Why should your business use a time attendance management system?

Effectual time and attendance management is a must for a developing organization! Most firms place a premium on meeting deadlines.
This means that how your staff manage their time and focus on their responsibilities have a direct bearing on your company’s performance, success, and bottom line.
Employees are relieve of unnecessary strain, concern, and stress when they believe they are making the most of their time. The amount of time spent working and the amount of output produced have an impact on a company’s productivity. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend working; what matters is how much work you get done.
You can get more work done in less time if you use good time attendance in UAE offices. As a result, such management can help a company perform better over time.

What is a time management system?

 Employee time and attendance software is a cloud-based solution that collects data from employees such as:
  1. Days off from work
  2. Shift timings
  3. Productivity hours
  4. Breaks on the clock
The data is usually recorded by the software, or it depends on the system you select.

Why does your business need a time management system?

Easy Online Attendance Management

Employee attendance is one of the most important factors in determining workplace productivity. All employees are expect to be punctual and regular for the workplace to run well. Furthermore, payroll systems rely on employee attendance, thus an attendance management system is a must-have in the workplace. HR leaders may drop spreadsheets and paper files by using web-based employee attendance software that tracks, gathers, stores, and displays up-to-date time sheets.
Using a centralized cloud-based attendance management system to store employee time sheets and attendance information will:
  • Boost precision
  • Make sure the data is accurate.
  • Improve employee ability
  • Reduce the amount of administrative work you have to do and the amount of money you spend on it

Hybrid Working with Cloud Management Systems

Organizations in UAE can gratify modern workers who don’t want to be confine to an office cubicle by using cloud-based attendance management software. Remote working is a way of life for millennials in the workforce. Employers may no longer rely on on-premise attendance tracking systems. They need a cloud-based, omni-channel, always-accessible attendance management solution that allows them to track employee clock-in and clock-out hours on the go.
Time attendance software should do more than keep track of employees’ whereabouts. Employers will be able to build and maintain rosters, as well as receive notifications about overtime, missed punches, and other issues with the ideal solution.
An automated attendance module will automate vacation management by eliminating spreadsheets and emails, integrating employee absence information with the organization’s calendar, and streamlining workforce planning.

Policy Defiance

Organizations may assure policy and regulatory compliance without much effort by deploying an automated staff attendance management system. Every employee is entitle to vacations, time off, and overtime compensation under company policies. Employers must guarantee that their employees get enough breaks to relieve the stress and strain of working life.
If firms fail to do so, they will face wage theft claims like those levelled against these huge corporations. Organizations must be automate their time sheet and time-off processes to avoid compliance disasters and to keep up with evolving compliance/policy requirements. Employers will be able to execute policy/regulation changes with the help of good time sheet management tools

End Manual Errors

Gulfstream Infotech’s effective system for time attendance will work in tandem with other HR applications like payroll, accounting, and more. HR personnel may cut manual data reconciliation and duplication when your attendance manager integrates with other apps and exchanges data without difficulty.
This will not only save them time, but will also increase data accuracy, end payroll errors, and assure data security Any changes made to one interface will be reflect in other apps in real-time, all without the need for human intervention.

Boost Company’s Productivity

Time management and productivity are link. Employees who keep track of their time spent on many initiatives will be more focused on their tasks.
Employee productivity is generally affected by time theft, which can be significant. Because tasks may be schedule ahead of time, they can organize their work around them. This reduces stress and eliminates last-minute work.

Real-time Tracking

There are instances when you need to verify whether an employee is on time. It takes time to access this data when using manual attendance. But, with an expert employee attendance system, you may access the data at any time and from any location.
On the employee side, the employee attendance system lets your employees work from any location on the planet without fear of being fire. Your employees can save time and money by using cloud technology. Advanced analytics-enabled attendance management systems provide deep visibility into attendance patterns, highlighting people who work beyond or outside of scheduled hours. These types of behaviors can be identify and corrected, resulting in optimal office efficiency.

Replace Paperwork with Notifications

At automation, all requests may be grant or denied with the push of a button. If an employee makes a request, an immediate notification is deliver to the appropriate manager, who can approve or deny the request. This facilitates scheduling and gives information that can be use to forecast workloads, peak periods, and budgets. Workflow is easy and more efficient using attendance management systems. Managers and employees will inform about obstacles in the process thanks to automated notifications and detailed reports.


Going digital is no longer a trend, but rather a need for increased productivity in the digital age. We need human minds to focus on more vital duties like strategy and positioning rather than manual administration and record keeping as work becomes more complex and competition becomes more intense.
The features and functionalities integrated into our platforms are critical to your employees’ day-to-day operations, and Gulfstream Infotech’s digital systems end errors that might cause compliance issues.
A good attendance management system will provide you with complete visibility into employee working hours, prevent missing punches, and simplify attendance monitoring. An attendance management system’s features play a big part in making time and attendance tracking easier.
Tired of looking through extensive spreadsheets and fumbling through time sheet template bundles? Make over your present attendance system at work with Gulfstream Infotech time attendance systems in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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