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Covid and Erectile Dysfunction: Can Covid Cause ED?

There are reports which indicate that Covid 19 can increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction in males. The report came from the first study conducted to understand the link between coronavirus and erectile dysfunction in males.

Erectile dysfunction is weakness in erections in males. Males are said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction when they cannot get an erection even with full desire and arousal levels. It can affect any adult male due to physical, psychological, or medical causes. 

Let us study the link between coronavirus and erectile dysfunction. A male who is using prescribed sildenafil citrate 150mg should stop taking the medicine immediately in case a positive result comes from coronavirus tests.

Covid link with erectile dysfunction

A male who is also a coronavirus patient increases the risk of getting erectile dysfunction by a considerable percentage. The study was led by a professor of endocrinology from Italy. The report emerging from the study also mentioned that impact may have both short term and long term impact.

There are certain conditions that attract erectile dysfunction. Old age, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity are such issues. Anyone suffering from these lifestyle issues also attracts covid infection. The combination further enhances the prospects of erectile dysfunction.

The link is due to some coronary artery disease that may occur in some survivors of coronavirus. Some form of the aftereffect is left by a coronavirus in patients.

Damage to blood vessels

Coronavirus causes hyper inflammation in the body which could lead to blood clots in small blood vessels. The reduction in blood supply due to clotting can increase the risk of erection issues.

Some males who received vaccination in America and Europe developed clots as a side effect. Blood clotting is not a helpful condition to a smooth erection process. It reduces the blood flow, which directly raises the erection problem.

Low levels of testosterone

Coronavirus damages the testosterone production base in males. The finding emerged from Italy that some survivors of the coronavirus had lower testosterone levels. The lower testosterone makes it difficult to get an erection because it decreases the desire for intimacy. 

And low desire cannot involve the brain in the erection process. The brain triggers neurotransmitters that stimulate the central nervous system and releases blood flow for an erection.

Mental stress

Mental stress

Mental stress increases with the corona infection. The isolation period, loss of income or loss of working hours, and in some cases worries about health disturbs the mind. A relaxed mind is an essential part of the erection process. 

So, during the infected period, it is not possible for a male to get an erection. This may have a temporary impact on erection. Even Cialis 40 mg prescribed for erection will fail to work if the mind is not involved in the erection process and is stressed out.

Male with Comorbidities

A man with blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, and weak general health are vulnerable to coronavirus. The same category also suffers from some form of erection weakness. So when these males are affected by the coronavirus, the chance of getting erectile issues increases manifolds.

There is also a possibility that males with some impairment in the erection process might easily get affected by a coronavirus.

Endothelial disease

The study was based on the premise that since Covid 19 is actually an endothelial disease; the erectile issue also occurs due to less than sufficient function endothelial. There is some link between the two conditions. 

Early there were some reports that asymptomatic coronavirus might cause some impact on blood arteries. Any impact on blood circulation affects the erection process, which depends on blood flow.


The study which linked erectile dysfunction with coronavirus was based on primary data. More such studies are necessary to come to the defining conclusion. But it is clear that many health issues which attract erectile dysfunction also make a male vulnerable to covid. 

There is no mention in the study whether the impact on erection is only short-term or lasts longer after successfully emerging from coronavirus. But if you’re infected by a coronavirus, consult your doctor and stop using medicines for the erection process, which you might be using before getting positive with the virus. Meanwhile, continue to maintain social distancing and wear a mask.


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