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Key Considerations for Hiring Flutter Developers in India?

Over the years, Flutter has emerged as the leading cross platform development framework for app projects. Startup app developers love Flutter for building high-engagement MVP apps with superior user experience and visually appealing user interfaces. Flutter is a highly modular development framework with a rich set of UI widgets to build apps with native attributes for each target platform. Flutter can be used to simultaneously make iOS, Android, web, and desktop apps.

India is the leading country with a large pool of developer resources having experience and expertise with the Flutter framework. Businesses hire flutter developers in India primarily because of taking advantage of exceptional cross platform development skills. Since Indian developers are more disposed to startup and small business app projects, cross platform development frameworks like Flutter are tremendously popular.

Why Choose Flutter for App Development Projects?

Flutter as a cross platform framework ensures a broad spectrum of advantages over other technologies. Certain features and attributes of the framework are essential for building high-performance apps with native user experience. Are you going to develop a Flutter app from scratch? Before you embark on a step by step guide to creating an app by using Flutter, take a quick look at the key strengths of this cross platform framework.

Single Reusable Codebase

You can reuse 80% of the Flutter code across iOS, Android, and desktop apps. This reusability of the core codebase ensures faster development time and reduced cost of development.

Robust Repository of UI Widgets

Flutter comes with a robust repository of custom UI widgets to shape the look and feel of an app as per your preference.

Rich Set of Libraries

Flutter uses a rich set of UI design libraries such as the Skia Graphics Library. This library can recreate the library with the change app view and thus ensures a seamless user experience.

Quick Evaluation and Testing Through Hot Reload

Thanks to the hot reload feature, evaluating and testing the app becomes real quick. Because of hot reload, the changes are reflected in real time, and the entire app doesn’t need to reload.

Hiring Flutter Developers: Key Skills and Expertise to Look For

Do you want to hire highly skilled Flutter app developers in India? Are you looking for the perfect mix of experience and expertise? Indian Flutter app developers are generally sought after for the following skills.

Cross-Platform MVP App Development

Indian developers, because of their exposure to a small business dominated market, have proven expertise in developing cross platform MVP apps.

Blockchain Apps

Blockchain is the new in-thing for fintech app projects in India. You can get the most experienced Flutter developers with proficiency in Blockchain technology.

AI and ML Apps

Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies continue to penetrate apps across all niches in India. You can access many Flutter developers in India with AI and ML development skills.

Full Stack Flutter Development

India is a hub of most skilled full-stack developers who can use the Flutter framework to build the frontend and access Google Firebase for backend development.

Flutter App Migration

Many native apps now want to migrate to Flutter technologies for shaping their cross platform presence. India boasts a large pool of cross-platform developers with Flutter expertise to help you with app migration.

How to Hire Flutter Developers? Key Tips to Consider

When you hire Flutter developers in India, efficiency, proven excellence and expertise are the three things you should look for. Here we explain the most important tips to hire Flutter developers.

Make Your Project Requirement Document Ready

Before hiring the developer resources for your Flutter app project, it is essential to make the requirement ready for the intended app project. From the UI/UX attributes to the app features and specifications to the projected budget and development time, you need to note everything in the requirement document.

Search for The Right Online Resources

Hiring the right Flutter developers can be easier if you hit on the right online platforms and resources. Business review websites such as Clutch, IndianAppDevelopers  and  Goodfirms can be great platforms to know about the leading Flutter development companies. Developer platforms such as GitHub and StackOverflow are also great for developers with Flutter expertise.

Go Through the Developer Portfolio

For hiring developers, the most important thing is to go through the developer portfolio and understand the technical strengths. Incorporate these skills and areas of expertise in the technical assessment process.

Go Deeper into Customer Reviews

The experience of the previous clients with the developers in question can often be tracked better through customer reviews. Read the reviews and facilitate face to face meetings with the clients for a comprehensive understanding of the client’s repercussions.

Not just Experience, but Experience in Similar Projects

When looking for experienced Flutter developers for your project, it is not enough to evaluate the experience in years or months. Look for developers with experience in similar kinds of app projects.

Consider Hiring Full Stack Developers

If you have budget constraints or if you want to hire highly skilled resources to take care of the entire project from start to finish, you can hire a full stack Flutter developer. In that case, you need to evaluate the developer skills with Firebase backend and database technologies as well.

Consider Customer Support

App development is never a one-time job, and you should always hire a developer team that provides continuous customer support and maintenance services. The developer team must be versed with incremental updates and value additions as required by the app project from time to time.

Assess the Soft Skills

Always remember that the skills of an experienced developer are not just confined to design and coding. The developers must have certain soft skills such as communication and collaboration, documentation skills, a positive attitude to excel and innovate, etc. When hiring Flutter developers, you need to assess these skills as well.


As the final piece of advice for hiring Flutter developers in India, we recommend keeping the cost considerations at the fag end of your evaluation and hiring process. You can get down to cost comparison only after listing the most skilled Flutter developers with adequate experience and industry exposure.

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