Best ways to troubleshoot the error 8504 on the system

When using a program on a device, some users reported that they are getting error code 8504 on the screen. This error code on the system occurs with your Norton antivirus. Error code 8504 occurs when some of the functions of the Norton program are not working correctly. When the user gets an 8504 error code on his screen; Norton antivirus stops working.

Reasons for getting 8504 error code

  1. Your Norton setup is incompatible with the system
  2. Some files of your program are not working
  3. The user has installed another security software on the system
  4. Another program is conflicting
  5. Windows System files are corrupted
  6. Norton registry files are not working


Methods For Troubleshooting Error Code 8504

Check your system compatibility with Norton antivirus

If you are getting your Norton antivirus-related error code while installing the setup then you have to check for compatibility. This error on the system occurs when the Norton setup is not compatible with your device. You have to remove the setup and get a compatible one. When you have purchased the license then cancel it and get a refund. Now purchase a compatible Norton program for your device.

Repair the system files

Your system files of the device can also get the user to Norton antivirus. These system files get corrupted and start various program-related errors. You have to repair these files to fix the error code. But for repairing these files, you will require technical knowledge as a single mistake can damage other files of the device. If you can’t ask for technical help then run the Windows system file repair tool. Your device provides an inbuilt tool that can scan the device to find the corrupted system files.

  1. Open the run bar on the system
  2. Type cmd on wizard and press Enter button
  3. Now type SFC/scannow
  4. Hit the Enter button and the tool will start scanning for all the system files on the device. When it inspects any corrupted file; it will fix it immediately. After repairing the file, you can open Norton antivirus and check for the error.

Remove another antivirus from the device

You can get the Norton security error 8504 and 100 when you have another security program. While scanning the device, both antivirus programs detect the same malware and get interrupted. You can’t fix the error until you remove one security program from the device. Open the Programs folder and check for the antivirus setups. Remove all security programs other than Norton. After uninstalling, restart the system and check for Norton’s error.

Undo the system changes

You can get the error when a user makes a few changes on the device. The changes in the security settings of the device may restrict some functions of Norton antivirus. You have to undo those changes for running the security software. But when the user has made many changes, they often forget the default settings. If you know the changes then go to the device and undo them. In case you forget the settings then run the restoring tool. Using the Windows restoring tool on the device will undo the changes. Open the device and go to the search bar. Type Windows restore and hit Enter. The tool will run on the system and then check for the changes. The user has to provide a point for reverting the changes. Type restoring point and it will undo the changes. Now, open Norton antivirus and you can run the scanning process.

Remove the conflicting program

Error 8504 occurs when another program is conflicting with Norton. When your Norton error occurs using a particular program then check for the conflict issues. If it is a third-party program then remove it from the device. You can also get conflict issues when the program is not updated. Update the program and Norton to the latest version and then check for the error code. Now restart your Norton scanning process. When your Norton error is not resolving with any method then reinstall the setup on your device.

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