Best 3 Tips to Find Your Next Favourite Music Apps

Websites like Spottily and Pandora opened the door to basically the entire history of music at a press of a button. And although that is amazing, to say the least, it did create a small but often frustrating problem. How can you find your way in this audio jungle?

Most streaming apps do a pretty good job with customised recommendations and filter options, but when you don’t know what you want, but you know you want to listen to some great music that aligns with your music taste, you can easily find yourself wasting 2 or 3 hours searching without finding anything.

Thus, we decided to create 3 simple hacks for using music streaming apps to make music discovery easier and also more enjoyable music everybody like by live music.

Before we start, there are many music apps out there and in case you want to try a new one or you simply don’t have one on your phone, here’s a cool list we found of top 10 music apps.

After you pick your app, we can move to tips and US Number Directory. So let’s start.

Go Random with Online Music

The following tip goes inverse from the first and is more for those of you who need to go totally rebel and have that feeling for old-school music however enclosed by an advanced computerized cover. A huge number don’t know how much online radio has advanced with the beginning of web and applications, yet because of the development, music personalities can take care of their work with more proficiency bringing about giving you better music.

You should simply utilize an application that searches radio broadcasts, discover one dependent on what you need to tune in and that is it. We are doing this continually and we can guarantee you that with such countless incredible radio broadcasts out there, in only 4 to 5 tunes, one will come up that will grab your eye and make you can’t help thinking about for what reason didn’t you find this melody sooner.

Even better, you can undoubtedly bookmark the melody to ensure it doesn’t get away and you can return to it later or even examination the craftsman to discover more.

 App for What You Want

At long last, it may likewise come down to what kind, not a sort of music you’re searching for. In case you’re into more standard and kind of mid-level notoriety music, applications like Spottily are a conspicuous decision. In any case, in case you’re searching for some We are doing this continually and we can guarantee you underground music that is great yet is tuned in by a small bunch of individuals, not all AI on the planet will help you discover it. For individuals who need to find youthful gifts, applications like Sound Cloud are certainly a superior decision.

Take Advantage of Music

This mostly goes for more prestigious music apps like Spottily, but they have a pretty powerful algorithm that the average user isn’t taking advantage of as much as they could. You know how the story goes: the more you listen, the more AI learns and understands what to recommend. Well, so the process doesn’t take more than a month, you can sort of help AI help you.

By bookmarking or marking songs as Favorited, the AI automatically understands this is the music you’re into. It’s basically like growing a flower. First, you need to plant the seed and nurture it before it turns into a gorgeous flower. Well, that flower is your music data bank and the better care you take of it, the more benefits you’ll have.

Since the music library is basically infinite, it’s impossible for an average human to find great music besides by stumbling upon it randomly. So take advantage of AI and help it make better recommendations. It might take some time, but it’s the best way to constantly find great new music on the longer runs.

Online Radio

The next tip goes opposite from the first one and is more for those of you who want to go completely rogue and have that sentiment for old-school radio but wrapped in a modern digital blanket. Many listeners aren’t aware how much online radio has evolved with the dawn of internet and apps, but thanks to the evolution, radio hosts can do their job with more efficiency resulting in providing you with better music.

All you have to do is use an app that searches radio stations, find one based on what you want to listen and that’s it. We are doing this constantly and we can assure you that with so many great radio stations out there, in a matter of 4 to 5 songs, one will come up that will catch your attention and make you wonder why didn’t you discover this song sooner.

Better yet, you can easily bookmark the song to make sure it doesn’t slip away and you can come back to it later or even research the artist to find out more.

Get the App

Finally, it might also come down to what kind, not a genre of music you’re looking for. If you’re into more mainstream and sort of mid-tier popularity music, apps like Spottily are an obvious choice. But, if you’re looking for some underground music that’s awesome but is listened by just a handful of people, not all AI in the world will help you find it. For people who want to discover young talents, apps like Sound Cloud are definitely a better choice.

So next time you’re picking an app, make sure you’re picking the one that’s right for you. After you find it, take advantage of all of its features and enjoy the music you like.


We hope our 3 simple tips will help you find your new music in case you feel stuck and have no idea what to listen to next. The Internet opened the gates for artists and listeners to get what we want much easier. It all comes down to using the technology right.

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