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Why your student visa applications are getting rejected?

After obtaining a university’s offer note for study abroad, the first step in studying abroad is to have a student visa stamped. We must recognize that there is a significant difference between these two approvals.

A university application requires you to explain why you want to study a specific course at the chosen institution. In contrast, a student visa application requires you to explain why you want to study abroad in a specific country.

If you take the crucial step of submitting a study visa application lightly, it could cost you your dreams. Obtaining a student visa necessitates careful planning because it can be denied for a variety of reasons. If your visa application is denied for any reason, you can always reapply for the visa.

If you effectively identify the source of the problem, the next move is to correct it. On the other hand, don’t be discouraged if you can’t figure out what went wrong and don’t know what to do next. A student visa is usually denied based on a few common grounds. Refusals of visas can be very stressful.

Reasons for denial of a visa

A student visa application may be denied for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • Instead of submitting original papers, you can submit copies, photocopies, or printouts.
  • Documents that have gone missing
  • Credibility interview that didn’t go well
  • Failure to follow the strict Student visa guidelines, such as not having enough money in your account for 28 days in a row.
  • Failure to include an ATAS clearance certificate (if your course is subject to ATAS)
  • The Home Office does not respond to emails or phone calls.
  • Insufficient funds or false financial evidence are the most common reasons for a student visa application being denied.

For example, failing to show the required money for 28 days and failing to show the required money for 28 days, and failing to show the

  • submitting financial records that are more than 31 days old and submitting financial documents that are more than 31 days old
  • Finances or financial documents displayed in an inappropriate format and not displaying enough money
  • submitting a relative’s tax documents (i.e., not a parental statement)

The following are some helpful hints for submitting a good visa application.

  • Make sure you know how much money you’ll need to prove when applying for a visa.
  • Before you submit your visa application, ensure that the proper amount has been saved in your (or your parents’) bank account for at least 28 days.
  • Ensure that the account balance has not fallen below the minimum amount for more than one day in the last 28 days.
  • Ensure your financial documentation is current; the statement or bank letter must have been released within the last 31 days when you apply for your visa.

Steps to take if you’ve been refused a visa

Sending your rejection notice via email

If your Tier 4 visa application is denied, contact the International Office right away and provide the following information:

  • Your name and student identification number
  • A copy of your refusal notice scanned (all pages)

Your credibility interview transcript will be emailed to you.

If your visa was denied due to a lack of legitimacy, we would also need a copy of your interview transcript, which you can get from your visa issuing office. Alternatively, you can download, fill out, and email us this Consent form so that we can request a copy from the Home Office. If you are not finding any way to get help, then contact Elite Overseas consultancy for an immediate response.

You should apply for a second CAS.

A CAS cannot be used more than once, so if you wish to apply for a new Tier 4 (General) student visa, you must request a new CAS from the University.

After you’ve emailed your rejection notice scan, the Immigration & Enforcement team will determine your eligibility for a new CAS.

Submitting and going through the administrative process

  • When we believe the Home Office has made an incorrect decision, we will request that you file an Administrative Review.
  • If we conclude that another application will be denied, we are unlikely to issue a new CAS.

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