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Yearly recap of SMFam’s most popular projects & special initiatives [2022]

Yearly recap of SMFam’s most popular projects & special initiatives [2022]


It’s been a busy year, and it’s only just now that we’ve had the chance to reflect on the events that took place in the year of SMFam in 2019. Click here There was so much(social media) happening that we decided to review the most popular initiatives that we launched last year. And, boy, did we do our best to assist marketers?

The SMFam marketing team has been working on at least ten large projects. We conducted various fun experiments, created webinars, wrote books, launched a complete content course, and worked on numerous reports. But, most important was that we had a blast providing helpful tools for students who love to learn.

In case you’ve missed something, Here’s the list:


SMFam’s Advent Calendar

From December 24 to December 24 December 24, we provided gifts for everyone who signed up for the advent calendar. Marketers put in a lot of work in their Christmas promotions. They sometimes spend three months working on a campaign that is life for just one week. They create super deals and deals for everyone. So who is ensuring they get lovely presents? Yes, we do.

We signed a cross-promo contract with Santa and agreed to make him known to the top marketers. Discounts, free content and books, healthy snacks and more. Everything we love about our top marketers.

The Marketing Team of the Future Marketing Teams of the Future – Free eBook

This guide follows the concept of content marketing’s path since its inception and deep into the current business.

To remain on the cutting edge of the ever-changing marketing universe, you need to know the entire process from top to bottom. There is a constant stream of media, so how can we create efficient and sustainable content? It’s a pressing issue, and the future marketing teams appear to be ours to decide. This book is a must for those who want to look through the history of marketing from a dropout of the millennial generation’s view, and see how the present teams achieve success or make the most costly marketing mistakes, and discover what teams need to do to prepare for the next phase of their careers.

Within each of these six chapters, we dive into every aspect of the current workflow for content. Then, in the end, we provide a quick review and clear instructions for what we can do next.

This course was created for those looking to understand collaboration in content and creative workflows. In front of the camera, we put twenty experts at the forefront of creating content and workflow management. In the course, we have six chapters in which we go deep into each aspect of the modern workflow.

Six lessons, 45 videos with a final test, as well as a gift that is guaranteed. Sign up now.


The Manifesto for how modern content teams work together

The past couple of years has shown us that it’s possible to reduce the time spent on your PR in the process and prevent major public relations issues (social media) using the proper procedure. A well-thought-out approach considers the core team members, their responsibilities, stakeholders, and the potential risk.

You must read this book if you’re a marketing professional hoping that one-day inbox zero won’t be your sole day-to-day goal. Are you in charge of either a team of content creators or an agency? Start delivering more, better, faster. Continue reading if you wish to connect your employees, business, stakeholders, and goals. In short, read on for those who want to increase the scale of your content marketing strategies.

People of Marketing – the show

People of Marketing is a show produced for marketers by SMFam and for other marketers who wish to address their issues, learn more about the business, and discover solutions.

For more:

Content branding, freelancing and branding tools – all are available. If you’re a marketer who enjoys watching videos frequently, you could always include this show in your list.


Instagram Content 2022 Spotlight report

In the past year, we took time to study the best marketing teams across the globe. So if you’re looking to understand the ways that big brands are successful, take a look at this report. We have analyzed 100 brands across the most popular nine industries. This report aims to give a more thorough understanding of how brands can succeed in digital marketing. Our team has also studied the behaviour, interactions of approval workflows and how marketing teams collaborate to create content.


Marketing Content Behind the Scenes report

This report provides insight into the factors that slow down content marketing, how effective today’s processes are, and how much goes unnoticed because of poorly defined workflows.

We asked more than 250 marketing professionals worldwide about their working relationships. The results come from specialists working on both the agency side and within the internal teams. We’ve also reached out to some companies who outsource content marketing–clients.

Live Webinars from SMFam – events with industry experts

To gain knowledge about our field, We connect with many leading performers. This is why we began the webinar series. We strive to take the best advice from professionals and give other marketers a chance to interact with us and ask them questions in the webinars.

This project has just begun, and you’ll be able to keep up with it during the time of year.


Study how to create the most engaging content for social media

In collaboration with Socialinsider, our latest research will determine the most popular type of post that gets interested across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We looked at more than 101 million posts from 178,463 accounts across every platform to discover what the most popular posts share in common.

How can you increase participation on social media? Make these minor adjustments and make sure you use your content to its maximum potential.

Will we see you next year?

The year 2019 only started us off. We’ve already started planning some of our plans for 2020. We’ll concentrate on the projects we’ve created, but we’ll also add new formats and strive to get in touch with as many top performers as feasible. If we can’t answer all your questions in the meantime, we’ll probably address them again next year. So keep an eye on us, and remember that we’re always willing to collaborate.

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