Yahoo Mail Not Working – Fix to Solve the Problem

Yahoo is a very popular email platform which provides its users with some amazing features which no other email platform provides which ranges from sending and receiving messages or scheduling calendars or managing contacts or all these features are covered on the platform of Yahoo mail. 

However, even the best services have to deal with technical errors and the same case is with Yahoo; users have to deal with problems like Yahoo mail not working on android or on iPhone and others. There are many more issues due to which you are facing problems but the users need not worry as the solution tags along the problems. 

In this blog we will be providing you with some simple steps by following which you can fix the issues that have been troubling you because of which you are not able to use Yahoo mail properly. You can even learn much more about Yahoo mail, what is the cause of not working and what is the reason for it. From this blog you will learn how to solve your mail login issue. And from next time if you face the same problem like this then you will solve it on your own.

Why are You not able to Use Yahoo Properly?

It is said that in order to find the best solution for a problem we must first understand the problem well. If you know the problem, what is the reason for this? Then  you can directly go for the solution for the cause with a few simple steps. That is why we are going to look into the reasons for the problem, which is Yahoo mail not responding. Here are a few of the reasons which might be causing the issues with Yahoo. 

  • Unstable and a poor connection of the internet services. This is a common issue which everyone faces once in their life. So before going for any other steps please check your internet connection. Is it working or not? 
  • There might be some issues related to the server of Yahoo mail.
  • The web browser which you are using might be a corrupted one or it could be possible that it is outdated. So, you update your browser up to date as this can also cause some issues.
  • The Yahoo mail app on your device is not updated to its latest version. 
  • You might have not done the settings of Yahoo server properly. You must also check your browser setting before going for any further steps.
  • Using wrong login credentials can also be a reason for not working Yahoo mail. You should be sure about the name and password before going for login.
  • There could be the presence of some virus or some malware on the device you are using Yahoo mail. 

Fix the Working of Yahoo Mail on Android – 

  1. Initially open the Yahoo mail app on the android device you are using and then move to the second step given below. 
  2. Now you have to put in your login details in the respective fields which have been provided on the screen which are your email ID and your password of the Yahoo mail account as these details will help you to log in to your account.
  3. But you must ensure that the details which you are entering in the text boxes must be correct and there should be no errors like spelling mistakes so make sure that after entering the details you have checked them twice and then hit the login button. 
  4. If you are not able to get your Sign in page on your screen you need to update the Yahoo mail application you are using and once you have updated it try to open and use it again to check whether the problems with Yahoo mail today still persists or not. 
  5. You can also try to first uninstall the Yahoo mail app and then after some time download and then install it from the play store again.

Fix the Working of Yahoo Mail on iPhone – 

  • The users need to reset the Yahoo mail app which you are using on your iPhone device for which you need to open the iOS settings of your app to fix the Yahoo mail not working on iPhone
  • Now in the second step you need to click on the option saying Accounts and Passwords option and then in this menu you need to look for the option that reads Add account and as soon as you find it you should click on it. 
  • Now in this step you will need to tap on the Yahoo button followed by which you will need to enter the details like Yahoo mail address and also the password of your account to proceed to the next step. 
  • Make sure that you have gone through the details entered before you move to this step. 
  • Now at this stage you have to tap on the Sign in button and after this you will need to disable the aspects of Yahoo to prevent them from syncing on the Yahoo mail and after doing this only you can move to the last step of this process. 
  • In the last step you have to navigate the Save button and then click on it to fix all the problems you are facing and also to save the changes you have just made in the mail. 

Fix the Working of Yahoo Mail on iOS

  1. First of all, update your operating system on the latest version of the iOS program.
  2. Re-add or remove your Yahoo mail to iOS device.
  3. In case, if you are not able to connect to the iOS mail app. That means something went wrong with your device.
  4. Then you can still access your Yahoo by downloading the Yahoo mail app.

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