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7 Stylish Ways to Work With a Mirrored Wall: Make it Look Fabulous

One of my favorite things to do is find solutions for decorating problems that can seem impossible. I always get a thrill out of getting creative and finding ways around the problem so it will work in the end.

I love finding solutions for decorating issues because at first glance they may seem like they give me no hope, but once I start thinking creatively about all possible options, there’s really nothing stopping me from having an amazing design solution!

One reader asked me about how they could cope with a mirrored wall in their living room, so here’s my suggestion: Mirrored walls were very popular from around the ’70s-’90s and many people have them now because it reflects light back into rooms during dark times (like winter), making spaces feel brighter. The reflective quality also helps eliminate clutter by giving an illusion of more space than there actually is!

One problem we found when sticking with this trend was that if you didn’t go all out – mirroring every possible surface – then your house would sometimes look like a disco ball, as everything bounced.

To save money, she didn’t install any mirror on the wall behind her curio cabinet. But when she finally put the house up for sale and had to take it with her, that empty space was not appealing at all. Rather than add more mirrors which would have been expensive, she decided instead just to remove them altogether from this part of the room as well as most of its walls – something we can’t deny isn’t a lovely sight!

The story has a happy ending for the wall, but it brings up an important point. It can be very difficult to remove mirrored walls and you run the risk of damaging them. Don’t worry though! Even if you cannot take them down because your budget doesn’t allow it or maybe your landlord says they have to stay, there are still some solutions that will make this focal point work in any stylish space…

The story ends with a sad note about how hard removing mirrors is from a home when one already exists as part of its design; however, this article discusses ways around having mirror-filled spaces by providing suggestions on making use of these unwanted areas even without taking away their existence entirely first.

How to hide your mirrored wall

I used to think my mirrored wall was beautiful and that it completed the room. But now I know better, especially after hearing how much trouble you have had with your own mirror-walled space! Well, these days there are many alternatives for hiding one of those mirrors so they can’t be seen anymore. Say goodbye to all the reflections staring back at you because here is a list of some ways in which people like myself who just want their walls without adornment found success:

Tip 1:

One of the most creative solutions to hide a mirrored wall is by creating a curtain wall in front. I’ve used curtains to divide rooms, cover closets and unsightly walls in my storage room, but now they’re being put into use for something much more exciting! Curtains can be so versatile – just like mirrors themselves are!

Not only do they hide things, but curtains also add softness and texture to space. And you can use them to bring in a pop of color! If you don’t have any free wall space for the installation of an IKEA Wall Mount Rod, there are lots of options for inexpensive curtain panels that hang from tracks installed on the ceiling.

Tip 2:

Step one: Cover light panels of plywood or MDF with fabric or wallpaper and hang them over the mirrors. Make sure they are long enough to cover most of the mirror because not only does it create some much-needed darkness but also helps reduce reflections which can be blinding without warning when walking past one unexpectedly on a morning walk; Step Two: Secure these panels onto temporary attachments (like Command Strips)

You can put a mirror for selfies to bring the room a more decorative and aesthetic look. You can also cover it up and put it near the door.

Tip 3:

You could use salvaged doors, shutters, or decorative screens in front of mirrored walls instead of fabric panels. Keep in mind that if you plan on hanging them they must be larger than the mirrors so you can securely attach them to your wall.

Tip 4:

When you frame out your mirrored wall, the effect is mesmerizing. Cut extra wide molding and paint or stain it to fit perfectly around the mirror then attach with glue or spray adhesive on either side of the backside of the framed piece of art for a clean finish that will really wow any guests in your home! Alternatively, if space allows, find an opening behind where you want to place this masterpiece so that when they walk up close enough there’s no visible cutting lines from one end to another.

Tip 5:

The easiest way to get a decorative wall, without the heavy-duty installation of wallpaper or paint, is by using strips. You can use thin wood stripes for an intricate pattern on your mirrored walls; you could also opt for fabric trim in varying colors and styles!

Tip 6:

Mirrored walls are a great way to add some personality and flair to any space. You can do so by using them as your canvas for artwork, either painting or stenciling right on top of it! Your creativity is the only limit when it comes down to what you want to make with your mirrored wall- whether organic shapes or structured patterns, let yourself go wild for this art project.

Tip 7:

A lot of people don’t know this, but mirrors can be a great way to add some glamour and depth in the home. When you walk into your living room with its mirrored walls for example it feels more spacious than ever before. Plus they’re super easy to clean!

Do nothing except clean up all those dirty mirrors and let them shine gloriously throughout our space. Mirrors are one of the best ways that we have used over time as far as adding an element or two of style goes because when you look at yourself on their surface it really does make everything seem brighter and bigger too.


In this article, we’ve covered seven ways to work with a mirrored wall and make it look fabulous. From adding framed photos of your family or friends to creating the illusion that you have more space by using mirrors on three sides of an area, there are so many possibilities for making your home feel like a dream come true! We hope these tips will help inspire new ideas about how you can use this trendy design feature in your own living spaces.

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