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5 Summer Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

This year a lot is happening with pastels also known as happy colours. Pastels have been this year’s biggest trend. These colours are not only cool and gentle, but they are also ladylike and sweet, which can be incorporated in any look with any colour. You can mix and match it with other pastels or with neutral hues. So, whether you have a bold look or are the classy chic one, there are ways to get the pastel shades to work for you. So, go ahead and dive into the dreamy blues or the sunny yellows, muted greens and pale pinks. So, check out your online clothing stores.

Below Are The Five Summer Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

NO.1 Happy Colours

Muted sky-blue printed shirt. Classic pastel shade that can be paired with a crisp white shalwar

NO.2 Safety first

This year has also been about protecting yourself. You can do that and still look gorgeous. There all sorts of masks out there now and not just the accordion-shaped blue and white surgical ones. The very sleek looking black masks are quite the trend these days and they match every outfit you wear. You can also opt for the traditionally shaped silk masks and if you really feel like going all glamorous and fancy choose something with embellishments to match your outfits. So, you can go for the grey’s anatomy look with the surgical masks that offer great protection but no points in fashion or you can opt for the silk fabric ones, at least they make breathing easier or maybe the black accordion types which just look downright cool. So many choices to keep you and another safe.

NO.3 Chic and Sassy specially for summer 

Fusion plays a major part in women shirts where different cultural influences merge in more ways than one. Eastern and western fashion engagement has now become an important part of designing. One of the top trends is fusion tops. They are an amalgamation of short Kurtis, frocks, peplums, A-line cuts and high low hems. They are by far the best ready to wear pieces that you can have in your wardrobes, to be paired with a range of bottoms including denim in light blue, classic blue and black and also, they can be worn with straight cut trousers. Kurta tops have very desi vibes especially as summer outfits for women with straight long sleeves, then you have frock tops and Aline shirts with voluminous kimono sleeves (a little something from the Japanese culture). They offer a great look for workplace casuals or an evening with friends.

A trendy fusion piece in White with a digitally printed block leaf design in black and yellow all over. Overlapping V neck with Dori and tassel detailing. It’s a short Kurti in a frock style with full voluminous sleeves and pleated panels. There is so much this can be paired with, types of denim, straight cut trousers and it will even look super cute with culottes.

NO.4 Embroider me silly

Embroideries this season are the rage. Anything from necklines to sleeves and even to bags and shoes especially embroidered khusaas. With any designer or online clothing store, you will come across embroidered shirts especially heavily embroidered necklines, a piece from the past of the eastern culture They have now become basic items for women to wear to fancy lunches or to formal gatherings and dinners.

This pastel pink kurta is covered with intricate white embroidery on the front and scallop lace detailing on the sleeves.

NO.5 Wear it like a Princess

Show me a woman who doesn’t like to feel like a princess right out of a fairytale. Everyone nowadays loves to wear dresses and maxis as semi-formal dresses for summer parties and weddings. And nothing like an eastern western fusion to make you stand out in the crowd, and they are so in vogue also. There is no age limit on these in do fusion dresses, from women to young girls, one piece at least is a must-have. It’s a lot of fun to mix and match these styles.

For instance, it’s so elegant pairing a peplum with a lehenga, or a crop tom with a lehenga and a sleeveless embellished shrug. It does really look smart and alluring at the same time. But be sure to style it right according to your body type and what shape and cut works for you or not. Where there is plenty that goes right there are loads that can go wrong too. So have fun experimenting but in a responsible way.

2-piece silk formal suit, shirt with kimono sleeves and open wrap-around front. Paired with a wide-legged trouser in black dyed silk

There you go folks the five main fashion summer trends that we have put together for you. Enjoy your summers and stay safe all while looking at your gorgeous selves.

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