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Launch An Uber-like App For E-scooters With Cutting Edge Features

Go Green! The concept is everywhere. With the constant increase in pollution, there is an adequate need for an alternative. The cost of fuels has also increased tremendously, in recent years. As a result, people moved their focus toward more sustainable living. E-Scooters are a convenient, cost-effective, and reliable way of transporting. Because of its features, such E-scooters are in much demand. Unlike taxi booking apps, there are apps available for renting E-Scooters. These apps enable the users to rent E-scooters for their trips. 

The success of E-Scooters has resulted in the launch of many E-Scooter apps. This blog will discuss the features and scope of E-Scooters apps in the forthcoming years.

Scope for E-Scooter apps:

The E-Scooter sharing business does not need any huge investments. All you need is the right plan to execute your business. Through E-Scooter apps, the users can rent an E-Scooter available in the nearby location through an app. While examining the scope of E-Scooter apps, we could find out so many underlying benefits in opting for it. You can also have a look at the benefits that we have listed here.


While talking about a business model, it is vital to understand the cost implications of the products. E- Scooters are readily available in the markets at an affordable price. The customers(riders) will pay their subscription alone to avail of the services. The subscription is inexpensive and what they pay is for what they use.

Avoids traffic and commotion:

The E-Scooter app ensures to provide quality service to the customers( riders). Driving in heavy traffic and commotion is a tedious task and time-consuming. With E-Scooters, you can reach your destination in no matter of time. 

Convenient and secured services:

One of the crucial and essential things to offer your customers is a safe and convenient solution. The inbuilt features of the app make it easy for the riders to track their nearby scooters, different payment methods and automated bill generation.

Another unique feature is that all these E-Scooters are keyless. The riders can scan their QR code while taking up their scooter. At the end of the trip, they can park it anywhere, and with the same QR code, other riders can take the scooters for their ride.

 Uber for E-Scooters:

When traveling for a short distance, bikes are the most preferred one. The cost of renting a bike is based on the prices of fuel and petroleum. But when it comes to an E-Scooter, it is cost-effective and easy to handle. With the advent of E-Scooter apps, the booking and renting of scooters have become easy. Uber, being the pioneer in the taxi booking and on-demand business, has also ventured into the E-Scooters sharing app market. The Uber for E-Scooters is widely used among people because of its versatility. Others on the march are Bird and Jump. These apps also provide access for renting E-Scooter. 

If launching an E-Scooter application is your vision, you should consider Bird clone and Jump clone. They are Uber-like apps for E-Scooter. Through ready-to-launch Bird clone and Jump clone apps, it becomes an easy way for you to launch your Uber for E-Scooters app. E-Scooters are a new form of business in the market which is dominated by traditional transport operation. This will be an eco-friendly practice of traveling with fuel and petrol. Certain features are to be incorporated in an E-Scooter app for the easy accessibility of the users. 

  • Reliable rides: 

The riders can book safe and reliable rides in real-time. The apps will enable the users to select an E-Scooter, and they can scan the QR code to start their ride and vice versa. The E-Scooters are keyless, and you can lock the Ebike with your app.

  • Book from the nearby locations:

The app also enables the users to select their E-bike from nearby places. From there, they can start their ride to their place of destination. 

  • Easy registration:

The users can sign by providing their mail id and mobile number. The users can set a password for their app, preventing it from the access of others.

  • Fare calculation:

The app will give an exact estimation of the cost of riding the bike. The riders will get the cost estimation before starting their rides.

  • GPS tracking:

GPS tracking helps the users to locate themselves on a map. Features like navigation and route optimizations are also integrated for the users to find routes for their travel.

  • Payment integration:

The Bird clone app will provide multiple payment options for the users. The users can choose over a convenient payment method from the app.

  • Push up notifications: 

The users will get instant updates regarding offers, news, promotions, etc., this way; you can keep the users engaged with the app.

  • Cross-platform:

The app is integrated with Android and iOS, which allows the user to access the app from any device, and the app is compatible with cross-platform.

The above are the features of the user app. The E-Scooters rental firm handles the Admin panel app. Following are the features of the admin panel,

  • Multilingual
  • GPS tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Fare management
  • Payment management
  • Cross-platform monitoring
  • Customization support

Summing up,

Building an app from scratch is tedious, and it involves a lot of time and effort. With ready-to-launch clone apps, you can launch your Uber for E-Scooters app with Bird app clone and Jump clone in a blink of an eye.

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