An Overview of Threading Taps

DIC Tools is a Threading Taps Manufacturer in India, used for various Industrial purposes. Made from superior high-quality raw material for efficient performance. Our Taps also produce helical grooves in a hole to insert a fastener.

Threading Taps and Their Uses:

Spiral Flute Taps: Spiral  Flute Taps have flutes that wrap around the tap’s axis in a spiral or a helical configuration. Spiral Flute Taps evacuates the chips out of the hole cleanly to make sure that no chips abide in the hole. Made from superior high-quality raw material for efficient performance.

Pot Spiral Point Taps: DIC Tools is a Pot Spiral Point Taps Manufacturer in India. Spiral Point Taps provides excellent performance for through-hole tapping of carbon steels, alloy steels, and non-ferrous metals. This is available in HSS M2, M35, M 42. The taps are also available in standard and Non-standard sizes and dimensions as required by the customers.

Tin Coated Forming Taps Long: Tin Coated Forming Taps that make external threads, generally need a large hole because it causes the material to thread away. It also resists heat and water better than uncoated taps. Made of  high-quality raw material acquired from leading vendors in industry.

Tin Coated Forming Taps: Tin Coated Forming Taps also known as cold forming taps. Available in HSS M2, M35, M42, and Solid Carbide material. There is a limit number of points contacting the work.

Tin Nut Taps: We are a Tin Nut Taps Manufacturer & Supplier in India. Our Tin Nut Taps are made with long shanks for the Tapped Nuts collection. We export Tin Nut Taps to various countries worldwide.

TCON Nut Taps: We produce these Nut Taps using high-quality raw material which ensures longer tool life. DIC TOOLS also supply various taps in standard as well as non-standard sizes and   dimensions. Also designed to enhance accuracy and tool life.

Tin Spiral Point Taps: The Surface coating for Spiral Point Taps is Tin and the thread type is Metric Thread and Imperial thread. We have Taps available in two flutes or three flute designs. It allows effective chip evacuation and produces clean threads under normal conditions.

Tin Spiral Flute Taps: Used to produce a thread close to the bottom of a blind hole. Also used for tapping threads in blind holes. We have Tin Spiral Taps available in spiral point or spiral flute. DIC Spiral Flutes Taps provides an excellent presentation on various materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, alloyed steel, etc.

Spiral Points Taps: Spiral Points Taps  also known as ‘Gun Nose’. Used for tapping threads in through holes. DIC supplies these taps using high-quality raw material for excellent performance and longer tool life.

HSS Ground Thread Tap: This is available in both metric and imperial threads. Made up of high-quality raw material, ensures longer life and excellent performance. The Material used for Ground Thread Taps is HSS M2, M35, and M42. This is available in RH and LH Thread.

Machine Taps: This is available in all common thread forms and a wide range of sizes. Available in single cut taps and cut the thread in one work process. Also defined as those with flutes designed with geometry.

Combined Drill and Tap: These Taps qualify the user to produce the tapping Drill Hole through a thread in one operation without any tools changing. DIC Taps provides excellent drilling precision and accuracy. Our tool quality saves money and time on any production method.

Carbon Threading Taps: These Taps are designed for general purpose hand tapping operations, where ground thread correctness and performance is not required.  DIC also offer Carbon Threading Taps in various standards i.e. ISO 529, DIN 352, and JIS standards. Threading Taps sizes range from 6mm to 50mm, and length (mm): 100mm.

Carbide Threading Taps: Our Carbide Threading Taps are made from high-quality raw materials. This Tap is available in a wide range of sizes in both inch and metric measurement. Types of Carbide Threading Taps include: 1. Straight Flutes 2. Spiral Flutes 3. Forming Taps.

HSS Threading Taps: HSS Threading Tap is mostly used to cut threads in blind or through holes in most materials. DIC provides various taps as many applications require unique pitch and diameter combinations.

 Trapezoidal Thread Taps: These types of Tap are used for transmission and position adjustment devices that are popular in the mechanical field. The benefits of Thread Taps include excellent performance and very high power.

Special Threading Taps: Made using superior grade raw material, as per defined industry standards. Special Threading Taps Include Taps like left-hand taps, taps with profiles like acme, trapezoidal, buttress.

TICN Coated ASP Forming Taps LongDIC  manufactures forming taps using high-quality raw material which is acquired from the leading vendors in the industry which ensures high tooling life and lesser maintenance.

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