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Health & Fitness

Why Scoliosis treatment with braces is effective and economical

Scoliosis causes the spine to curve to the side and causes the shoulder blades to twist. It can also cause a hunchback, a curve in the lower back, or uneven shoulders. The condition affects about 3% of children and adolescents, but it’s not always easy to diagnose since some cases are mild and don’t cause any problems.

In rare cases, scoliosis can lead to more serious health conditions later in life, such as breathing issues or heart problems that make it difficult for blood to flow through the arteries and veins of the lungs. However, scoliosis braces can be an effective and economical way of treating this issue.

Braces can be effective in treating scoliosis.

Bracing is often the best solution to treat scoliosis. Braces are effective because they gently push the spine into a more normal position. Although bracing can be used with other treatments, it can also be used alone.

Sometimes, surgery is needed to correct severe or progressive scoliosis (curvature of the spine). If a person has had surgery for their scoliosis and their condition continues to worsen, braces may also be recommended. Braces worn after surgery help prevent the curve from returning or becoming worse than before surgery was performed.

Scoliosis braces are less expensive than surgery.

Although surgery is a standard and effective treatment for scoliosis, it is also the most expensive. While surgery can provide permanent correction, it does not address any underlying causes of scoliosis.

In contrast, bracing is a lower-risk option than surgery—and it’s covered by insurance! Bracing can be worn every day, which means scoliosis patients can live their lives without worrying about pain or discomfort while they improve their posture and straighten their spines.

Bracing does not slow growth.

This is a common misconception about scoliosis treatment with braces. The purpose of wearing a brace for scoliosis is to reduce the curvature of your spine, which can cause pain and other problems if left untreated. Bracing does not prevent your bones from growing—it may sometimes accelerate their growth.

The New York Brace is comfortable and effective for treating scoliosis.

The New York Brace is a popular and effective treatment option for scoliosis. The support system of the brace is easy to wear, easy to clean, and can be adjusted as your child grows. It is beneficial at any stage of scoliosis.

The New York Brace has been used successfully for many years by thousands of families. It’s not just effective; it’s comfortable too!

Doctors have various methods for treating scoliosis, but scoliosis braces are often the best solution.

Bracing is an effective and economical way to treat scoliosis. It can be used for most curves, but it is not recommended for people with highly severe curves or those who have already begun skeletal growth (bone age) in the lower spine. Bracing is also recommended for children because their bones are still growing, so they may need additional treatment later.


Scoliosis is a prevalent condition that affects millions of people. While many patients need surgery to correct the problem, other options exist, including bracing and spinal fusion. Bracing can be an effective treatment for mild cases of scoliosis or when surgery is not possible due to age or other medical conditions. If you or someone you know suffers from this condition, contact your local orthopaedic specialist today!

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