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Find Your Perfect Fit with Our Sleeping Wedges Comparison

Acid reflux is a commonly recurring health problem with serious consequences. For instance, repeated episodes of acid reflux can lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Moreover, acid reflux is associated with multiple symptoms, such as abdominal and chest pain, sour food and liquid backwash, and trouble swallowing and sleeping.

Thus, the need for an optimal solution is necessary. Multiple acid reflux products are available, like medications and wedge pillows. However, recently, under-mattress bed wedges for sleeping have been making headlines for being the most effective solution for acid reflux and other digestion-impaired conditions.

To settle the matter, this article will compare the pros and cons of all three acid reflux products to help you pick the best option for your health.


Medications take time to generate optimal results and have multiple side effects that can worsen a patient’s quality of life. Common side effects include diarrhea, constipation, allergic reaction, or food sensitivity. Moreover, overdosing can lead to serious problems like kidney stones and mental status changes.

Medications are also expensive and not always covered under insurance. Over-counter medications can cost around $500, as you need two boxes a month, and each box can cost $20 or more. It is double the price of a wedge pillow or bed wedges for sleeping.

Wedge Pillows

A wedge pillow is a triangular-shaped pillow usually made from memory foam or polyfoam. It is used for multiple purposes, but its primary function is to elevate the upper or lower body and improve blood circulation, ease breathing, prevent snoring, and reduce pressure points. All these benefits result in a good night’s sleep. The height and angle of the pillow vary from brand to brand, but generally, it is around 7 to 12 inches.

Despite its popularity, pillow wedges for sleeping are not ideal for many users. Why? Because it only elevates the head while the rest of the body is in an awkward, uncomfortable position. Thus, it might prevent acid reflux but can lead to other problems, like back pain, rolling off, and then falling on the floor.

Moreover, wedge pillows are unhygienic and must be cleaned and replaced routinely as they are placed under your head. For this reason, they are also susceptible to easy wear and tear.

Under-Mattress Bed Wedge

Under-mattress bed wedges for sleeping offer the most effective, permanent, and non-invasive solution for acid reflux. Let’s consider the Reflux Guard’s bed wedge as an example. It is made from high-quality foam that is safe for your family and the environment.

It is 60 inches long and elevates the entire body as opposed to just the head. Its head incline is available in 4” and 6” and is adjustable, which means users can move the wedge to the foot of the bed and increase the incline up to 7 inches.

Moreover, users can sleep in any position without worrying about adverse symptoms. Additionally, since the wedge doesn’t come in contact with you, it doesn’t need to be replaced and can last for a long time. It can also be purchased with brushed polyester covers which are removable, washable, and easy to maintain.

Regarding price, the under-mattress bed wedge has a starting price of around $100 and is long-lasting, which makes it worth the price.

Conclusion – Which is the Best?

Among the three, under-mattress bed wedges for sleeping are ideal for acid reflux. They elevate the entire surface, are non-invasive and permanent, and are cost-effective compared to medication and wedge pillows. The final decision depends on your needs and budget. Choose now and benefit from pain-free sleep!

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