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Yoga Teacher Certification In India, and Requirements

As you already know that India is the place where yoga started. To date, it is considered the best place to go if you are looking forward to learning yoga.

You can go to India not just to learn about yoga, but to practice it and get certified in it as well. Yoga regulatory organizations and alliances all over the world award memberships to the people who have learned yoga from India and are certified from India.

This is because India is known as the Mecca for yoga. It is the best place to learn, practice, and get certified but it is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of requirements that you must fulfill before going to India to learn yoga. Below is a complete guide on this topic. 

Yoga Teacher Certification In India:

For the people who are looking forward to becoming yoga teachers and want their certifications to be from India. They will either have to visit India or take classes online from an authentic Indian yoga school that has affiliation all over the world.

This will provide you an edge over your competition when you will enter the yoga teaching market. A lot of yoga teachers who are not certified from India would feel inferior in front of you. This is because Indian yoga is known as authentic yoga and a superior form of yoga. 

Yoga Teacher Certification Requirements in India:

To become a certified yoga teacher in India, one must complete one or more yoga teacher training courses in India. Small courses such as the ones that only span 20 hours or 50 hours are not considered master-level courses but still are valid all over the world. The courses that span over 100 hours or 200 to 500 hours are known as the courses for master classes. 

You will have to complete these hours of training before getting certified. This training not only includes practicing different poses but also the theory of yoga as well. You will have to master the theory and look for your spiritual awakening as well. Completing these hours of training is one of the main requirements here to follow. 

Yoga Teacher Certification In India Benefits:

As you know that Indian yoga certification is known as a superior form of yoga certification because it is coming from the birthplace of yoga. This provides you leverage over your competitors from all over the world. Students would prefer a teacher who has mastered the Indian style of yoga instead of a master who has received his certification from a different school in a different country.

This is because the reputation of yoga is what will help you become a successful teacher in the future. Not only this but also the Indian certification is accepted worldwide in all the different yoga alliances. Their acknowledgment all over the world makes it one of the best places to learn yoga from. Apart from this, with India yoga certification, you can become a member of any local or international yoga alliance all over the world. 

Which School to Choose for Yoga Teacher Certification In India?

There are a lot of yoga schools all over India that you can choose for doing your yoga teacher certification. But not all schools are up to the highest standards. Some yoga ashrams are better than others.

Some yoga ashrams are only good for one form of yoga while other schools are good at another form of yoga. It is very important that you choose your school carefully so that you do not waste your time and money on the wrong school of yoga. 

Arhanta Yoga Ashram:

If you are looking forward to becoming a certified yoga teacher from India. Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best places to learn yoga from and start your career as a yoga student and then a yoga teacher. This is because Arhanta Yoga Ashram offers all the best yoga courses and certifications.

It not only offers offline and onsite classes but also online yoga courses and certifications as well. All the courses that it offers and all the certifications it offers are accepted worldwide and acknowledged as well. 


For the people who want to learn yoga from India and want to become Indian Certified yoga teachers, it is very important to know the basics. Such as the requirements that one might fulfill. The basic requirement is the same that one must have almost brief knowledge about what yoga is.

This will help the students learn better otherwise it would take time before they start absorbing the teachings and practicing yoga. In yoga, spiritual awakening is also very important, and you becoming a good yoga teacher depends on your spiritual awakening in yoga. These were some concepts that we discuss in the article above.

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