Some Tips To Energize And Clean Gemstones

Astrology gemstones can be a potent Vedic cure if they’re of good quality and sourced responsibly. However, blessing, clearing, and activating them can increase their power and purity even more. Here’s how to clean and follow gemstone energization, as well as some ideas for purifying and energizing your gems (and crystals) at home.

We get our Rashi Ratna gemstones blessed by a highly-skilled Brahman or pundit at our local Hindu temple to activate them. Pujas, or elaborate planetary ceremonies, are held on the proper day of the week for each gem type. This implies that on Sunday, rubies are honored for the Sun, pearls for the Moon on Monday, and so on for the rest of the week.

Having pujas performed on our gemstones not only enhances their astrological advantages but also aids us in our everyday goal of delivering the correct gemstones to the correct person. Our diamonds are strong karma-movers, and selling them for the greater good has always been a duty we’ve taken seriously.

What We Can Do At Home?

You may do energization of your Rashi Ratna gemstone even more by meditating with it and chanting Vedic mantras on your own. 108 repetitions of a simple planetary chant are recommended and are quite powerful. (For instance – A basic Mercury mantra is Om Budhaye Namaha.) They don’t have to belong or be difficult to be effective.) It’s best to focus your intentions on the gem you’re carrying while reciting to help it activate faster. This is a ceremony that so many people do when they first acquire their stone, although it may be performed at any time. Learn more stuff about gemstones at Gemadda.

Soak Your Gemstone In Salt Water

For centuries, salt has been utilized as a strong cleaning agent for gemstone energization. It is used by many civilizations to cleanse holy artifacts and eliminate sluggish or bad energy. Soaking the stones into saltwater to detoxify them is popular in the psychic healing realm. You may also cleanse your stone with powerful saltwater. As an extra benefit, this detoxifies them, giving them a glittering clean rejuvenated feel and look.

After soaking your stone, you can also scrub it with an old toothbrush or an equivalent rough surface. Just wash it off when you are done scrubbing. Your stone-studded pendant or ring will look like a new fresh gem.

Note – One thing to remember here is that not all stones are made to soak, some might get dull or harmed in saltwater. Example Opal should not get wet, it will lose its charm and properties. Also, stones like Moti, Panna, and Moonga should not be soaked for more than a minute. Whereas Diamond, Rubies, and other stones can be soaked for longer periods of time. Don’t overdo this process, just do it once or twice a year.

Use Ganga Jal

Since the birth of Indian civilization, water from the Ganges is distinguished for its medicinal skills. It has verified self-cleansing capabilities (with a 25 times greater oxygen level than water from any other river in the world), and throughout the years, we have worked with many psychic and intuitive people who can feel a noticeable change in our jewels before and after a bath.

Sadly, contemporary pollution is causing serious problems in the smaller part of the Ganges River, passing through numerous large towns; nevertheless, pure, clear, and sattvic spring-water gathered from above in the Himalayas is still. It may be bought from trustworthy internet sources in tiny bottles.

Pouring a tiny bit of Ganges into other spring water or water gathered from our gemstone energization pujas allows us to get more usage out of the few bottles we buy.

Consider yourself lucky if you live near a live spring or an ocean, and go submerge your diamonds for a bit. (Don’t let them fall!) Otherwise, any high-quality fresh spring water, especially when combined with salt, works well for soaking. You may even immerse the stones on a windowsill overnight to expose them to the light of a full or waxing moon, which is a subtle but strong frequency of lighting.

Soaking Gems With Milk

In Vedic culture, soaking gemstones in milk is a traditional practice. Most gems will be unaffected, however, your red coral will be ruined, your pearl may be contaminated, and your emerald may be damaged. These gemstones should not be soaked in milk. Many consumers have told us that soaking their red coral in milk overnight turns it white.

Other jewels will not be affected by milking. But I don’t believe it is worth emphasizing that the pure and sattvic liquid that was in ancient India was probably not the same commercial, non-organic, ultrapasteurized milk from the farming industry. Cows reared on pasture farms will probably provide a more vigorous product.

Soaking stone in ORMUS

It was just included in our watering scheme: add a few drops of ORMUS to our gem water. ORMUS means “Orbitally re-arranged Monoatomic Elemente” and comprises high-spinning monoatomic components of gold, silver, platinum, and other conductor elements. The therapeutic powers of ORMUS when taken are documented. And also the health and vigor of plants are reportedly working well. Whilst I can’t say for sure if it helps to activate gemstones, because I still have formal tests to perform, I’m going to state this these days when I’m not able to add it to our water soaking, so I’ve got to put a few drops inside now.

Other Methods

Follow these small methods for gemstone energization. A little dish or cup of tidy water can be used with a few drops of essential oil. You can also construct an atomizer by taking a few drops of distilled water. And essential oil and placing them in a spray bottle. Shake straight onto the stone well before splashing, and let it dry. Juniper is helpful for removing bad energy and Lavender may calm and balance stones used to help in any healing.

You may place your stones into a bowl. And just lighten a bundle of grass, salad, or sweetgrass and burn them softly. Let them rest a little before they use them again.

The stone is passed by a candlestick many times quickly and carefully. Be cautious that you or the stone not be burnt.

This sounds too easy, but the greatest method to clean your stones is by every sunny afternoon window sill or porch.

Please note that there are certain sunlight-free stones, such as Smokey quartz, Aventurine, Citrine, Aquamarine and Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Sapphire, Kunzite. This can lead to their disappearance.

The soft moonlight may re-energize and even infuse your crystal with power. Read more such articles at Postpear.


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