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Best 1 Ton Split AC Brands of 2022

The Pakistani inverter AC market is loaded with options. There are countless local and foreign companies that offer a series of inverter ACs with attractive features such as low voltage consumption, smart operations, air purification, self-cleaning evaporators, and the latest international air conditioning technologies. The top-performing brands which have established a considerable name for themselves include Gree, EcoStar, Mitsubishi, Haier, PEL, and many more. The most common and highest-selling size is the 1.0 ton inverter AC. It delivers sufficient BTUs (British Thermal Units) to effectively condition a 1000 cubic ft room or smaller. It is also the most affordable among all sizes and has the lowest energy consumption. Here is a look at the best brands when it comes to the 1.0 ton inverter AC.

EcoStar 1 Ton inverter AC- G-Smart Series: Compact but powerful inverter largely saves electricity bill.

EcoStar is one brand that has something to offer for everyone. The EcoStar 1 ton inverter AC is armed with a powerful compressor that can effectively condition small and medium size rooms with ease. The G-smart 1.0 ton EcoStar air conditioner is a smart AC that you can control with your cellphone via WiFi. The EcoStar inverter AC is equipped with ES7 technology, one of the latest international inverter technologies that ensures low voltage operation. You can select from three different cooling and heating modes. It has health filters that retain pollutants and keep your indoor air fresh and healthy. This compact unit packs a punch and its powerful airflow ensures rapid cooling. It is available for a price of Rs.81,500 making it one of the most affordable and best inverter ACs of 2022.

EcoStar is a brand that caters to a wide range of customers. The EcoStar 1 tonne inverter air conditioner is equipped with a powerful compressor that can efficiently cool and heat small and medium-sized rooms. The G-smart 1.0 tonne EcoStar air conditioner is a WiFi-enabled smart air conditioner that you can manage with your smartphone. The EcoStar inverter AC uses ES7 technology, which is one of the most advanced international inverter technologies for low voltage operation. There are three distinct cooling and heating modes to choose from. It contains health filters that trap pollutants and keep the air inside your home clean and healthy. This small unit packs a punch, and the strong airflow provides quick cooling. It costs Rs.81,500, making it one of the most affordable options.

The Gree 1-Ton Inverter AC- Fairy Econo Series: Economical, energy-efficient, and durable

Gree is offering a 1 ton inverter AC in the fairy Econo series. Armed with numerous features such as smart WiFi control that lets you control it with your cell phone. It boasts international level inverter technology which is compliant with European standards. It has 3D airflow which provides a powerful and uniform airflow, cooling your room within no time.

You can select from numerous operational modes according to your preference. The inverter AC price of the G Series 1.0 ton is Rs.99,900. Compared to the 1 ton AC price of other brands, the price of Gree 1.0 ton inverter is highly competitive. Gree claims that this AC cuts down your electricity expenses by 60 % making it one of the most efficient and best inverter ACs.

The Haier 1.0 Ton Inverter Puri Series: An air conditioner that includes air purification. 

The Puri 1 ton inverter AC by Haier is a smart AC with WiFi control; it allows you to operate it through your smartphone. This inverter air conditioner is equipped with a self-cleaning evaporator which not only provides clean air but also reduces energy consumption. It is UPS enable, which means it switches from the national grid to the UPS through smart monitoring. 

The 1.0 ton Haier AC has an effective air purification system so you do not need to get a separate air purifier. The effectiveness of this air purification system however needs to be test. You can buy this AC for a price of Rs.80,000.

The PEL InverterOn SAVER T3 Air Conditioner 1 ton: Claims to save substantial energy due to its advanced technology.

Pel InverterOn 1.0 Ton AC is equip with technology that optimizes performance and enhances energy saving. It can start operations on voltage as low as 155 volts, thus reducing your electricity bills to a great extent. The evaporator is self-cleaning and keeps the indoor air clean. It has a four-directional airflow system that ensures rapid and effective air conditioning. PEL claims that the air conditioner can provide effective cooling even in ambient temperatures of 50 °C. The inverter AC price of PEL’s 1.0 ton InverterOn is Rs.80,500. This makes it one of the most affordable inverter ACs when compared to 1 ton AC price of other brands. 

Orient 1 Ton Ultron Super Mirror Black DC Inverter

The Ultron Super Mirror 1 Ton Ac has an elegant black mirror exterior. This Orient AC is equipped with the latest inverter technology which the company claims can save up to 80% of your bill. The AC unit switches off when the Desir temperature has been acquire. This inverter air conditioner from Orient has a built-in auto cleaning feature that cleans the evaporator, increases performance, and saves energy. The inverter’s air throw can reach up to 50 feet, effectively cooling the entire room in no time. The E comfort feature lets you connect the inverter to your smartphone through WiFi and gives you full control over it. It is available for a price of Rs. 89,500. 

Which 1 ton Split AC you should get for your home in 2022?

The answer to this question can be quite confusing when you visit the market, especially during summers. With countless brands, offers, features, and a broad price range, what should be the deciding factors? Well, it is a host of features that define the perfect split AC. First, you should consider the size of the indoor area you need to cool or heat;  unmatched air conditioners will end up increasing your electricity bill instead of reducing them. The second thing to consider is the orientation of your home, whether the room is cover from all sides or directly expos to sunlight. 

You will also have to take into consideration the level of the floor you live on. The second floor or higher may require a larger than usual air conditioner. Third, you should consider the brand name and opt for those that have a good reputation in the market. The final determinant is the price of the inverter AC unit. Together all these factors need to be consider before taking the final step.

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