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Things to Consider While Buying CCTV Cameras

Because of the widespread demand for security and surveillance, the need for CCTV cameras is increasing significantly. Buying CCTV cameras is an expensive affair. So it should be well thought out before buying. The essential part of a CCTV camera is the lens because it acts as the system’s eye. Very few things are as expensive as CCTV cameras. First, you need to recognize your needs or wants. 

Once the needs are distinguished, it becomes straightforward to buy a compatible camera. If the demand is known, the buyer can make a quick decision and purchase the excellent camera correctly. So first you will have to know enough information about CCTV cameras. Then, you will have different types of CCTV cameras according to your budget and demand. 

How CCTV Cameras Work

Most CCTV or closed-circuit TV cameras employed for home security are solid-state electronic devices attached to a total recorder. Hence, it can transmit data at a specific location, which is why it is called a closed-circuit camera. Especially the core components of the camera include lenses, sensors, and DSP or digital signal processors. The lens focuses on the light that the sensor captures as an image. And transfers it from the sensor to the DSP. The DSP converts it as a TV signal. The signal is then transmitted by him or wirelessly to the central location for storage or investigation.

What are the elements to consider before buying CCTV cameras?

A complete idea about all these components will allow purchasing the best CCTV cameras. 

How Lens Works

Collect light for the sensor is the main task of a lens. Each and everything the user watches or records on the DVR is possible due to the lens. The lens determines how far it can wear a car number plate, and it can recognize someone’s face as the lens controls the focus. In most cases, the lens is more effective than the higher output resolution because the input always controls the output, and the lens is the input system. Moreover, zoom lenses are also available in the market.

Bullet CCTV Camera in bangladesh
Bullet CCTV Camera

In addition to that, some CCTV cameras have digital zoom, and others have optical zoom, which is controlled by a lens. The people who want to purchase these cameras should focus on digital zoom as much as possible. The difficulty with digital zoom is that it can’t attach any data to the original image. Optical zoom renders the accessibility to the actual image because the image changes as it reaches the light sensor.

Go For The Right Sensor

All the digital sensors possess individual features. There are two things to consider while verifying the specifications of a CCTV camera sensor, namely the sensor type and the sensor size. Most sensors are not CMOS but CCD. CMOS performance and sensitivity are both relatively lower than CCD. Consequently, it cannot record clear images. However, CMOS should not be used for classification. The advantage of CMOS is that its price is lower than CCD. Much more signal from CMOS based sensors for capturing clear images

It is to be processed. The more, the merrier! The bigger-sized sensor can provide more light processes and better images it can capture. Most sensors are 1/4 inch or 1/3 inch in size. The large sensor captures the ambient light, giving the DSP extra information to work on, which is helpful for relatively low-capacity budget cameras.

Focus On The Right Resolution

A standard spec for CCTV cameras is the number of flat lines of TV resolution or TVL. You can also get different cameras of 360 TVL and 540 TVL. Although experts consider 420 TVL to be the minimum, it does not affect all cases. Henceforth, if the lens and the sensor cannot cope with the output resolution (defined by the DSP), then the extra resolution’s complete additional solution goes in vain. Therefore, the important thing is to have enough answers by which it can display the image captured in the camera.

Where can I get CCTV cameras at a reasonable price?

Many manufacturers provide you with the best CCTV cameras at different levels according to your affordability. From high-end HD cameras to low-end IP cameras, all you can purchase based on your choices.


In conclusion, we may say that CCTV cameras have become the source of reliability in security and surveillance. Therefore, before buying CCTV cameras, you will have to focus on the areas mentioned above to get the best surveillance system.

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