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Computers and Technology

Knit your smartphone with the perfect Micro USB cable

You will see different types of charging cables like micro USB, USB Type C, and lightning cable out there on the floor of the market. All these charging cables are being bought and utilized by Android and Apple users for the following purposes.

  • Charging
  • Data transferring
  • Data synchronization

Android smartphones support micro USB and USB Type C cable. On the other hand, the iPhones are compatible with lightning cables to get charged. All these USB cables and connectors have their own pros and cons.

Here, we will go through the Micro USB cable in accordance with its shape, usage, and performance not only in the case of mobile phones but also with other electronic devices such as wireless headphones, mp3s, radios, chargeable lights, Bluetooth speakers, and smartwatches, etc.

Pros of Micro USB connecter

The micro USB connecter offers a very compact and tiny plug to adhere to the smartphone’s charging port. Due to its small and miniature size, there are slim and smart mobile phones out there in the market to level your lifestyle up.

Micro USB cable was previously used as a somewhat universal charging plug as it was compatible with a large number of electronic devices like wireless headphones, mp3s, radios, chargeable lights, Bluetooth speakers, and smartwatches along with android smartphones, etc.

If you possess a Micro USB compatible device, whether it is a mobile phone or any other electronic device, here we are going to acknowledge you about some best options to choose for your handsets to keep them topped up.

Multiple Length Cable for Absolute Charging Convenience

This Micro USB Cable is 5X more durable than the other ordinary cable available in the market for the same purpose. This durability and sturdiness are because of high toughness nylon that guarantees its long-lasting features.

In addition, it is also an ultra-flexible charging cable with protective junction points. These junction points are not easily prone to breakage and damage; instead, they provide perfectly flexible turning points for ultimate ease of use.

High-quality braided material imparts a lot of advantages and beneficial features to this charging cable. It provides a protective outer layer. This layer is formed due to the intertwining of more than two strong, thin, and flexible threads.

Inside copper wire conducts perfect quantity of current for fast charging purposes to save your time and energy.

Further, we can see how many boxes it will tick

  • Conducts the best amount of current
  • No overheating problems.
  • Fast charging, data transfer, and data sync rates.
  • Perfect availability of amperes.
  • Proven to withstand 10000+ bends
  • Providing 100% satisfaction for you
  • The different colour collection brings you a good mood.

Multiple lengths provide you with an option to choose from according to your lifestyle and charging convenience. you can go for any of the following lengths

  • Half a meter
  • 1 meter
  • 2 meters
  • 3 meters

Micro USB Charger to Charge at Lightning Fast Speed

The latest electric circuit system for high-rated performance and to offer you absolute ease of use. There are built-in safeguards to guard your devices against unnecessary current, overheating, and overcharging. It provides you with efficient and effective charging without worry.

The built-in high-tech chip enables the micro USB charger to save your phone from excessive current, excessive voltage, and unstable lighting.

Smart chip protection

  • Quick charge
  • Qualcomm 3.0
  • USB-C wall plug
  • High power of 18W

It features the capacity to deliver the current up to 3 amperes for immense comfort of charging. This capability makes it compatible with high-power devices.

This high-quality charger is easy to carry with you anywhere you want to go because its compact and tiny shape makes its portability easy.

The 3-pin shape enables it to make a strong adhesion with the charging socket and not fall off.  This firm connection provides you with the comfort of not plugging it again and again in the socket to get your phone charged.

The latest smart chip technology enables the Micro USB Charger to provide protection to your precious smartphones such as

  • Protects against overcurrent
  • Provides safety from overvoltage problems
  • It saves your phone from overpowering
  • Protects against short-circuit
  • Gives the ultimate protection against critical voltage
  • Over-temperature can now not harm your mobile phone
  • It also keeps your phone’s battery safe from overcharge issues

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