How to Start an Ecommerce Business in Dubai?

Ecommerce Business in Dubai – Whether you’re shopping for personal use or company, online shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives. With the rise of e-commerce companies, the number of online shoppers has increased too. This fact will become even more apparent in the coming years.

UAE has the most advanced ecommerce market. Many factors have contributed to the global ecommerce positioning in UAE. This has increased the number of tech-savvy consumers and start-ups in the country. What is more important, the UAE government plays a key role in strengthening intelligent business-consumer transactions. It widens the bargaining of payment options for different kinds of purchases and public services in the country.

Are you willing to start an ecommerce business in Dubai? If the answer is yes, you are just at the right place. Here we’ve listed the seven things you need to consider when establishing an company setup in Dubai. To learn more, keep reading.

What Are You Going To Sell?

Foreign e-commerce companies already operate in the UAE. Hence, what you want to sell on your website first needs to be figured out. Have you already got a business and want to sell your stuff digitally? Would you like to become a reseller? Your website serves as a reseller to connect suppliers to customers.

But a trading firm can also extend its goods online to the digital marketplace. If you want to start a trading business in your digital network as a reseller, find out which goods or services you can incorporate.

Select the Correct Jurisdiction and Obtain a Trade Licence
The choice between a Free Zone and the authorities in Mainland will depend entirely on the existence of your online company. A continental licence allows you to directly trade or export your goods and services to the local market. You are required to deal with a local distributor under a free zone licence. Take into account the factors by which the reach of the market and scalability of your company are best served.

Develop, Build And Launch Your Website
Your website is the most important part of your e-commerce operation. It may take some time to develop and test your site. But it would help if you give time and effort to present your goods or services. A forum is needed to attract and connect with customers and your primary tool in profit-making. For creating a website to generate income, you have to monitor its ease of use, web maintenance, hosting security, and mobile usability.

Include Gateways for Online Payment
As an e-commerce company, different payment options are, however, important for your customers. The most convenient way to do this is to provide integrated secure payment gateways with credit card payments and prepaid card schemes. Cash on delivery (COD), which is very convenient for different circumstances, is another payment choice.

Building Business Platform and Customer Care
A digital portal which is a website is the main channel for e-trading. The goods are shown here with information to enable the buyers to browse and buy. A successful website, therefore, requires elements like:

  • Customer registration
  • Product images, categorization
  • Bestsellers or offers on the homepage
  • Zoom option for viewing products
  • Contact information and feedback
  • Shipping details
  • Ratings and reviews

Again, it would help if you had a team of experts to handle customer reviews and enquiries. You may either obtain an in-house team for this service or choose to outsource.

Securing Logistics, Storage, Delivery
If your online business requires the sale or exchange of physical items, it is obligatory to store your goods correctly. This is also relevant if you decide on your company’s jurisdiction. The next thing on your list will be to build a reliable logistics system to ensure efficient distribution of your goods to your customers. You can opt for or build your third-party logistics.

Marketing your Services or Products
Once the ecommerce company setup is ready to launch in the market, and after everything has been implemented, your marketing plan always includes everything. The best way to do so is with your goods and services targeted at the correct market. Therefore, build an efficient marketing plan that aligns the needs and wants of your target consumers with your products and services.

You should first and foremost try to market your business online, as you are keen to set up your eCommerce business. Email marketing, social media marketing, web banner advertising, etc., are some of the instruments that you can use to get your goal audience’s attention. You can also print advertisements in newspapers and advertise your products and services in electronic media if you have a sufficient budget.

These are only a few steps before you launch an ecommerce company setup in Dubai. You may or may not need more steps than those listed above, depending on the nature of your company.

Finally, doing it correctly with the assistance of professionals will ensure the success of your e-commerce company. The company set up professionals who will provide expert advice for your licensing options. Also, they will guide you through the entire process, which shall help you set up your ecommerce business in Dubai.

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