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BusinessWriting and Speaking

Basic commandments of the resume

An important business card when looking for a job, a resume that is well organized and personalized will certainly increase the chances of getting an interview. But how do you write a “good” resume? Are all sections required to be completed? And what specific elements might matter in the eyes of a recruiter? Here is a brief briefing to help you write a functional resume for career changers.

Be concise

For young graduates or those with little professional experience, it is important to limit your resume to one page. On the other hand, if you have held multiple positions or have known different employers, two or even three pages is fine. Depending on the type of position you want to fill, select only the most important skills and experience. Keep in mind that your resume will be read in seconds, so highlight the most important information.

Be simple

Having an original resume can help you stand out among the candidates, but this exercise should be approached with care. If you’re unsure about the presentation of your document, it’s best to stay classic. You can download simple and effective resume layouts from specialized websites.

Choose a clear title

Avoid long job titles. Prefer a clear headline that matches your professional experience. You can also tailor your title to the position you’re targeting to grab the recruiter’s attention.

Avoid (too) personal information

In order to avoid certain discrimination, we recommend that you do not indicate your age or date of birth, your nationality and your marital status (number of children, marital status, etc.).

Also, keep in mind that you are not required to provide your address or include a photo on your resume. These elements do not provide additional information about the candidate’s skills, they are not mandatory. For ease of contact, only your last name, first name and e-mail address and/or telephone number should be provided. Depending on the industry, it may be helpful to indicate that you have one or more driver’s licenses.

Don’t write in first person

It is advisable to start sentences with verbs or impersonal expressions. You will gain in dynamism and space, and this will greatly facilitate access to information for the recruiter.

List your experiences in reverse chronological order

You will always have to go back in time on your resume: always put the most recent first on your list of experiences. If you are a recent graduate, feel free to elaborate on the skills you acquired during your apprenticeship or internship/apprenticeship. On the other hand, if you already have a certain level, focus on your last most significant experience.

Be honest

Lying on a resume is one of the bad ideas because if you get into an interview, the recruiter will definitely check the information provided to your former employer. List only the languages you speak, the diplomas you actually have (not the degree level), assignments completed, and skills acquired.

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