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Computers and Technology

7 Techniques for Speeding up Custom Mobile App Development without Sacrificing Quality

What Should You Know To Find A Mobile App Developer?

Before you hire a mobile app developer, you must know your mobile app’s objectives. Users often come to the mobile app development company without a proper concept. This wastes lots of time for both mobile app developers and users.

Let’s explore what you should know when you are hiring a mobile app developer-

  • Define target audience
  • Validate the problem
  • Validate the solution
  • Clear up the requirements
  • MVP

Now, it’s time to learn how to find the mobile app developers for your startup-

# Option 1: Freelance

The first option we have to hire a mobile app developer is to work with freelance mobile app developers. The freelance mobile app developer will charge a nominal amount compared to the developers hiring from mobile app development companies. Working with freelance mobile app developers will be beneficial only for small projects and software upgrades.

You must go with the top mobile app development companies to get mobile app development services from scratch.

Hiring a freelance mobile app developer will be risky for large-scale projects as this project requires a complete team, including developers, designers, testers, QA Analysts, and many more.

Mobile app development is considered a very complex & long process. It needs proper synchronization, effort, good coders, and several other things as well. So, often it is seen that timelines can suffer if the wrong path is chosen.

For the mobile app development company, it can get very difficult to follow the deadlines. So, if the right technique for mobile applications is not selected, then speed & quality can suffer.

Thus, to tackle this, we would discuss the 7 techniques through which you can speed up customer mobile app development without sacrificing the quality. Let us have a look:-

  • Market Research

If you are having a project that is planned, then it is going to get executed at a faster pace compared to an unplanned project.

So, you can start by analyzing the product that you are going to launch.

This can include identifying the business problems, finding the right target audience, create a roadmap for the app such that important features are added.

Also, it is recommended that you hire the best mobile app development company as they would have much-needed experience in mobile app development.

  • Opt for MVP

A common problem that is seen is that a lot of companies release a mobile application with complete features without realizing the response of the audience.

This can cause a lot of delays and you would have to add other features as well based on the feedback that you get from the audience.

So, ideally, you need to create a minimum viable product which is known as the basic version of the application having the main features.

You can launch that in the market and then start interacting with the users to understand the response you are getting from them.

Based upon that, you can make the necessary changes such as mobile application appearance, download speed, add new features, etc.

  • Implement a Flexible Development Methodology

If a flexible methodology framework is used, then a more convenient MVP can be developed.

With Agile, you can come up with new features in a 2-4 weeks timespan while you are doing continuous testing & development. The best part is that you can save up to 40% of the time for the product launch.

Besides this, the development process is a lot more controlled. There would be short release cycles and a very transparent work format such that you can manage the workflow in the right manner.

Additionally, you would be able to monitor the product’s progress regularly. In this way, your team would be able to analyze if your project is on the right track and then improve accordingly.

So, if you want MVP to be developed, it is advised that connect with a good mobile application development company in India.

  • Use Cross-platform Applications

When it comes to mobile application development, the platform that is selected is either iOS or Android.

But, when the mobile application is created for just a single platform, then access to the target audience of other platforms is restricted.

Also, product development for various platforms can be quite expensive, difficult & time-consuming.

So, you can speed up the process by opting for a cross-platform mobile application.

In this, programmers write the program code that can be executed on several mobile platforms.

This can potentially help you to save 30% of the project time.

  • Have Wireframes with Low Accuracy

Wireframes help out in the visual planning of the mobile application and they help out the developers in organizing it.

So, with the assistance of Wireframes programmers gets familiar with the basic functionality before starting with SDLC.

Thus, wireframes having low accuracy act as a tool through which the complete vision of a mobile application is represented in simple terms.

So, coming up with low-precision wireframes takes a lot less time for the mobile app development company as compared to high-frequency wireframes where even the small details need to be mentioned.

This can eventually save a lot of money, time & effort.

But, before the beginning of the work, you should have a clear understanding of the design. If not done, then then the code snippets would need to be rewritten again by the programmer which can cause a delay in product release.

  • Automate the Testing

Testing is considered a very important part of SDLC. Also, checking the product quality manually can be quite time-consuming & difficult.

So, you can automate the testing process for finding the bugs such that you can speed up the release of the product in the market.

Furthermore, if you opt for a good mobile app development company, then they will help you to save a lot of time. It is known that it takes 28% less time to automate the testing as compared to manual testing.

Hence, you can very well speed up the release of the project.

  • Hire Mobile Developers who are Experienced

It is of top-notch priority that you hire experienced mobile developers who can carry out the above steps without any errors, delays, or failures.

You can also outsource your project to a good mobile app development company.

The reason is that hiring specialists who work in Agile & offer automated testing can be quite time-consuming & expensive.

On the other hand, if you hire a good organization, then they would have the experience in designing the MVP, preparing the requirements, and developing the product that you require. Lastly, a good mobile app development company would be equipped with experienced team members working in different technologies and hence they can optimally handle the project.

Final Verdict

Above are some of the ways through which you can speed up the custom mobile app development process. It is also recommended that you opt for a good mobile app development company that would assist you in the complete process.

One such company is Mobulous Technologies. They are an award-winning organization having 7+ years of experience in this field.

Additionally, they are equipped with skillful mobile app developers who can handle all kinds of projects.

Hence, by hiring them all your business needs would be fulfilled. So, you can connect with them through call or email to discuss your next project.

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