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All you need to know about studying MBBS in the Philippines:

The Philippines is a country located in the continent of Asia. Philippines has English as one of its official languages, making it very easy and convenient for international students well-versed in the English language to study MBBS in the Philippines.

The education system has modern technology, and the degree and education are recognized worldwide. It is a good option for those who wish to study MBBS abroad for studying MBBS in Philippines. They must consider UV gullas college of medicine fees.

Eligibility criteria to study MBBS in the Philippines

– The candidate’s age must be 17 years and above
– The aspirant must have passed his 12th grade with Physics, Biology, and Chemistry as majors with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate besides considering UV gullas college of medicine fees.
– The student must submit all the required documents and the application form for verification and consideration of the application.
– The candidate must provide a police clearance certificate from his home country, verified by the Philippine embassy.
– He must be medically fit and needs to provide an appropriate medical certificate from a recognized and registered medical practitioner.
– The candidate must provide proof of financial documents, this will ease his capabilities to pay the fees.

The education system for MBBS in the Philippines for Indian students
The MBBS course is known as Doctor of medicine or MD.
The course duration is about 5.5 years, this includes an internship.
The cost of the MD course is a minimum of Rs. 2.5 lakhs per year to 6 6 lakhs per year.
The cost of living is about Rs. 8000 to Rs. 12000 per month.
Hostel, hotel, and apartments available for the accommodation of students.
The language for instructions and teaching for the course is English.
NEET exam is compulsory for pursuing MBBS in Philippines

Benefits of studying MBBS / (MD) in the Philippines:

– The quality of education provided in colleges and universities is of very high standards. This helps the candidates to get mix up in any environment.

– Modern technology and highly educated professors

– The fees are very reasonable and affordable as compared to many other countries of the world.

– The cost of living is very affordable.

– The education system and medical colleges and universities are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and Foreign Medical Graduate Council.

– The language of education is English.

– Many of the medical colleges and universities are recognized worldwide, and therefore, after graduating from the Philippines, the candidate can choose to work in many other countries.

– The government of the Philippines allows the candidates to study further (masters) or choose to practice medicine in the Philippines after they have received the degree.

– Some colleges have hostel facilities within the campus, and therefore it is very convenient to reside and visit the college.

– Indian food is available in the canteen and also around the colleges and universities.

– The literacy ratio is very high, and the professors are equipped with a high level of technology; therefore, the resolution of any queries is significantly less.

– The climate is also moderate, and therefore it is very convenient to live in.

List of some of the top medical colleges in the Philippines:

– Emilio Agunaldo college, School of medicine
– University of Perpetual Help Rizal.
– UV Gullas College of medicine.
– Davao Medical School Foundation.
– Lyceum Northwestern University.
– South western University.
– Our lady of Fatima University.
– Bicol Christian College of Medicine.

India is a vast country and has many opportunities, but when it comes to medical education, the number of seats available for studying MBBS is significantly less as compared to its vast population; therefore, not all aspirant students get seats in MBBS colleges in India consequently it is better to consider to study MBBS in Abroad to get a seat as well as international level of education.

The benefits of studying MBBS Abroad are

1. The fee structure is affordable compare to the costs for studying MBBS in private colleges in India.

2. Commercially the education is far simple because foreign countries do not charge any donation or any other amount in any form over and above the fees quoted for education.

3. There are many countries that do not require any entrance exams over for admission to MBBS. This is because the eligibility criteria are 50% minimum aggregate score in physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th grade.

4. The cost of living is reasonable, making it very attractive for Indian students to study abroad. The cost of living and education, which is for studies and exploring and studying an international lifestyle

5. The medical colleges and universities abroad are competent enough because they follow guidelines of WHO, and other international councils, making their degrees at par worldwide.

6. Exposure to international standards and modern technologies for education and infrastructure and if at a later stage if the student wishes to study and practice in a foreign country, then he is able to work and practice in the land of his choice which recognized the degree and education.

7. Various countries offer MBBS education and with minimum documentation, fewer fees, and an international level of recognition which makes it a good option for an Indian student to prefer studying MBBS abroad.

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