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42mm Artificial Grass

42mm Artificial Grass is a perfect choice for your garden, terrace, or landscaping project. It is made from 60% Polyethylene and 40% Polypropylene. 42mm Artificial Grass won’t fade in the sun and will retain its vibrant color all year round. Its low maintenance and spongy appearance also make it ideal for pets and children.

The pile height of your artificial grass will play a significant role in how comfortable it feels. Longer fibers are softer and more flexible, resulting in a more luxurious touch. In contrast, short pile height means you’ll feel a hard floor beneath. Regardless of your intended use, 42mm artificial grass will be both functional and stylish. It comes in a standard width of four meters, making it a good choice for gardens and patios.

42mm artificial grass


Choose your pile height wisely. A dense pile of artificial grass will have a higher pile height, while a thin pile is more affordable. The height of your pile will also depend on the angle from which you’ll be viewing the lawn. For example, if you’re looking to lay the artificial grass in a garden area, the long pile will give you a soft, cushioned feel. A short-pile artificial lawn will feel like it’s sitting on a hard floor, so choose the taller fibers if you’re installing it on a patio or driveway.

The 42mm Artificial Grass from The Artificial Grass has a lush, soft pile. It has an overall thickness of 42mm, and its pile is 40mm thick. The length of this grass is approximately four meters wide. The width is approximately one square meter, so to cover an area of 6m x four meters, you’ll need six units. A meter of grass will cover about 24 square meters, so you can see the effect quickly.


The quality of your artificial grass is important to your home. The quality of the pile is an important factor to consider. Ideally, the pile height should be sixteen to eighteen millimeters. If you’re using the 42mm version, you’ll want to choose a product with at least forty millimeters of height. If you’re going for a thicker pile, you’ll need more than one unit, but a thin pile is still the most affordable option.

The quality of your artificial grass depends on its pile height and its overall thickness. In general, the higher the pile height, the more cushioning and flexibility it offers. For areas that experience heavy foot traffic, thicker piles provide better cushioning, while thin piles are more affordable and can be used on a larger surface. The thickness of the grass is also important, as it affects the way it feels underfoot. A thick pile will absorb more energy from falls, while a thin one will absorb less.

Pile Height

The quality of 42mm artificial grass is essential. The pile height is about 40mm, which is considered the optimum pile height for a garden. Its thicker pile will withstand heavy foot traffic, but it will also look attractive even in the most extreme conditions. You can choose between two types of 42mm Artificial Grass, depending on the dimensions of the area and the amount of space you need. If you have a patio, then you’ll probably want to go with a thin layer of turf.

The overall thickness of 42mm artificial grass is a good choice for patios and decking. The 42mm pile is a comfortable choice for outdoor areas. Despite its thin profile, it is durable, and it can be installed on any surface, including balconies and concrete roofs. Its cadmium-free materials and water-repellent properties make it a pet-friendly option. Unlike real grass, 42mm artificial grass is easy to install and maintain.

42mm artificial grass

Perfect Drainage

The 42mm Artificial Grass is an excellent choice for patios. The luxurious pile is 40mm thick and features a natural blend of green tones. It also features a curled brown base that is perfect for drainage. It’s more versatile than real turf and will stay green even under high temperatures and can even be left outdoors. You can use it to cover your patio or garden. It’s safe from direct sunlight too, and is great for outdoor areas.

As the name suggests, this 42mm Artificial Grass is very high quality. It has an overall thickness of 42mm, and a pile height of 40mm. It is sold by the linear meter, and is one square meter. It’s important to remember that each unit is four square meters, so you’ll need to purchase six units to cover a large area. You can measure the area yourself before you purchase it to ensure that you buy enough to cover the area.

UV Resistance

Luxury Artificial Grass is made from thick base fibers and a luxurious pile. This type of artificial grass is 42mm thick, and it has a soft, springy feel underfoot. Its drainage holes help water drain easily, which means that pets can play on it without worrying about pollen. And best of all, this type of turf is cadmium-free and lead-free, making it a safe choice for residential and commercial spaces alike.

The Artificial Grass’ 42mm Artificial Grass is luxuriously soft and has a 42mm pile. This material is available in a standard width of four meters. It is ideal for patios and gardens, and the thickness of 42mm Artificial Grass is just right for this type of outdoor area. In addition to being luxurious, this type of grass is also safe and UV-resistant, so it’s a great choice for your garden.


The Artificial Grass’ 42mm Artificial Grass is a luxury product that looks like real grass. Its luxurious pile is 42mm thick and has an overall height of 40mm. This type of artificial grass is sell by the linear meter, which is 4m long and one square meter. If you are covering a large area, you will need 6 units. On the other hand replacing a lawn, you can use the The Artificial Grass’ 42mm Artificial Grass in its place. If you are having trouble in making decision. You can request artificial grass samples to make decision.

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