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Storage Space Idea that Will Declutter Your Kitchen

Does it ever feel like you do not have enough storage space in your kitchen despite having lots of cabinets and drawers? This is the common concern of many people when they hire Interior fit-out companies in Dubai.

Mostly, you feel it because the items inside of the drawers and cabinets are not organized well and that is why even having space does not help in the store. But! You do not have to worry as we are here to help you in discovering kitchen storage organization ideas that will make your kitchen cabinets and countertops decluttered once and for all!

To declutter your kitchen, things have to go through steps to get it sorted. Let’s discuss all parts of the kitchen one by one!

How to Increase Storage Space in Your Kitchen

Utensils Storage in a Cutlery Tray

It has always been a problem in separating forks, knives, and spoons. And in doing so we lose so much of our time! It is better to store spoons, spatulas, and whisks in separate containers so that you get what you need in no time and hassle.

Say Goodbye to the Past!

The best way to organize is deep cleaning. And that can only happen if one checks each and everything to see if it is worth it or not. To look at the expiry date and if it is in a condition to use. Otherwise throw out things that have passed their expiry date, dirty, or stale items. Do not forget your refrigerator and cabinet under the sink! 

Hanging Mugs

Sounds funny right? But trust me it is more accessible than placing it in the cabinet. Morning is incomplete without tea or coffee and hence searching for a mug is the first thing we do. Get yourself some hooks to hang mugs. It is the simplest solution to install a hook under a shelf or cabinet. Also, it is a win-win solution as hanging mugs will not take space and do not stack well. 

Cutting Board and Sink Cover

Cutting board is one of the essentials in the kitchen which can not be neglected but it somehow takes a room itself. And we know counter space is always at a premium. But how about getting a cutting board that fits the sink? Good idea right!


Few things in our grocery come in bulk. Keeping bulk items in their storage bags takes a lot of space, also it sometimes gets harder to handle. Interior fit-out companies in Dubai have some cool containers. Hence it is very better to store them in decent containers to keep the ingredients need and clean.

Dish Racks

Some utensils need to be air dry and therefore they are placed in racks. But keeping the rack on the counter does not leave any space also it does not seem to be pleasing and elegant. Mounting of dish racks on the wall or above the sink is even better and that props them upright too.

Using Cabinet Doors

Inside of the cabinet doors have many storage possibilities and with creative thinking we use this place for installing many items, for example, with the help of hoots we can store pans, lids, measuring spoons, foils, plastic wraps and what not!

Rolling shelves

Keeping and taking things out from the downside of deep cabinets takes a lot of effort to get what you need. Make your life easy, and install rolling shelves with low sides to keep items easily accessible. Interior fit-out companies in Dubai have many varieties of rolling shelves which require your attention!

Bins and Baskets

Some fruits and vegetables are best stored if kept at room temperature. Baskets can help in storing these food items which will make your kitchen look complete. Bins have to be in the kitchen and if they are neat and clean, it will make the kitchen look amazing. 


Some various methods and tricks can help declutter your kitchen and save some space. The storage ideas mentioned above will make your kitchen look beautiful and elegant. This will also help out in cleaning your kitchen in a better way. Consult suitable interior fit-out companies in Dubai or near your area for the best implementation.

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