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3 Things you need to know about Singapore work permit

Singapore has always been known to be the home of the biggest corporations and the world. That is because it implements business-friendly policies and regulations. Today there are already thousands of different business entities that are existing here. These businesses are composed of employees who have a work permit Singapore passes.  The number of these businesses continues to increase as Singapore remains at the top of the world’s best economies. In Singapore companies from engineering, food and beverages, manufacturing, and even healthcare industries have their business operations here.


The number of different company entities that are operating a business in Singapore today opens a large number of job vacancies. That is why there are many people who want to try their luck and work in Singapore. Through the years, Singapore has been very welcoming new talents even if they are from other countries. They issue work permit Singapore passes to foreign talents who are interested in working in Singapore. A work permit Singapore pass acts as a document and proof that an individual can legally work within the premises of Singapore.


There are many types of passes depending on your skills and the job that you are going to take in Singapore. It is important that you know what a work permit is for and what kind of work permit Singapore passes is right for you. So, in this article, let us talk about the three things that you need to know about the work permit Singapore passes.


First of all, you must remember the importance of getting a work permit. The work permit Singapore passes exists so that the government can easily track legal foreign workers. Tracking and counting the number of foreign workers in Singapore ensures that there is an equal opportunity for local residents.  


If you are a foreign individual who is interested in working in Singapore you would have to present legal documents as proof of your skills and talents. Passes like the S pass work permit also ensures the competence of foreign individuals that are working in Singapore. This maintains the quality of work in the different businesses in Singapore.

General requirements

The requirements for this kind of permit depend on the pass that you are going to get. The general requirements include being of legal age at the date of application. No minors would be allowed to secure any kind of permits such as the S pass work permit.


No matter what kind of work permit Singapore passes you are going to get, a minimum salary requirement and experience would be required. For example, requirements for mid-skilled workers are different for those that are in managerial and executive positions. A certain amount of salary should be met if you are going to apply for the employment pass which is more suitable for director positions. While the S pass work permit is more intended for workers that are in the services industry. So, the minimum salary requirement is lower than those who want to apply for the employment pass.

Types of permits


For professionals, there are three different types of work permit Singapore passes. The first is the employment pass which requires you to have a minimum of 4500SGD salary to qualify. 


There is also the EntrePass that is more suitable for entrepreneurs that want to expand or start a business in Singapore. For entrepreneurs, they must make sure that their company is not registered for more than six months at the date of the pass application. There is also the personalized employment pass which offers more flexibility for foreign talents which can allow them to bring their families along in Singapore.

Mid-skilled workers

There are various types of permits for mid-skilled workers such as the S pass work permit. For the S pass work permit, a foreign individual should be earning at least 2500SGD monthly to qualify. Workers who are in the services industry such as manufacturing and marine shipyard would also fall under a different category.


There are many types of work permits that Singapore offers. That is why it is important that you review and make sure that you are applying for the best-fit pass for you. This way you can rip all benefits and advantages of applying for the right work permit Singapore pass.

Need help?

It is highly advisable that you get help from a well-known agency in Singapore. There are many companies that offer help in processing these kinds of documents. This way you can be sure that you are on the right path making this process easier and more convenient. RenAi group Is a reliable partner when it comes to these kinds of applications. You can visit and check out our website today to know more about what we can do for you

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