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Wooden Tables for Transitional Design

Wooden Tables for Transitional Design

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of interior design can be adapted to, this article is for you! Many customers glance to our tables and envision a Farmhouse table, and others think of Mid-Century Modern furniture designs. (Furniture Stores Sunderland)They’re both right! In the realm of home design, we aren’t experts in interior design! We strive to be the best in is the transitional dining furniture for dining rooms.

Note : Furniture Stores Sunderland

What is Transitional Design?

Transitional design is a blend of traditional and contemporary interior design. It’s only recently risen in popularity; however, it is loved by many interior designers across the globe.

The purpose of Transitional Design is to distance clients from fashion trends and inspire customers to invest in something sure to last. Combining traditional with contemporary design ensures this.

Instead of restricting ourselves to a particular style, transitional Furniture helps create a unique space. Transitional Furniture shows us that your Furniture can be adapted to the changing times and the trends of our lives!

Suppose a table made of wood is well-designed within the Transitional since it can fit into multiple types of style. I’ll give you a few examples below:

The Bakersfield Table

The Bakersfield Table is one of our most popular four-legged tables. The legs that are slanted add a little flair to this basic table design.

You will see how the dining area decides on the style category in the photos below. In the first dining area, The Bakersfield Table suits the formal look. This area is perfect for entertaining with its high-back grey dining chair and sleek chandelier!

The second image shows an image of the Bakersfield Table in a more informal, contemporary setting. With its white kitchen and light hardwood floors, The Bakersfield Table looks perfectly comfortable in this modern space.Furniture Stores Sunderland

The Conway Table

Below is a different example that illustrates how to use the Transitional style of tables. Conway Table Conway Table favors more Farmhouse design homes; however, it can also be a transitional piece from formal to contemporary. It’s unique with its massive pedestal base and modern footing.

In the space that is the client’s first, the white, thin-bodied chairs create an elegant dining area along with The Conway Table. The white booth, as well as the blonde-toned floors, make this Conway Table feel more modern.

In that regard, the second image shows the feeling of space similar to a formal dining area. The darker shades and gorgeous chandelier help make the Conway Table appear more luxurious than the first photo.

In this instance, the table’s design and the stain for the table are identical. In this way, you can see that Transitional Furniture isn’t only about design but also stain and wood.

The Stockyard Table

Stockyard Table Stockyard Table is another one of our table designs for dining that can quickly move from one room to another. It’s a minimalist pedestal with delicate legs shaped like X. This is the table you need If you feel that the Conway Table above feels too formal or bulky for your tastes.

You can observe the more contemporary and casual style in this Stockyard Table in the picture below. The surrounding light hues and blonde hardwood floors make the room appear more modern.

The second photo is of a formal dining room with identical Stockyard style. The darker colors, along with crystal chandeliers, make the Stockyard Table a great legal match. Both tables have different colors and can easily be swapped without altering the whole design.

How to Avoid Trendy Wooden Furniture

If customers desire the durability of their designs to be the top priority, at some suggestions to offer.

For the best Transitional wood furniture, we recommend to our clients to avoid fashionable colors. Opt for more neutral stains and paints if you want your dining table to stand the test of time. Wood will never go in style, so choosing neutral colors and natural staining options is the option.

The Promise

We work hard to ensure that the furniture lasts for a long time. That’s why we offer our Lifetime Warranty for each piece of furniture we design. We guarantee that whatever goes wrong with your dining table, we’ll fix the table for you!

The Lifetime Warranty is another reason to choose to stick with Transitional designs. When our customers decide to purchase Furniture made of hardwood, we aim to ensure that it is worthwhile. No matter how your home alters over time, we would like your dining table to leave you feeling proud.

Furniture Stores Sunderland

You can browse through more of our spaces designed by our customers for additional table and design inspiration! If you’d like to make an appointment to speak with one of our team members on the design side, please click here. We’d love to help you locate the ideal Transitional piece to complement your home!

Drawers/Hardware Options

The drawers we offer don’t come with customizations like our buffets’ doors. Our drawers are simple in terms of style. However, we let our customers pick the drawer hardware and doors.

The most common hardware used for drawers would be our traditional pull. This basic classically-styled curved pull has been seen on cabinets in the past. The standard hardware used on most of the doors in our buffet is the standard knob.

The traditional knobs and pulls are visible in the image below in our Pacifica Sideboard.

If you’re looking to modernize your piece, we recommend exploring the hardware choices. One of the latest commonly used options is the contemporary pull. It’s identical to the classic force, except for its location on the buffet; however, its design is quite different. In front of it, the pull appears to be an uncurved bar. The more straightforward design of this pull works perfectly in contemporary residences. Modern attractions can be used for doors or drawers or both!

Unruh is a great place to shop.  also provides an option to cut out a notch for our drawers. It is also more appropriate for modern-day homes. This type of design requires a more long-term commitment as it cannot be modified later on. It’s a simple cut-out, which is ideal to shut and open.

The only other option that Unruh provides is cup pulls. This is a bit more traditional but still stunning.


I’ve briefly discussed the dimensions of a buffet at the beginning of this post; however, let’s explore it more.

Although there are standard sizes for sideboards opting to buy from an individual furniture company is the best choice. So, the Furniture is custom-designed for you and can be easily placed within your dining area.

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We suggest that there should be a minimum of three feet between the table (or an additional piece of Furniture) to the buffet. Therefore, be sure that it meets the three-foot rule when deciding dimensions and length.

In terms of the height of tables, we advise clients to go higher than table height. The standard table size is about 30 inches; anything higher will work. This ensures that your sideboard will serve as a food serving station or display decorations at a comfortable height. It also gives you a variety in size, mainly if the dining table is situated in the same room.

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