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Why Yoga Alliance Certification is Important to Become a Yoga Teacher?

In recent times, Yoga Alliance certification has become an essential aspect for yoga enthusiasts if they want to become certified yoga instructors. In earlier days, having knowledge of yoga was usually enough to teach this art due to fact that yoga practice and teaching was not considered as mainstream as it is nowadays. But, now if a yoga teacher is not owning a yoga instructor certification, he/she can be at serious risk of costly lawsuits as well as will not be able to freely teach yoga.

Here’s are the reasons to get Yoga Alliance certification to become a yoga instructor. Read on.


The major reason to get Yoga Alliance certification while becoming a certified yoga teacher is to get legal protection. Just in case a student gets an injury while practicing yoga under your supervision, the certification can have less impact on you if any lawsuit will be filed against you.

Keep in mind that people usually join yoga with the thought that it is a relaxing and spiritual way to find relaxation. But, in actuality, it can be quite forceful, especially for those who are just beginners or ones who have never practiced it earlier.

• Claim Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is not something a yoga teacher should overlook. Whether you are starting your career or have years of experience, it is important for you to claim liability insurance. This can be availed only if you have successfully completed your yoga teacher training course and have Yoga Alliance certification.

• Become Eligible to Teach Yoga Worldwide

Yoga Alliance is an organization that has its members worldwide. It is the biggest organization keeping records of registered yoga schools and teachers. Thus, it makes a school or teacher credible in the eyes of aspirants looking to learn yoga. So, with Yoga Alliance certification, you are free to teach yoga in any part of the world. You can also start your own school in an authentic manner anywhere you want in the world.

• Get Your Name in Yoga Alliance Directory

Yoga Alliance maintains the record of all certified yoga schools and teachers in a directory. So, if you will be having Yoga Alliance certification and apply with Yoga Alliance for RYT, you will get a chance to being added to its directory. This addition will help in increasing your visibility in various parts of the world. Your name will be visible to each and every person who would be a member of the Yoga Directory.

• Become a Part of Biggest Yoga Community

When you get yoga instructor certification from a school registered with Yoga Alliance, you not only become a part of the organization but also get liable to share your thoughts among its exclusive community. This way your network will expand worldwide. Best of all, you can share your thoughts with like-minded people. Especially those who are sharing the same passion for yoga as yours. This also allows you to make friends in various parts of the world and form lasting relations with them.

• Get Attractive Discounts

By having a Yoga Alliance membership, you will be able to get discounts on various things. For instance, you will not only be able to claim liability insurance but also can have attractive discounts on legal counseling. Apart from that, you can also avail discounts on branded apparel, travel, and education.

• Get Free Access to Online Workshops

Registering yourself with Yoga Alliance also allows you to attend free online workshops. Such workshops helps and educates yoga teachers to cope up with the upcoming challenges in the field of yoga. The members of the Yoga Alliance community can receive free registration. Also, they can get access to attending the online yoga workshops.

So, these are the benefits one can avail of getting Yoga Alliance certification. We hope that now you understand the value of Yoga Alliance for becoming a yoga teacher and starting your yoga journey. With the label of Yoga Alliance, you will become completely flexible to share your yoga knowledge around the world. The title of Yoga Alliance gives a yoga teacher great confidence for leading a yoga class with integrity and honesty.

Keep in mind that Yoga Alliance offers you various benefits on your path to learning yoga and becoming a yoga teacher. However, it is a must for a practitioner to practice yoga regularly to reap its benefits to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for? Get set for a transformative journey by joining a YTT program that is registered with Yoga Alliance.

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