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Best Tools To Embed Facebook Review Widget On Your Website

Let us start with a few fun facts. After Google and YouTube, Facebook is the most widely used and highly growing platform in the world. Facebook is leveraged and preferred by more than 71% of Americans.

Such statistics and facts give brands, businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers, and digital content creators a reason strong enough to make complete use of the platform and use it to the best of their ability.

Doing business on Facebook can help brands achieve their desired sales and revenue provided the content generated is utilized appropriately.

Reviews play a major role in making or breaking the image of a brand & the Facebook Business page enables the users of the brand to leave behind their valuable reviews on the official page of the brands.

Embedding such content on the website can do wonders in instilling trust and faith in the users, increasing user engagement, and improving the presence of the label.

In this blog, we shall be telling you about the best tools available to embed the Facebook review widget on the website. 

Let’s get started!

Best Tools To Embed Facebook Reviews On Your Website

Taggbox Widget

Topping the list is Taggbox Widget, the Best User-Generated Content & Social media aggregation platform that enables users to collect content from various social media platforms including Facebook.

The users have the option to customize the Facebook reviews widget as per their preference. They can select from various templates, fonts, layouts, and other branding options.

After customizing, the users can moderate the content by removing any unwanted content that may tarnish the reputation of the brand.

Analytics plays an important role in understanding the mindset of the users. Hence, the tool offers detailed insights to measure the performance of the widget.

The platform has active back support and a customer assistance team. They help users anytime they come across an issue while using the platform.

Taggbox Reviews Widget


As the name suggests. SociableKIT claims to make your website more sociable and enables users to embed Facebook reviews on the website.

This tool is responsive and easy to use. The tool enables the users to easily sync the Facebook account with the website and automatically updates all the recently uploaded content from Facebook, including reviews.

Using the tool, you have the option to customize the widget according to your personal preference using various themes and layouts.

facebook reviews widget on website


Another effective and user-friendly tool that is meant to embed Facebook review widget on the website is SnapWidget. Using the tool, you can display content in various layouts, including grids, slideshow, etc.

You can enjoy other advanced features of the tool by upgrading to the Pro version of the tool. The Pro version offers many other features like custom posts, insightful analytics, etc.

facebook reviews widget is a social media aggregator tool that easily collects and embeds content on the website in a few easy steps. The tools also let the users analyze the performance of the widget. 

Apart from this, the tool is extremely easy to set up and requires no special programming or coding skills while embedding the Facebook reviews widget. also lets the users seamlessly increase engagement and drive traffic to the website.

embed facebook reviews

Major Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Reviews On Website

Now that you are well aware of the tools to embed reviews on the website. In this section, we shall be covering the major benefits of embedding the Facebook review widget on the website.

Helps In Boosting Trust & Loyalty

As mentioned above, reviews can make or break your brand. Embedding positive reviews on the website can tremendously help first-time purchasers easily trust your brand.

Moreover, the existing customers will get a sense of loyalty towards your brand.

Better Brand-Customer Relationship

Since users gives reviews to a product or service. It shows the genuineness, trustworthiness, and authenticity of the content that can improve your brand’s relationship with your customers.

Moreover, displaying User-Generated Content would make your customers feel more comfortable speaking and interacting with your brand. Leading to a more cordial relationship with your customers.

Increases Conversions & Sales

Moreover, more than 80% of customers go through reviews and testimonials to read the experience of other customers first before making a purchase-related decision.

Positive reviews seamlessly help build a positive picture of your brand in front of your customers, which in return makes the customers more confident about the brand & compels them to go ahead and purchase products.

All you need to do is motivate and encourage your customers to leave behind their reviews on your Facebook page.

Closing Note

Facebook reviews, when embedded on the website, can do wonders for your website. It’s the most efficient way to increase user engagement, improve brand awareness and visibility.

So you are now aware of the best tools and the spectacular benefits of Facebook reviews for your business. Get going and start aggregating the content using a responsive social media reviews aggregation tool and enjoy the results!

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