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How to solve games lagging problems in Windows 10

Gaming and all can be real fun until your system lags which are really frustrating. Dedicated players keep upgrading their computers for a smooth gaming experience and to eliminate game lags. Windows 10 being the fastest operating system to date, game lag has been found to be a common issue. There can be many reasons for game lag to occur like outdated drivers or systems not taking up command. Lag can be like Windows open slowly, graphics stutter, games delay, error popups, and so on. Everything becomes slower and hard to operate. To fix driver-related issues you should Download Best Driver Updater Software. For graphics fix you will need to Update Graphics Drivers. With update the driver you can fix the games lagging problems in windows 10.

It is not complicated as it sounds and we will help you have it easy to fix the game lagging problem:

Here are the quick fixes to solve the games lagging problems in windows 10

How to Fix games lagging problems in windows 10?

As we all know every system has different settings and different hardware, software that needs to be adjusted. So make sure you are making changes based on your system and its specification so that your system processes inputs and requirements fast enough for your game. But that is not enough and doesn’t solve this game lagging issue. So follow these steps for a lag-free experience- 

  • There is a TBG icon, right-click on it to open the file location.
  • You will see a file named “App Market”, click on it to open properties. 
  • Under that click on the compatibility tab
  • To run the program in any other lower version click on it and run the program. 
  • Don’t forget to apply “Run in Administrator”
  • Now Install Direct X if your system is running on windows 7
  • Now close all the tabs and open TBG and click on settings
  • To select Direct X, go to the engine and OpenGL. You can also select DirectX+ if you have a very strong CPU.
  • If you have a dedicated GPU card like AMD and Nvidia, check all the boxes and select Prioritise dedicated GPU.
  • Based on your system hardware, keep the resolution high or low and set memory less than your device’s RAM.
  • Now to set resolution HD or SD and display quality click on the game tab then save. 

Check CPU Performance –

An old, overheated or not quick enough central processing unit will cause high CPU usage, which may end in lag or maybe lag spikes on your pc. to place it simply, the higher the performance CPU has, the quicker your pc runs. To ensure that your pc CPU is running on full power, you can check CPU stress level which is available at no cost for Intel CPUs, and monitor your AMD CPU via the System Monitor from AMD to check if your Processor is functioning as supposed. If it’s poor performance, try and replace the previous one to solve the games lagging problems in windows 10.

Update Graphics Driver-

Graphics is a very important part of any game, and you need to make certain that you just have the proper graphics drivers so as to play the game without interruptions. Looking at what operating system and also the graphics card you’ve got, you must look into the various makers to check if they released any updated versions. The two main manufacturers of graphics cards are ATI and Nvidia. These frequently update their drivers, and can doubtless offer you a lift to your graphics card if it appears to process the graphics slowly. To update graphics driver through Windows device manager you can follow these simple steps:

  • Open device manager through the search bar
  • Locate your graphics card and click on that
  • Right Click on your card under that
  • You will see properties click on that
  • Go to the driver’s tab and update your driver
  • Click on search automatically for driver updater software 
  • Restart your computer once the update is done

 To avoid wasting time and updating all the drivers in your system automatically via third-party software download and install Bit Driver Updater software and continue with these steps:

  • Download and install the program from the web
  • After installation is done open the app
  • You will see a scanning option, click on it
  • It will scan all show the list of all the drivers that need to be updated if any
  • Click on update driver on the right side of the driver you need to update
  • Follow further screen instructions and it will start updating
  • After the update finishes, restart your computer 
  • To update all the drivers at once upgrade to premium pro and get complete use of the app

Close All Other Programs While Playing-

If your computer’s hardware is best enough to play the game, then you must check that you don’t have the other programs open when you’re making an attempt to play. This may cut the effectiveness of your system and can make it hard to handle the processes it needs to do to make your game run properly. For that press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to open the task manager, choose the “Processes” tab then click on any program that is running underneath your username and press “End Process”. This could help your PC focus entirely on your game and not on the other programs that may be running within the background.


As you can see it was not that complicated to fix games lagging problems in windows 10. there are some more tricks you try in addition to these methods are checking your network connections, using a VPN, or cleaning our viruses.

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