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Launch a feature-rich fleet management software and streamline your business

Hi! If you are owning a taxi business or a logistics business, you would have knowledge of the importance of fleet management. However, if you are yet to start the transportation business, then this blog will help you in knowing the importance of fleet management. In general, the success of the transportation business depends on fleet management. To be precise, if your fleet is in good condition, you can reach out to users on time. 

In order to help you with fleet management, you need to implement fleet management software. Here, we will discuss the various advantages of having fleet management software towed with your transportation business.

How can fleet management software help your business in different aspects?

  • Ensures the safety of the drivers

Drivers are the real assets of your business. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that they have safe drives. Here comes the role of fleet management software. The app will monitor the location of the drivers. You can track the movement of the app and know whether the vehicle is moving in the prescribed direction or not. 

  • Monitor the activities of drivers

One of the major reasons for accidents while traveling is distractions. Some of the distractions while driving include smoking, drinking, phone calls, etc. In order to monitor the activities of the driver inside the vehicle, an AI-based tracking system is implemented. From your admin panel, you can monitor the drivers’ behaviors, and in case if you find them indulging in any of the above-stated distractions, you can warn them. Hence, you can ensure the safety of the drivers as well as the fleet.

  • Know the optimized route

The white-label fleet management app solves the hurdle of identifying the best route for commutation. Through the map feature of the software, drivers can get knowledge of the shortest route, which will be time-saving. Additionally, drivers can seek help from the software to know whether the road ahead is traffic-free or not, is that road prone to accidents, weather conditions of that place, etc. On the whole, the drivers can have smooth rides while saving time.

  • Store drivers’ data

While registering on the app, you must ensure that your drivers submit the necessary details. Some of the mandatory details to be given by the drivers include name, address, email id, contact number, license, and experience. All these data will be helpful for you to do the background check and enroll them in your business. So, the app will store the details of the drivers and lets you access them at any given time. 

  • Speed monitoring

As we have been looking through the major advantages of having fleet management software, the speed monitoring feature should not be missed out. The app will constantly monitor the speed of the fleet. In case if the fleet exceeds the standard speed, immediately, the driver will be alerted to decrease the speed. At the same time, you will also receive that alert, and you can advise the driver to step down the speed. Through this speed monitoring feature, the occurrence of accidents can be reduced.

To track the location of the fleet, speed, Telematics technology is implemented. Basically, Telematics is a combination of technology and informatics in order to help to track the fleet.

  • Panic button

The panic button must be incorporated into the driver app so that they can raise requests for help in case of emergency. While on travel, the safety of the fleet and the drivers is uncertain. In case if the driver is stuck with an emergency, he/she can just press the panic button. Immediately, the alert will be sent to you and also to the local service providers or help centers. 

Some of the situations in which the driver will be forced to enable the panic button are health-related issues, vehicle impairment, or even accidents. In those cases, the drivers will be in a mess and cannot decide on whom to call first. In those uncertain situations, the panic button comes as a savior.

  • Monitor the fuel expenses

You would have probably known about the fuel cards. The fuel card is used as a payment card for refilling the fuel at the gas stations. Through the fuel card’s identification number, you can check the fuel expenses. By integrating the fuel card with your fleet management system, you can easily monitor the fuel expenses. 

  • Maintenance

Maintenance of your fleet can be accomplished through the fleet management software itself. Through the app, you can monitor fuel consumption, schedule maintenance, overall condition of the fleet, etc. On the whole, the fleet management app helps your business right from monitoring the fleet to maintenance.

  • Voice-enabled navigation

You can integrate your fleet management software with voice-enabled navigation to aid the drivers while traveling. The app will instruct the drivers through a robotic voice, and the driver will follow the instructions. Adding the voice-based navigation feature can be helpful for drivers as they will not get distracted. 

  • In app communication channels

In your fleet management software, you can add different communication channels like the chat system and the calling feature. This will be helpful for you and your drivers to communicate with each other. 

It’s time to plan your fleet management software!

  • Similar to every software development, the first phase is to draft your business requirements. You have to deeply analyze why you need fleet management software and what are your pain points. Once you are clear with your requirements, you must then approach the software development company.
  • Next, you need to tell the kind of features you need in your fleet management software. Based on the number and complexity of the features, your software development company will give you an estimate of the software.
  • So, once you give them the complete requirements, they will commence with the software development. 

Final thoughts

I hope that this blog will infuse you with the cheer to launch your fleet management software. You can analyze the features listed in this blog and integrate the features you think will be essential for your business. Good luck!

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