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The ins and outs of real-time financial markets

display of stock markets

Who has not yearned to become a millionaire by buying and selling stocks and bonds for a high-interest rate? Dress up sharply, and attend crucial business meetings? There is an undeniable allure to Wall Street’s dealings. Two recent iconic movies, Wall Street (1987) and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) revealed the ins and outs of the financial mecca with all its economic speculations. The filmmakers didn’t shy away from presenting the ensuing hedonistic lifestyle Wall Street brokers pursued.

You will find the legendary eight-block street in Manhattan’s financial district, representing a part of the American Dream. It is the capital of the stock market, the most well-known real-time financial market, often going by the equity, or share market. Here, fortunes can be made overnight but can be lost all the same.

The foundations of financial markets

Banks represent financial markets best, most notably (Golden Sachs, J.P. Morgan, etc.). This financial institution’s primary purpose is to make money. Typically, banks are the intermediary agents between investors or lenders providing the money for borrowers and people looking for capital to keep their businesses afloat.

There are two significant representatives of the borrowers, namely governments and companies. Once a borrower accepts money, they will have to repay the debt at a cost, or interest. At the same time, a company can sell shares as another way to repay the debt. Nonetheless, there will always be a cost for borrowing money.

In their turn, investors also accept a bonus, or more precisely, a return for having lent money. Therefore, financial markets exist to bring together the two key participants of the economy, investors and borrowers.

Money market

On the one hand, financial markets can be subdivided into money markets covering short-term investment deals for a roughly 12-months period. Borrowers again pay interest rates or a return for borrowing money. As an individual, you can invest in the money market by buying a money market mutual fund. Besides, you can open a money market account at a bank. Since the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (at banks) and the National Credit Union Administration (at credit unions) ensure your account, you will not lose your investment or deposit even if the financial institution goes bankrupt. In the meantime, in the hope of future acquisitions, you might wish to check how to manage your home loan properly.

Capital market

On the other hand, we have capital markets for longer-term transactions. We can further divide the capital market into equity markets when a company sells shares to investors hoping to raise capital, and perhaps bring in new owners, and sponsors.

The second category of the capital market includes debt markets. In the case of a debt market, we can borrow money from the capital market. One can extend the borrowing process to even several years. Furthermore, we can do away with our debt by releasing bonds (meaning tradable debt). One can chop a one million dollar deficit into one million blocks, sold on and traded by investors.

Real-time economy

A real-time economy takes place in a digital environment. The phenomenon covers “economic affairs between business parties take shape in a digital format, which is often automatically generated, and completed in real-time without store and forward processing, both from business and IT-processing perspectives”. (source: Wikipedia)

What is real-time in finance?

Real-time refers to a piece of specific information or data that a system delivers to users when it occurs or with a slight delay. One of the finest examples of an institution providing real-time finance is online brokers or brokerages. They are essential in connecting the buyer and the seller. Being a broker is very trendy. They are capable of the wildest financial maneuvers and work for a high commission.

Online brokerages regularly provide a real-time data stream featuring stock quotes and their real-time changes. In addition, they enable their clients to make investment decisions based on the most topical information. The only real-time trading data originates from brokers or exchanges. If you wish to access the data, you must sign a licensed trade contract with them. Nonetheless, some specific providers will charge you a fee to access the information.

According to Investopedia: “In financial markets, real-time is a reference to the price of a security and the accuracy of the pricing is crucial to market participants.”

A severe hindrance of real-time brokerage is when there is a great lag between sending and receiving crucial information or the system is down due to malfunction. Even a 15-minute-delay can be devastating.

The intricacy of real-time finance: timing

While various financial websites offer free quotes, beware that the feeds of these quotes may not be accurate because of the time delay in receiving the intel.

Accurate real-time quotes and deals are incredibly crucial for stockbrokers and traders. Even the most negligible time difference between a supplied quote and the current situation can turn a lucrative promise into a misfortune. The value and prices of actively traded stocks can change every second.

As a result, you, as a buyer, must know the current price. Even real-time quotes might struggle to keep up in a so-called fast market. In a rapidly changing economic environment, a 15 or 20 minute-late quote is, most of the time, almost worthless because a stock’s price might have shifted considerably.

Slowed quotes are generally sufficient for a spontaneous shareholder who is not seeking to time the market. For instance, if a broker has a long-term inventory of shares, they do not plan to sell; hence they do not require real-time price data. Even delayed stock quotes can give you an idea of where stocks and indexes are and if they are going up or down in value.

Offering buyers and sellers real-time quotes requires time and adequate technology; therefore this service has a price. Suppose a company refuses to meet this price. Then, real-time finance platforms will only provide them with delayed bids and quotes. Reuters, for instance, offers an abundance of economic data and financial information. However, their stock quotes are a minimum of 15 minutes late. The solution is opting for a paid subscription service. Financial news services always provide real-time quotes.

Wall Street, a key player in the planet’s economy, can not be separated from the real-time economy. Real-Time Economics offers economic insight from the Wall Street Journal. The online platform covers hot topics on central bank policy and economics. In addition, it provides unique news, analysis, opinion on the United States and worldwide economies.

On the importance of having a terrific financial guide

Finding the most suitable money manager designed especially for your needs and requirements can be a difficult task. We highly recommend you select a paid subscription, such as Smart Asset or Real Time Economics, to deliver to you the most up-to-date information!


A stock market is the collection of stock buyers and sellers. Stocks and shares signify proprietorship claims on enterprises and various businesses. One may invest in the stock market through stock brokerages and online trading places.

Don’t forget to have an investment plan in mind before starting to give money away! Other excellent investment opportunities are dealing with investing in real estate, gold, or the stock market. Investors and sellers through brokerages use information delivered in real-time. Being quick and up-to-date is our advice for those who intend to pursue such a career or ways of investment.

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