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App Development

How To Develop An Ideal App For Your Courier Delivery Business?

Hello! We all are familiar with how on-demand services are redefining our lifestyles. Today, we will discuss the on-demand courier services app development. In general, the parcel delivery services app is used to streamline the entire process of courier delivery, right from collecting the parcels/couriers and dispatching them to the location mentioned by the customer. Let us see how to develop a courier services app for your business.

Unveiling The Stages Involved In Courier Delivery App Development

Stage 1: Identifying The Business Model

First of all, you must select a business model for your courier delivery services business. Come, let us take a closer look at the different types of business models in the courier delivery business.

  • The aggregator model

If you have collaborations with different courier delivery companies, then you can go for the aggregator model. In this model, you will have an app in which all the parcel related information from different courier delivery companies will be stored. Your users will be able to look through the app and find the information they need.

  • The individual model

So, if you are running a courier or parcel delivery business, then you can go for this model. Here, your app will contain all the information related to your customers’ parcels. For example, they can track their couriers, know the status of dispatch, arrival, etc., through your app itself.

Once you have chosen the business model for your courier delivery business, you can step into the next stage. 

Stage 2: Identifying The Business Requirements

The second stage involves identifying the business requirements. Since this being a courier delivery business, you have to plan the size of your business. For example, whether your business will cater to the local communities or international communities. Once you have decided the size of your business, you will need to identify the type of parcels you can afford to deliver. Of all, you have to decide the type of vehicles you will use to deliver the couriers. So, under this stage, you will plan your business requirements and also the budget.

Stage 3: Application development

Once you have framed the ideas regarding the business plan and type of business model, you can head to develop an application for your business. Here, first, you will have to focus on the type of app development you are going to adopt. For your information, there are two types, namely developing an application from scratch and clone app development. 

App development from scratch is quite a lengthier process and may take up to a year or even more. But with the cloning method, you can launch the app as quickly as possible as it is a ready-made script. 

Have you heard about the most famous Gojek clone app? It is a multi-services software that can hold numerous services and process every request efficiently. You can try adopting the Gojek clone script for your courier delivery business.

In this stage of app development, you will have to know the features of the app. Let’s take a look at the advanced features that will be necessary for your courier delivery app.

The Customer App

  • Social media registration – Social media registration will be a favour to users, as they can directly link their social media account and proceed with accessing the app.
  • Advanced search – In case you choose the aggregator business model, this feature will help your customers to select the courier delivery service provider/company.
  • Fare estimator – Your customers can know the fare of the courier service once they input the details of the parcel.
  • Tracking – Helps users to track their parcels. The tracking details include the time/date and exact location of the parcels.
  • Schedule delivery – Customers can fix a date for their parcel to be delivered. 
  • Booking history – Booking history will help your customers in knowing the complete details of their courier services.
  • Payment options – The app will have payment options with which your customers can make payments for courier services.

The Delivery Person App

  • Availability – Your delivery agent can set their status for delivering the couriers through this feature.
  • Accept or reject – Through this feature, your delivery agent can inform the customer whether they have accepted or rejected the courier service.
  • GPS tracking – Your delivery agent can identify the exact address of the customer through the app’s GPS tracking feature.
  • Delivery history – The delivery history helps your delivery person in knowing the number of services delivered, cancelled, etc.,
  • Earnings – All the earnings of the delivery agent is recorded by the app and they can know it through the app itself.

The Admin Panel

  • Admin dashboard – In order to manage your courier delivery business, the app has a dashboard that lets you look after the activities of customers and delivery agents.
  • Tracking – Even you can track the parcels to ensure smooth delivery through the tracking feature in the admin panel.
  • Service range – You can mark the area or radius within which your delivery services are applicable.
  • Manage feedback – Any feedback from customers and delivery agents can be managed from the admin panel itself.
  • Analytics and reports – Do you wish to know what your customers do inside the app? With the analytics feature, you can easily find it.

Cost Of Developing A Courier Delivery Application

For your information, the cost of developing a multi-service app revolves around different parameters. So, here, you will have a general idea of how to know the cost of your courier delivery app.

  • Firstly, we will have to consider whether you are going to launch a full-fledged app or just the MVP (Model Viable Product). So, a model viable product is a sample app that has limited features and functionalities. First, you can launch the MVP and know how your customers respond. After getting their feedback, you can add additional features and make it a fully functional app.
  • The app development company you are going to partner with.
  • The type of platform you want to launch your app (Android, iOS).
  • List of features you add to your courier delivery app.

All these will collectively determine the overall cost of courier delivery app development. On the whole, you can enhance your courier delivery business by launching the on-demand courier delivery app.

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