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Work from home scams: As we see more and more people these days are searching for jobs that allow them to work from home. Especially in the current Scenario when it is just not safe to step out of our homes but earnings are equally important. A lot of people are searching for work from home jobs that can pay them the same money without moving to the office from their homes.

In other words, it can be said that people these days search for jobs that allow them to work from home or any place of their choice. These kinds of jobs are also known as remote jobs. Talking of Telecommuting, virtual job, remote job, home-based job, etc., are all synonyms of the same as there is a very minimal difference between all of these. Also, with the world growing digital we can see the concept of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is quite popular these days.

But there are also buckets full of scammers available in the market. Who are already on one food to prey you in their trap and get a ransom amount of money by any means of cheating. There are different types of fraud taking place in work from home jobs, their techniques and tactics may change over time but their motives are some.

So while searching for any home-based employment opportunities learn to spot such scams and stay away from them. But the course in doing so you need to have proper information about their ongoing scams and frauds.

So here is the list of some work from home scams that still exist:


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Medical billing is a practice of payment that is typically used in the health system of the United States. This process of medical billing involves various steps like healthcare provider submitting, follow-ups, and appealing claims with health insurance companies to receive the payment for the various services rendered to them.

These services can be in the form of testing, procedure, treatment plans, follow-ups, etc. Medical billing is one of the genuine legitimate careers but it could not be done or handled by one person remotely.

This is one of the most common types of work from home job scams that are being done and still exist. The scammers who intend to be the employees take as much as a ransom amount of money from their targeted prey in the name of software development and equipment that they would send. But they never provide you any information about clients or even if they do it is most likely to be fake.

These scammers don’t tell you that the clinics outsource their billing to organizations. And the common public searching for a home-based employment opportunity falls prey to these scammers and gets trapped in their fraud trap.


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Mystery shopping is a shopping technique commonly used by market researchers, customer watchdogs, and retailers. They check on the quality of customer services in bricks-and-mortar business environments.

Also, it is essential for collecting detailed information about the delivery of products as well as services. Mystery shoppers are known with various names. For Some, they are the mystery customers while for others they are the secret shoppers.

Just listening to the name mystery shopping might sound a lot of a lot more fun to you, but that’s true only if they were even real. In reality, mystery shopping is among the top ones in the list of work from home scams that highly exist in today’s world.

These scammers take you very wisely, some of them ask you for money in the name of security deposits. While others promise to wire this amount back in some time. But actually, that never happens once you fall prey to their trap.

They may return this money in terms of a face check or demand draft that can never be encashed. Also, this turns into a scam that is too difficult to combat. Therefore mystery shopping is among the top work from home scams that still exist.


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An envelope stuffing job is a kind of job wherein, you are required to send the money to the company. Then the return company sends you the postage stans and other things. You are required to stuff those and send these envelopes to their respective places. The company may also send you the address of the people to whom these stuffed envelopes are to be sent.

But these days work from home scams are quite common in this field as well. In this process, all you do is send money and receive the stuff with flyers about the program. Some scammers wisely trap you in these frauds. They ask for money from you and say that the company will send you the address of the people.

But actually, in these scams, you send money and never receive any envelopes or addresses. This is common fraud in the list of work from home scams that still exist.

So beware of any such frauds and stay away from them. Such scams and scammers.


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In today’s world, we all want our opinions to matter taken into consideration. But the truth is what we think doesn’t matter as much as we want it to.

And when you get a chance of filling the surveys, letting people know what you think you feel great.

But this great feeling can all be a fraud to you. Survey schemes are among the top work from ho. e scams that exist today.

Because the truth is if a company genuinely wanted your opinions they won’t make you pay for your opinions. So don’t fall prey to any such work from home scams. Beware of them and try to stay away from any such scams.

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