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Health & Fitness

Yoga for Elderly Beginners – How to Get Started

There is no doubt that a regular yoga routine can enrich the quality of your life, no matter whether you are young or old. If you are an elder and now planning to make yoga your fitness partner, then here’s how to get started with yoga for elderly beginners.

Below are the yoga poses along with their health benefits for seniors. Although all the yoga poses are easy to practice, still we suggest you get guidance from an expert yoga teacher while practicing them to avoid an injury.

5 Best Yoga Stretches for Elderly Beginners

1. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is one of the best beginner yoga stretches for elders to start with. It is easy to practice as well as helps elders to focus on their breath. Best of all, you become aware of your body with the practice of this pose. When practiced on a regular basis, this yoga pose can work wonders in improving your posture and reducing back pain.

Benefits of Mountain Pose for Elders

• Helps with balance through the feet
• Good to keep the feet strong and healthy
• Helps in establishing good body alignment
• Relieves sciatica; tension and pain from the entire body
• Increases energy and harmonizes mind and body

2. Tree Pose

The Tree pose is another great pose for elders to add to their yoga routine. It helps in building strength and increasing stability. Elders can also feel strength in the muscles of their legs with the practice of the Tree Pose.

Benefits of Tree Pose for Elders

• Great for strengthening the tendon and ligaments of feet
• Helps in building self-awareness and self-confidence
• Improves stability in legs
• Tones legs and buttocks
• Improves focus and concentration

3. Extended Triangle Pose

Best for improving strength, the extended triangle pose is another great yoga stretch for elderly beginners. Not only this yoga asana helps in improving blood circulation but also reduces stress. However, individuals who have the problem related to high blood pressure are suggested to not practice the pose.

Benefits of Extended Triangle Pose for Elders

• Helps in increasing focus and concentration
• Relieves stress and improves digestion
• Stimulates abdominal organs
• Stretches keens, ankles, and thighs
• Reduces stiffness in arms, neck, and shoulders

4. Legs Up The Wall Pose

Legs up the wall pose most recommended yoga asana for elders. This restorative yoga pose helps in coping up with health conditions like stress, anxiety, insomnia, mild depression, menopause, digestive issues, and tired legs. People with sleep issues must try this yoga pose for improving their sleep and relaxing their minds.

Benefits of Legs Up the Wall Pose for Elders

• Improves sleep and digestion
• Great to stretch the lower back, back of legs, and hamstrings
• Calms the nervous system and lowers stress and anxiety
• Provides relief from migraine and headache
• Restores tired feet and heals swollen ankles

5. Child Pose

An individual becomes a child in nature, especially during elder age. So, why not reveal the same in your movements. This yoga pose is best to be practiced and memorize your childhood. This yoga pose is incredibly restorative and rejuvenating to both the mind and body. You can also practice the pose to strengthen particular areas of your body as per your body needs. The benefits of child pose are unlimited. So, make sure to add this pose to your daily yoga routine.

Benefits of Child Pose for Elders

• Helps in relieving tension in the lower back
• Great to lengthen the spine
• Boosts blood circulation and helps in digestion
• Releases fatigue and clams the mind
• Stretches ankles, shoulders, thighs, and great for messaging internal organs

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that can be practiced at any age. It has been found that yoga benefits you at various levels like mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is a great way to strengthen your muscles, reduce anxiety, improve balance, increase digestion capacity, and best of all decrease your risk of falls.

So, if you have crossed your young days and still not started practicing yoga, mark our works the aforementioned yoga poses can bring great health benefits to your overall body. So, give these poses of yoga for elderly beginners a try and let us know in the comments about the benefits you are gaining with the practice of these poses.

Who Can Join The Transformational Journey of Yoga?

  • People who want to develop and deepen their yoga knowledge.
  • Those who want to find peace of mind and awaken their inner.
  • Yogis who want to make their career in yoga and become a yoga teacher.
  • Individuals who want to benefit others by teaching them yoga and its benefits.

The journey of yoga is extremely transformational and life-changing. It changes our insight of realism and how we view life in many ways.

If you are also willing to experience the charm of yoga as a transformational journey, join Svadhyaya Kosha, a yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh – India. To get in touch with us:


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