experience with artificial intelligence. These digital assistants are commonplace now, taking customer service to new levels through normal language processing.

This subfield of artificial intelligence utilizes machine learning information to learn more about customer connections, also it derives significance from text input signal or speech. Unlike what you might expect, rather than losing human contact, businesses that use AI chatbots note increases in customer support metrics. Capgemini reports that 75 per cent of businesses using chatbots report no less than a 10% boost in customer satisfaction.

Not simply can chatbots work 24/7, but they’re also immune to frustration and stress from unruly customers. It is unlikely that robots will fully replace humans in customer service, but it’s already clear we can significantly improve UX with AI chatbots.

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Automation is now an integral facet of advertising in the past decade and is still rolled out in nearly every business. It has the ability to save people time, money, and effort, and that’s great news for companies that are looking to outsource menial, repetitive tasks.

But what about the consumer experience?

When Tesla trialled its autonomous vehicle in 2018, a catastrophic crash was a substantial blow to the corporation’s reputation.

A mishap is to be anticipated during creation, but this tragedy doesn’t undermine the raw possibility of automation for enhancing UX.

Concerning using automation to enhance the user experience, Amazon is among the very best. The retail giant features 35 per cent of its earnings to personalized product recommendations, which are continuously updated and optimized to participate every single user. This high-level automation enables companies to maximize their yields with each client and raises the chance of turning first-time visitors into lifelong brand advocates.

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